Six years ago, my car was rear-ended by West City Limits Road on Highway 50. There was a pickup pulling a large hay rack full of things. He wanted to turn south. I was behind him, going west. The traffic was very heavy that day, so we had to wait about eight minutes before he could turn south. He finally was able to turn. I was ready to start when, all at once, I got a terrible jolt and I heard a loud crash! I turned off my car’s engine, got out and walked over to the car that hit me. The driver was a 15-year-old boy. I said to him, “You were going too fast.” Then I saw his cell phone on his lap, so I bet he had been talking or texting on it.

The police were then called. This accident was never put in the paper as other accidents are. His mother is a lawyer, so she undoubtedly kept it out of the paper because she had “clout” and could do it. I have heard about other people keeping things out of the paper because they had “clout,” and “money talks loud and clear!” I don’t think anything happened to him because I saw his picture in the paper playing sports two days after the accident.

As for me, I could hardly walk. I used to walk a half-mile every day, and now I can’t even walk two blocks and can stand for only 20 minutes and then I have to sit down. I have been to doctors, had two MRIs, been to therapists and taken lots of medicines. I have pinched nerves which might never get better. The change of weather is very hard on me, and my back pains me all the time.

I’m urging everyone to please don’t use your cellphone while driving! I have heard of some people that have died in an accident because someone was using their cellphone and not paying attention to their driving and going too fast.

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