Some years back when Sen. Thune was a House member during the Clinton administration, Thune was complaining about the Forest Service Management of the Black Hills. He said the state should take over management. However, he had no complaints during the Bush or Trump years.

The reason the Hill City Saw Mill is closing is because the Republicans like to abuse the resources while they are in charge to get the financial benefit while paying no attention to what will happen when you’ve cut more trees than this forest can stand. This greedy behavior caused the dust bowl through farming practices that would maximize the short-term profit without consideration of what happens down the road. They bled the land out just as they have now bled the trees out.

Thune, Noem, Rounds and Johnson will try and blame this on Biden or Obama but the fact is this is on Trump who pushed to cut trees faster and faster, more and more.

Perhaps the Black Hills should be turned over to its rightful owner, the Lakota. Maybe taking these precious Black Hills out of the hands of politicians would fix this problem. After all, the Supreme Court has ruled that this land was illegally taken by the Whites who illegally invaded, and then the U.S. government that illegally stole it.


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Red Cloud

Of course “the Black Hills should be turned over to its rightful owner.”

But what chance is there of that? Not much. Not after you immigrants have made and broken more than 500 treaties with Native American tribes.

And now your self-righteous politicians are rushing down to the southern border to prevent people with the brown-skinned heritage of North America’s indigenous peoples from polluting your White Supremacists’ vision of racial purity.

The more things change, the more they remain the same… 🏹


danijo and jah59, since you two went to all the trouble of creating new Press & Dakotan accounts to nitpick with Red Cloud, will you weigh in now?

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