I grew up in South Dakota and left the state some 36 years ago but I still have a great love for the state and its people. Much of my family and many friends still live there. I live in Missouri now but I keep up with South Dakota news by reading the Press & Dakotan online daily.

Recently, when I read that Gov. Noem was making news nationally by still refusing to issue a statewide stay-at-home order like other states and was also making South Dakota the first state in the nation to conduct a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine on willing residents, I had to speak up.

Where did South Dakota find this governor? What an embarrassment she is for the state! Her stupidity is going to kill some of you! She is clearly a Trump stooge just trying to earn political points from him and not at all concerned about the health and well-being of South Dakotans.

Brazil’s recent trial of the drug killed people so they stopped the trial early. Why would South Dakotans be any different?

Let Noem and Trump or their family members participate in the drug trial if they are so confident in it! Stay at home my friends, social distance, look at only the facts and we will all get through this in spite of dumb politicians.

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Larry Skow

David well said. Odd how it takes former resident of the area to speak up an ask questions. You ask where they got her. Well likely she slept her way her way to the top. Just as Kamala Harris did in California. That's politics. But even at that the counties/cities has leadership. They sat on their hands as well. Not even the Great Gary Swenson spoke up about lets control Yankton county. Just think how much worse Smithfield in Sioux Falls would of been if it was not for the mayor taking action. These foreign companies could care less. Only want to milk America. Not even the citizens demanded action. We likely haven't seen the worst yet. It appears this virus can jump to animals an back. It has the HIV gene spliced in. So question is even if one recovers will AIDS show up later? It appears this is a Bio engineered Virus. Question is who made it? Lot of funky thoughts out on the internet. Countries are starting investigations into that question. But we hear nothing out of democrat party leaders--only whining about losing 2016 election.


Larry Skow, you have been duped into believing false conspiracy theories. Given you sexism, my guess was you weren't the smartest guy before you were tricked.

Spreading false information about COVID-19 is both wrong and dangerious.


You do realize, I hope, that there are numerous clinical trials, including one by the World Health Organization, being conducted regarding the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, South Dakota is but one of them. In addition, Noem has repeatedly stated that she is not going to let President Trump decide what is best for South Dakota. I wonder, therefore, by what means and what source you derive your opinions. Are you certain you are not the dupe of someone you apparently trust?

Larry Skow

Bill P: He is simply asking a question or two. The clinical trial came later. You will see where it goes. Who knows. So far results are not encouraging. It also appears this virus has 5 mutant strains. One worse then others. No one is dupe one has a right to ask questions. Bear in mind your governor fiddled while Smithfeild issue became worse an who is Chinese owned (CCP). The mayor of Sioux Falls appeared to take the bull by the horns. An she jumped on his wagon. S. Korea was ready as they live in the shadow of little Rocket man. They immediately went into lockdown. So did Singapore. It worked for while till restrictions eased up. Israel did also. It isn't wise to breach the orders there. Drones were apparently flying over the streets on patrol. He is merely asking why your governor didn't take more action. That is it.


She "slept her way to the top"?? That is an absolutely disgusting thing to say and I wish she could sue you for libel. How dare you accuse someone of that without even a hint of verification? I am ashamed to call you a fellow South Dakotan.

Larry Skow

Kate: Must of hit a sore spot. After all one is entitled to ones opinions. politics are what they are. Money or other things brings one to the top.


You surely did hit a sore spot and I hope it is one for all women who are accused of sexual misconduct. For that matter, it should be a sore spot for any men accused of that as well when there is nothing to back it up. Opinion is one thing and accusations of misconduct or sexual aberration is an entirely other thing. Shame on you.


Larry Skow Of course your false and defamatory sexist bull[censored] hit a soft spot! Have you suffer a major head injury recently? Your opinion shows you are a misogynist.


Larry, I’ve got a great idea‼️ Why don’t you use this strategy to get the editorial staff at the Greeley Tribune to again let you post those silly opinions you feel you’re entitled to?

I'm starting to see why they’ve blacklisted you, but I’m sure that fevered imagination of yours can figure out who needs servicing and which of your favors will be most appreciated.🕺👬 👨‍❤️‍👨

Jolly Roger

Kate, who says Larry considers himself a South Dakotan? Our Colorado Curmudgeon is inflicting himself on us because he wore out his welcome at the Greeley Tribune. Now you see why. You serious folks should just ignore him.

As for me? I know I’m almost like Trump mocking the handicapped at a rally - Larry’s such an easy target. But I just can't resist rattling his cage from time to time.


Larry S., "can jump to animals and back", "has the HIV gene spliced in", "will AIDS show up later"....where are you getting your information from? I am going to guess FACEBOOK. I think you should move to Missouri...maybe David B. has a spare room.

E pluribus

I didn’t vote for Ms. Noem, Larry. But she is now South Dakota’s governor. And when you go to war, you go with the leader you have - not the leader you might wish for.

If you have differences with her on policy - make them like an adult and not an angry boy. You can’t hide behind your pathetic, mealy-mouthed words that “everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Kate is right. Your baseless sexual accusations are disgusting. More than that, in a time of a crisis - when unimaginable numbers of Americans are dying - they are despicable. And they’re a window into who you are.

You won’t apologize - but you should.


Mr. Skow’s a “bipartisan” crackpot. He’ll pitch conspiracy theories from across the political spectrum.

The single, unifying theme to his strange ramblings is his firm belief that everyone has a right to his bizarre opinions. And if they “hit a nerve,” so much the better.

Mom should have given him more attention when he was little.

Larry Skow

To all: It wasn't a sexist remark at all. Simply a suggestion to a question asked. I take it most that responded are republican in nature. Lets review her accomplishments. 1. Hired a her daughter for a well paid job/new created position. 2. Promoted her son in law with raise. 3. Spent $130,000 on studio so she could broadcast to all. Appears $75,000 spent on make up(review the purchase order--at least could of bought that local. Every drug store sells make up. South Dakota taxpayers have been good to her. 4. Couldn't find money in budget for raise for school teachers. Take the above money divide it up an at least maybe the school teachers get $100 a month raise even $50 bucks would of been better then a kick in the rear. Now when you look at past 7 republican governors of South Dakota there really hasn't been much improvement in the economy of South Dakota. Not much growth as far as good paying job base. But at least it has been consistently on bottom of the scale. I can see why one proudly defends the party. To OFF THE FENCE I don't know how you think I made a conspiracy up. To SAFOOMA--look at the recent family pet infected that made the news. CLOWN RUS--How am I "black listed by Greeley Tribune? Read my letter calling our own worthless do nothing republican party congressman out. In that it time to pass a NO OPEC oil law. Tremendous number of good paying jobs are at risk. Plus we don't need OPEC OIL. True I have been critical of how personal in charge of UNC Greeley ran it into the ground with a $10 million dollar deficit. Those are my taxes they squander. Before you flap your lips about being blacklisted get your facts right. I can understand all your frustration but maybe your anger should be pointed to your fearless leaders taking you down the drain. South Dakotas biggest most valuable export for years has been young people leaving the state so they could make a better income. Think about 7 straight Repubican governors in charge an very poor results for the people. Maybe time for a change--wouldn't take much to show improvement. Try a Independent party leader. An I am the bad guy. Hahahahahaha

Larry Skow

To SAFFOM an OFFTHE FENCE: Saffom why don't you check out the new CDC warning/guideline about pets an COVID 19. maybe my warning wasn't as off base as you think. The circle is complete after all it appears. FYI an this you can check out as well. French research team found live COVID 19 virus in wash run off water. French cities washed railings/hard surfaces down. They tested standing pools/ponds where wash water ran to. Yep they found live covid 19 in standing water days after wash down. Just waiting for a host. also New Jersey towns been testing sewage effluent coming into plants. Live COVID 19 has been found in fecal matter. Came from infected people. Proving this has been around for longer then was thought. Now bear in mind S. Dakota not supposed to peak till mid June they say. That means cases will continue to climb. Just thought you may like the CDC warning Saffom. What you do with it. I could care less


Our Colorado Crackpot sure is long-winded. (As if seeing a bunch of his words might make us forget his mean-spirited slurs.)

I’m beginning to see that the Greeley Tribune had an additional reason to blacklist him. Whadda ya say, Cupcake? Did you make them strain their profit margin wasting ink on your silky screeds?

Larry Skow

Clown Rus. Well cupcake. I really have no clue where you dream up I am blacklisted by Tribune. May want to check out April 22. 2020. Maybe time you come out of that cramped little car an get some circulation going to your brain. Or try rolling the windows down an letting some of the left handed cigarette smoke out an let fresh air in to clear the old hat holder out so you can read/understand things. After all your head does more then hold that hair in place An I suppose you have likely already reproduced so your DNA walks among us.

Larry Skow

Clown Rus. Hey cupcake! Why don't you write a letter to editor of Greeley tribune. Whine complain some one from area is mocking our republican governor. Weld cty colo is a republican stronghold in Democratic colo. So I am sure they will send someone to my house to set me on the righteous path of redemption. Now question I have for you. The republican party color is red. The same color of China an Russian communist party--red! Is it Irony or coincidence that both party's use Red as symbol. Just curious.


Ooo… looks like I “hit a nerve”‼️ TWO indignant posts in a row addressed exclusively to little me. And only an hour apart.

I’m living inside his Colorado cranium. It’s a little cramped in there, but at least it’s rent-free.

Come on 🧁 Cupcake 🧁, let’s go for number three‼️

Look, Kate. Our defensive Colorado Crackpot can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

Jolly Roger

The Colorado Crank posed a trick riddle in this strange “away game” he’s playing in South Dakota.

OK, Larry. I’ll play. I figured it out. The very name of your state means RED in Spanish. “The same color of China and the Russian Communist Party--red! Is it irony or coincidence that both parties use Red as a symbol? Just curious.”

Back atcha, Cupcake. Ball’s in your court, sweetheart.🖤💘🖤 ...


Come on, Larry. The facts are irrelevant. The Clown is “entitled to his own opinion.” Hasn’t your crude and baseless trashing of our Governor already taught us this?

If you can’t play nicely with us South Dakotans, at least play by your own Colorado rules. Put on your 👖“Big Boy Pants,”👖 Cupcake. You’re not playing in the minor leagues after all.

You can suck it up, or go home.

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