So … South Dakota is 50th in the nation in teachers’ pay. Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens of South Dakota are providing supplies for our schools because there isn’t enough in the budget, but the state can come up with a quick $200,000 to pay off a potential lawsuit caused by our “Don’t worry — Mommy will fix it” Governor and her entitled daughter.

I would like to know where the $200,000 came from and are any of our legislators ashamed that we had to spend our dollars for this?

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Well maybe we can use some of the trillions of dollars Biden is handing out for the social spending programs to pay for it, seems like a good use of those unfunded tax dollars as well. Or maybe instead of giving all of Nancy Pelosi's friends and business associates a kickback from the Biden social spending bill, we can use some of that money? After all, cities are using Covid money, better known as tax dollars, to do city landscaping, paying for city pools, etc. so why not use social spending money on this? So if we do use Biden's social spending money, again better known as taxpayers money, then South Dakotan's won't have to come up with the $200,000, isn't that how it works? Wait, handing out free money to people really isn't free, never mind, I was thinking like a democrat there for a second.

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