The paid-for public notice regarding Cheryle Gering that appeared on the back page of the Aug. 21, 2021, edition of the Press and Dakotan, raises some difficult questions. It is hard to argue that Ms. Gering complied with the law as required and is actually a judge in good legal standing.

Is it not the primary responsibility of the Yankton County States Attorney, Robert Kimisch, to file either a criminal complaint or information with the Yankton County Clerk of Courts, if it is known to him that criminal acts are being committed in Yankton County?

Did not Robert Klimisch also file an Oath of Office to which he swore to support the South Dakota Constitution; the same constitution which makes it mandatory for all elected officials to file proper oaths of Office as the South Dakota Legislature has specified with the bills it has passed and were signed into Public law?

Having a woman (Cheryle Gering) that forfeited her right to office six years ago, who is continuing to impersonate a judge of the Circuit Court is not something the good citizens of Yankton County and the First Judicial Circuit should be proud of, neither should it be tolerated. I pray justice is not that blind to where the laws of our beautiful state do not apply equally to everyone, including officials who hold or have held public office.

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It appears that you may have a personal issue with Judge Gering. Did you come down on the losing side in a court ruling? Trying to figure out if you are the type that ends up spending a lot of time in court.

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