So, we hear that Donald Trump has taken to looking up at the sky and announcing that he is the “Chosen One.” This is not surprising when you consider that certain fundamentalist Christian leaders have been telling this to Trump and comparing him to Biblical figures such as King Cyrus, etc.

You may have heard of C Street or The Family, which operate out of D.C. for Fundamentalist’s interests. Two very interesting books have been written on this subject by Jeff Sharlet. Recently, Netflix released a short documentary series on this subject and it is alarmingly riveting. It reports The Family has reduced the Bible down to only the words of Jesus and states all you need is “Jesus Plus Nothing.” They are infatuated with the wealthy and powerful whom they believe have been chosen by God, as evidenced by their wealth. They state God cares more for them than the common sheep. They use national prayer breakfasts to advance their agendas with our politicians.

OK, a big time-out. This is all total baloney and the Jesus they speak of is some other Jesus, not the one most of us know. This raises the question of what are reasonable limits for religion to influence our democracy? This is extremely relevant because fundamentalist politicians report their highest allegiance is to their God, not our nation. In other words politicians say it is more important to do God’s work than to serve the voters. As such, they are advancing a religious agenda that most Americans do not want and it is a direct threat to our democracy.

The separation of church and state, while blurred at times, has been in place so that no one religion becomes dominant over others and so that we all can enjoy religious freedom. We know that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This pertains to religion or anything else. Fundamentalism has gotten way too involved in American democracy and has overstepped the line between church and state. Fundamentalism has become corrupt. They have gone far beyond Jesus plus nothing.


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Concerned & Proactive American

John M. , perhaps we should all advocate for Liberalism ? Do your readers even understand what the words you are writing here mean ? Fundamentalist Christianity is a form of Protestantism that is reactive to modernity and attempts to make a militant defense of "the fundamentals" of Christian faith. On occasion, observers call some Roman Catholic movements fundamentalist, but Catholicism allows for development in doctrine,... It appears very clear to me that Many have ALL the answers, which include Open Borders, continue to allow China to rule the USA, do nothing to support our own military, our own Country and President. and criticize every and anything that is said . Do you realize that Australia and Canada only allow about 300,000 legal immigrants annually and American allows over One Million legal immigrants annually ?




So how about addressing the first you believe, as he claims, that trump is the "chosen one"? A simple yes or no would be great, but I see a spin and avoiding the question comment coming. YES or NO?


Dear Concerned & Proactive American,

The numbers in your last sentence - if correct - show how far from “open borders” our immigration policies really are.

Based on population numbers, if the US were to accept immigrants at the same per capita ratio as Australia, we would be accepting close to four million immigrants yearly instead of one million.

According to the Canadian statistics, the number would be smaller, but still much higher than ours. Based on Canadian numbers, we would be accepting over two and a half million immigrants yearly.

Growing economies need immigrants to power the businesses that give us the goods and services we need, and pay the taxes that will support you and me in our old age. And maybe help reduce the tremendous deficit we’re handing our grandchildren.

You make an excellent case for our need for a rational immigration policy. A good place to start would be to revive the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013,” which was the last sincere, bipartisan attempt to seriously address our broken immigration system.

That would be truly proactive.


The GOP is a cult. Dump is their Dear Leader. They hang on his every word and believe it as gospel. He is their second coming. It's really sad to watch in real time.


And here we are with the "Dump" again. But that is beside the point. Mr. M., may I use your word to respond to YOUR post? "This is all baloney."


The DNC is a cult. Hillary is their Dear Leader. They hang on her every word and believe it as gospel. She is their second coming. . . oh wait. She fell down and won't be coming. Now what?


Your ability to express original thought never ceases to amaze.


Thank you. Thank you very much.[thumbup][beam]

Concerned & Proactive American

response to SoDakD , why are you misconstruing the static numbers concerning immigration in Australia and Canada versus the USA numbers of legal immigrants per year ? You Make a BOLD reply to my comment & tell me what I need to be doing ?


Dear Concerned & Proactive American,

I’m not sure what you mean by “misconstrued.”

But it seems that we all need to be doing whatever we can to encourage our politicians to fix our broken immigration system. Don’t you agree?

What did you think of the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013”? If you didn’t like it - what would be a better place to start?

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