I am writing in response to Kelly Hertz’s great column on March 19 (“A Stream Of Movie Consciousness”). I love your feelings on the movie theater in Yankton. I also miss the holy magic of being in a theater. The big screen just makes it so lifelike where we can forget our troubles and live in the movies. I miss the popcorn and atmosphere. It’s good to get away and forget life’s problems.

I would think the city could try to get our theater back. We have such a nice one; it’s a shame to let it go.

I am a senior citizen and can’t go to a lot of the activities, so I go to the movies.

It would be nice to get someone to fix the parking lot. The holes are terrible. No one seems to step up to take care of these things.

I am with Kelly when he said he misses the thought of not having a theater. It’s just not right.

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I agree completely with Kelly Hertz and Carole Bartunek in regard to the movie theater here in Yankton. I so wish there was a way for someone in a position to do so to petition or help the rest of us petition someone (?) to get our movie theater up and running. It is one of the biggest things I have missed since the Pandemic began... a movie on the big screen in the dark and soothing (though loud depending on the film) theater with real movie popcorn and a bottle of water or a soda . It is so removed from the world it is like a tiny retreat all your own. Like Carole, I am also a senior citizen and going to a movie was one of the places I did go out for 'back then'. I could even sit thru something dumb just for the 'experience'. I would gladly watch re-runs of old favorites or kids' movies. Can someone let us know how this could possibly happen in our community again? Even if only one of the theaters opened it would be wonderful. Last but not least, for the few stores left in the Mall and even the short road to the bank there, it would be terrific if some of those potholes could be fixed. The process for getting our vaccines was incredibly easy and wonderful...except for driving in and out of the parking lot.



I never thought I'd see the day but I agree 100% with Kate70! Seems we do have something in common after all. As a goodwill gesture. I'd like to invite Kate70 down to Norfolk for a day - our theater was recently renovated and it is still open. The last time I took my grandchildren there were 6 people in the theater. The time before that, we were the only ones. I suppose you'll still need a mask but you won't need it to watch the movie.


Bjs; I suspect we agree on far more than you would think but the main point I want to get across here is a thank you for the invitation. I can no longer drive highways/out of town or I would take you up on that offer. That was kind of you.

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