I was thoroughly entertained by the letter (Press & Dakotan, June 22) from Karen Hochstein. Of course, it contained many fallacies, especially those concerning the founding capitalists. Trust me, they did not lose their wealth. Not all of the founding fathers believed in biblical principles; far from it.

What made this country and its so-called great prosperity was slavery and the near annihilation of the Native Americans. We stole the land and tried to convert them to “biblical principles.” The white schools their children were forced to attend were rife with cruel disciplinarian agendas and sexual abuse. Sound familiar? The black slave children had no schooling whatsoever.

The only division that you claim being sown in this country is by the rich white folks who are desperately trying to hold onto their waning power. Have you heard of the all the so-called voting rights reforms that are being enacted by Republican legislatures across the country? Their purpose is simply to make it more difficult to vote, because they know that they cannot win with the now imploded Grand Oligarchic Pigs party, commonly known as the GOP.

It’s people like Pete Ricketts and Kristi Noem who are the true versions of “American Marxism Communism.” Look at the path both took when their states passed initiatives for medical/recreational marijuana. They simply tried to squelch it via bogus lawsuits initiated by their law enforcement underlings.

You’re right, Mrs. Hochstein. It is time to be honest and truthful about what is going on and that truthfulness is being transformed on a daily basis by younger people all across this country and the world. The old ways and methods are no longer working. I realize that FOX News says they are, but they, like most corporate news sources including CNN, have got it coming out of their ears and elsewhere.

One last question: What books have you read on socialism, Marxism and communism? Just curious.

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In your analysis of America's prosperity you fail to acknowledge the contributions of many people who are/were not white. It's absurd to present your claims with such bias. Slavery and genocide continue in other places today, but you seem to care less about the human suffering that exists because of oppressors of all colors, and focus your disdain for whites on partial truths and misinformation.

As you claim to look forward to a global society where everyone receives a free unicorn and rainbow smiles, I wonder who will be the oppressors and who will be the slaves. To imagine your utopian world is as ridiculous as denying the wicked hearts of mankind and our inability to escape it. Go forth into you continued failure.

Larry Skow

Mr. Kruse: While right on some points in letter you are wrong on slavery. I suggest you read a old book. THE GOSPEL OF SLAVERY by. Abel Thomas. The facts are the first slave owner in colonies was a BLACK MAN. Also only 1.4% of population owned any slaves on american land. 1.4%! However 28% of free Black Men owned black slaves. Then look who gained great wealth from cotton raised with slave labor. GREAT BRITIAN! 80% of all cotton raised in south was exported to Britian. 20% went to textile factories in the North. Today England an Royal Family has way too much influence upon politics of USA. Hundreds of thousands of white people gave thier lives to free the slaves. Harriet Tuabman gets credit for Underground Railroad but fact is it was white people who risked it all being involved. Take a trip thru the route. it is extremly interesting. It was run by white Methodist people. A lot of Amish/Mennonite were involved. If you were caught aiding a runaway justice was swift. Or what was called justice.In USA today it is likely only small percentage of black people alive today have ancesters that were slaves. Some one knows someplace. The Indian genocide is differant story. Most Indian schools were catholic. That can an needs to rectified. The Churchs need to step up an make it right. USA is still a great country. Yes wrongs have been done. There is simple solution. USA can make it right. Church's involved can make it right. They have the funds. It likely all church's have blood on their hands. None more so then Catholic church. Carl Mark was very complicated an confused man in reality. Slavery is rampant today especially in China. Why are the "wronged" not screaming about that? Why is black on black violence in Chicago an else where not discussed by Al Sharpton/Stacy Abrams? Also don't ever confuse true Christianity with Religion it is not the same. We can make things right we are long past due for tweaking of ways. We still are the greatest nation. it long past time when we need to take care of our selfs an nation Illegal immigration just continues slavery--just differant form. Are you proud of that fact Jerry Wilson? You promote it. Wake up/Clean it up/Live by Golden Rule an we would be better off. Live as true Christian--not by "religion" on Sunday. Your voting issue you raised. Bring back the 1964 voting rights act. an all is fine. Congress dropped the ball AGAIN--an here is mess we have now. It was all planned out folks.


Interesting comments by both sides, please consider the following:

1. When the Southern States withdrew from the USA the main reason in every state wanted the right to own and sale slaves. It doesn’t matter on a small percentage owing them, the Confederacy all backed it! They were all guilty.

2. Yes, the Catholic Church is guilty. However, the govt. gave them encouragement and money to do so. What USA did to the Native Americans is a blight on the soul of America.

3. The women who wrote the original letter was trying to say we need a constitutional convention one issue. That is not how the constitutional convention works. Everything is on the table and it is not limited to a single issue. Do we really want to open that can of worms?

4. Both sides are guilty of throwing stones without facts. I am of the belief that you read/research to know what you are talking about.

Biggest thing, play nice!

Larry Skow

Paul: Not all of these indian schools did the churchs get paid by the Goverment. True a few did but most were set up funded by the Catholic church or church that elected to do so. Indians were looked at as potential huge expansion of church members to Grow. Some could of been just another extension of spanish inquisition as well. simply convert or die. either way the Church needs to step up an right the wrong. Isn't that the American way? also as far as Karl Marxs. He wrote a theory or theory's. But never lived or prospered under any of of his theories. He was german Jew that hide the jewish factor an lived in Exile in London in a capitalist system he railed against. When he died his estate was worth $4.8 million! Absolute huge sum of money in those days. Done quite well for never living under socialism or communism that he promoted. I don't believe Engels did either but benefited greatly from good old capitalism. Just as Al Sharpton/Stacy Abrams an other radical blacks gain under the culture they rail against. It all works till you run out of others money. And we are there with very little organic growth left in the world economy. No economy can run with out growth. No model out there works. We shall see as the saying goes. I do agree play nice

Gimmy A. Breake

So many words does Larry spend

To while away his hours.

But all he tells us in the end…

He lives in HIS world not ours.

Mr. T

Nobody can serve up a word salad like you can, Larry.

But in your haste to share everything your fevered imagination fancies, you’ve made another one of your claims that would be interesting if it were true.

It was Marx’s Capitalist pal and benefactor, Engels whose estate was worth 4.8 million in today’s dollars. Marx’s estate when he died was worth about $35,000 in today’s dollars.

Numbers are so easy to disprove. You should stick with your multitudinous conspiracy theories…


Daniel, wrong, wrong and wrong. Thank you Abe and Larry for setting the record straight, nothing really needs to be added to what they said. As I have pointed out many times, the democratic strategy is to make us all feel bad about ourselves and make America seem like the worst country in the world so that Joe and his cohorts can "set things straight" and fix all you non believers in Big Brother. Daniel falls in line with the democratic strategy of calling those fighting for our freedoms communists, but it is his party that is driving the bus towards that, how many in your party call themselves socialist democrats? Answer, several. How many in the republican party call themselves socialist republicans, answer to that is none. Look in the mirror Daniel, you are the problem, your party is the problem. As for voting, why is it so difficult to ask that every voter have a voter I.D. card, where is the harm, they can be provided for free, if you can get a drivers license, social security, any kind of government aid, you can get a voter I.D. card, why is it so wrong to make sure a person only votes once, and if they really do want to vote, they will put the effort into going out and getting one. After all, how many men and women have died over the years to make sure we have that freedom to vote, if they can give their lives, surely a person can give up some of their precious time and go out and get one, can't they? Oh, right, then the democrats can't vote twice, or three times, might make it harder to legitimately win an election. Guess I answered my own question.



Gimmy A. Breake

At most “VoiceforAll” speaks for 30 percent.

For everyone else, it’s without their consent

From dubious sources his wisdom is drawn

One thing is certain, he’ll “go on and on…”

Gimmy A. Breake

At most “VoiceforAll” speaks for 30 percent.

For everyone else, it’s without their consent

From dubious sources his wisdom is drawn

One thing is certain, he’ll go on and on…


Abe, did you even read Mr. Kruse’s letter before you fired off your response? I didn’t see anything about his “claim to look forward to a global society.” You seem to take any opportunity to launch into one of your FoxNews talking points.

And you write that Mr. Kruse fails “to acknowledge the contributions of many people who are/were not white.”

Quite the contrary. He writes that the source of our “great prosperity was slavery and the near annihilation of the Native Americans.”

The “contributions of many people who are/were not white” is an historic fact. The wealth of America was built on the labor of Black slaves working Indian land.

It was no coincidence that so many of our Founding Fathers were slave owners.

If you insist on writing such uninformed commentary might you at least consider making it rythme like Gimme A. Breake?

If we have to read your silliness, could you please try to make it more entertaining?


Voiceforall: [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Jolly Roger

Larry, I’m starting to get an understanding of your childish take on the world.

Your documentation - The Gospel of Slavery: A Primer of Freedom by Abel C. Thomas was a children's primer published in 1864.

What will you reference next. McGuffey's Primer from the same era?

Larry Skow

Everyone needs stop an think. At time Slaves were brought to the COLONIES an a free black man is first documented slave owner on our land. We were under the rule of England! We were not independent yet! We were ruled by the Royal family who continues their evil ways today. So go get your reparations from England an the QUEEN an Prince Chuckles. Back the train up to who started it. An if you read between the lines of that family fight the Queen is not thrilled with black blood infusion the royal lines received lately! Also lets give the Black Hills back to the Lakota Sioux. 1. treaty was broken. 2. State of South Dakota/U.S Gov't did lose a court fight in what 1984(?). It was deemed illegal land grab money was set aside. They WON! Give it back! It is their HOLY LAND just as Jerusalem is the Christian faith's Holy Land. Give it Back. WE CAN RIGHT THE WRONGS. Treat people as you wish to be treated. Start respecting others! Church's of all faiths break their own commandments with GENOCIDE an that is exactly what it was. If the Pope an other leaders don't/won't make amends. DISBAND THE EVIL EMPIRE. Lets clean this mess up an move on. CHRISTIANITY IS FAR FROM WHAT IS CALLED RELIGION AS WE KNOW IT TODAY! Too many have died in name of religion. Clean House.

Oh Jesus

Larry, who exactly are you calling on to DISBAND THE EVIL EMPIRE (Organized religions with which you disapprove) ?

The government? The military? A rioting mob?

Just asking…


OK that whole post is a whirlwind of racism and blame on the Royal family.....Fascinating stuff.

But my question to you is....?

You say that reparations need to go all the way back to the Queen of England, because we were under their rule when we started land grabbing from the native Americans?

Actually that isn't right. The first signed treaty ( which white american settlers were quick to break) was the "Treaty with the Delawares/Treaty of Fort Pitt (1778)

Now America "Declared its Independence from Great Britain in 1776, but lets not forget the American Revolution which didn't end until 1783, and Great Britain didn't 100% recognize us as an Independent Nation officially until 1785.

The same year we made ANOTHER treaty with the Native Americans which we also broke ( and slaughtered 100 women and children BY ACCIDENT) 1785/1786 or the Treaty of Calico (1974), Treaty of Greenville (1795), Treaty of Fort Wayne (1809), Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act (1830) and so on...

So like your post says "We can right the wrongs" where you you like to start????


So I will make it shorter this time for you Gimme A Breake, not entirely unrelated, in todays news that is not on CNN or MSNBC, straight from the democratic playbook, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, democrat from Michigan has called for the defunding of the DHS, ICE, and the Border Patrol. Aren't those the departments that are keeping this county safe from terrorists and illegal aliens? Defund these departments, defund the police, sounding more and more like a third world county and not the now former leading country in the world.


Mr. Voice, you don’t speak for me. Gimme A. Breake gives you the benefit of the doubt and says you may represent 30% of us. I doubt it.

I say you need to change your dishonest name.

How about starting a new account? Simply “Voice” would tell us it’s you without presuming we share your Trumpster opinions.

How do you expect us to believe anything you say when your name itself is a blatant lie?

Larry Skow

well jolly rodger it got your curiosity up. but really it was written in 1864 by a unitarian minister. at that time kids books were more advanced then todays are. but if you spend the time to read it it tackles the issue straight forward. An Gimme a Break. Why don't you put something of value up. Or just shut your yap. People can bring down the evil empire. People can force the changes of this so called places of religion. What you have is not Christianity. How can genocide be pushed on one group then turn around on Sunday an preach love thy neighbor? What church went out in pandemic an helped out? Gave its last dollar to help someone in need? Where did that happen? They all stood in line at Goverment hand out of money. Catholic church excess of $60 billion in bank an they got what north of $5 billion in aid? Church's don't pay a dime in taxes! Yet received handout meant for American bizznesses! That's wrong by any standard ! I see none of you want to talk about giving Black Hills back to Lakota! Court fight was Lost. It may happen when the Left gets its way. Going to be funny when it does. If you all got a opinion you fell strongly about. Feel free to write a letter to editor. Stamp your brand on it stand by it. Don't hide behind a moniker. Moniker is same as the KKK hiding behind the wife's sheet a pillow case on night ride. Stand for what you believe in. That the American Way. An Start righting the wrongs of the past. Long past due.

Gimmy A. Breake

So many words does Larry spend

To while away his hours.

But all he tells us in the end…

He lives in HIS world not ours.


Someone please pull the plug on this annoying record player.

Oh Jesus

This is your answer to my question, Larry? - “People can bring down the evil empire”?

Your admonition to ‘Feel free to write a letter to editor” doesn’t really seem like a serious strategy, my friend.

After all your diatribes against organized religion, this milquetoast exhortation is rather anticlimactic. Is this really the best you can do?

It makes me take you even less seriously than usual.

Is this the result of Colorado’s cannabis laws?


I was rather surprised at Larry’s wimping out as well.

I imagine if he’d been Patrick Henry‘s speech writer we might never have heard of that revolutionary gentleman.

“Give me liberty or give me a pen to write a letter to the editor!!”

Gimmy A. Breake

I repeat like Larry. Time after time.

But my words are fewer. And they rhyme.

Gimmy A. Breake

The moniker “Voice” decided to choose

He uses to spread his lies from FoxNews

What else would we see from such a guy

Masquerading behind a name that’s a lie

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