I woke this morning, Good Friday, and remembered the horrible cruelty inflicted on the Son of God, the beatings, humiliation, and violent, horribly painful execution. I recalled the years of my youth when I wanted to believe that we would never have done such a thing because as Christians we loved Jesus. Instead, surely, we would care for the widow and orphan.

Like Jesus, we would welcome children and feed the hungry. Now they are on our southern border. Now is our time for cruelty or compassion.

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Your woke compassion just encourages more of these vermin to come take Christians’ jobs.

Trump had a practical solution. If they don’t want to lose their children, they shouldn’t bring them north.

The Lord helps those who help themselves.


The fact that you call them vermin shows that you have a total lack of compassion. I hope you do not call yourself a Christian, because a Christian would not call children 'vermin'.

Larry Skow

Fred. You preaching to wrong crowd. Why not get with Mexicos President an convince him to wipe out corruption an take care of his citizens? Why not get with the church there? They have raped Mexico for 100's of years. Keeping people in poverty. Plus the physical rape by priests of children. Just as they have in Yankton cty an elsewhere in USA. But the family of harmed take the hush money an it goes on an on. You yourself are not quote "christen" unless you have put your money where your mouth is. Are you donating your complete salary to feed the poor? It is easy to talk the talk but hard to walk the walk. Do you speak out about the perverts in the church--an it is full of them. Even in old biblical times borders were guarded. Pony up your life savings Fred an help feed the poor. Yea just what I thought--you don't feel that bad or that christen.

Gimmy A. Breake


Old Hugh

Larry! There you are, old pal! How are you coming on your list of corrupt Democrats?

Looks like I’ll soon have another corrupt Republican to add to E pluribus’ list. MATT GAETZ! Have you heard of him?

I know from your post above how much you despise sexual predators, so I’m sure you’ll be mightily chagrined if another Trumpster runs afoul of the law.

Keep working on your list, good Buddy. I'll be sure to send you another copy of E pluribus’ list if you forget.

Yankton resident

Larry: You don't even know Fred. Fred has dedicated his entire life to the poor, disadvantaged, unfortunate, and under previledged, furthermore he is not a wealthy. He is not wealthy by choice, because he cared enough to devote his life to those less fortunate. Fred could have had any job he wanted, but he is humble and chose to help others, rather than to feed off of them. By the way Larry you still haven't posted any evidence that you returned all your stimulus payments to the U.S. Treasury. Why? Dumb question, I know the answer, you sent nothing back. Maybe you can send to a favorite chairty to help them out, or maybe even to your church.


This is Larry’s usual M.O.

He makes an unsubstantiated accusation like when he said our Governor “Slept her way to the top.” Or when he recently accused Democrats of widespread corruption.

Then - to avoid having to back up his claims - he slides on to his next unsubstantiated accusation.

I’m hoping Old Hugh keeps adding to E pluribus’ list and hounding the elusive Mr. Scow to respond.

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