After reading the front page editorial “Crossing The Line” (Press & Dakotan, Aug. 2), I honestly was dumbfounded. If you don’t like Commissioner Swenson, fine, say so and give your opinion, and please back up your findings with facts.

The cartoon that was posted has been around for some time. Why did you not go after the author with the same vigor? Accusing Swensen of inciting violence is contradictory, as he himself is an elected official (yes, he was unopposed). Referencing Kennedy and Rep. Ryan is irresponsible. Connecting these tragedies to the cartoon — untasteful or not — is a poor way to make Swensen out to be a bad guy using your platform. You have cheapened the true deaths of these men.

When you call out Swensen’s use of Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler, have you called out others for the same type of references? Or is this a convenient tool for a political hit job against someone you do not like?

When it is brought up a mass shooting in California, it is worded that Swensen used an online “suggestion.” Please research the shooter and his motives. If you go with a disturbed individual, perhaps that is the starting point, not Swensen sending subliminal messages.

As far as Swensen’s pay, you asked why he should act this way. When Swensen is on his own time, last I knew, this was America, where a citizen has freedoms (including the First Amendment).

When you bring up State Attorney Klimisch or Chairman Dan Klimisch, what exactly are they to do? What violation are they to officially respond to?

I have read many cartoons and read many articles of true wrongdoing and terroristic threats and warnings, as have the majority of our citizens, without getting our feelings hurt or feeling an urge to act on some “suggestion.”

Again, if you do not like Swensen, just say so; do not hide behind a cartoon you are hypersensitive about. Swensen has a First Amendment right, as do you. Please use yours responsibly.

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Still want to know who wrote it and why he/she/they/it (mustn't leave out AI) were allowed to publish a front page personal attack without signing his/her/their/it's name(s) to it.


Good letter Scott. Maybe we need to supply hurt feelings report forms for those who claim to be offended to fill out.[thumbup]


Scot Woodmancy, The first amendment does not say freedom for criticism. Commissioner Swenson is responsible for what he publishes on Facebook. The idea because Mr. Swenson in a public official, it's ok for him advocating killing of public officials make no sense. Especially, given Mr. Swenson's public row with his fellow commissioners.

After reading the front page editorial “Crossing The Line” (Press & Dakotan, Aug. 2), I honestly was dumbfounded. If you don’t like Commissioner Swenson, fine, say so and give your opinion, and please back up your findings with facts.

I am trouble the P&D did not seem to contact Yankton Buzz before making them part of the story but Mr. Swenson's actions including his post show he shouldn't be a public official.


There is a belief that Yankton mayor Nathan Johnson was actually the writer of the “editorial”. His performance at the CC meeting makes it seem more logical. If true it brings up several serious questions that need to be answered. First, why would the P and D hide a non-employees writing by labeling it editorial staff? Second, what is his true motive (it can’t seriously be fear of a cartoon). Third, since Gary has a vocal critic recently of Avera not paying property taxes like everyone else, does The fact Nathan works for Avera have anything to do with this? This isn’t what it appears folks.


nokoolaideforme: If the Mayor is the unnamed author of the editorial Crossing the Line, and the mayor is not listed as an editorial staff member for the P & D, would the personnel at the P & D be complicit in a fraud perpetrated on the public when it printed that the editorial was written by the editorial staff?

We all want transparency from our government officials. Are we getting it? We all want truth and honest reporting from our media sources. Are we getting it?


Nokoolaid, your unsupported conspiracy theories are not compelling. It is not hard to figure out who is on the editorial staff of the paper.

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