Every life, every work is a legacy. Survivors of the Great Depression left a legacy of extreme frugality. The 80s farm crisis impacted not just our farming practices and lifestyle but also our psyche. Survivors fear loss of the farm, the lifestyle, and loss of identity. We hang on to property at great costs to our legacy.

Converting agricultural and wildlife areas to the use of industrial wind turbines irreversibly destroys it. It is a legacy of destruction starting with the removal of soil for the base and depositing 770+ cubic yards of concrete. Industrial wind turbines affect aquifers, water flow, tile lines, soil erosion, soil compaction, air pressure and current. A generation later, your legacy is a piece of rusted steel poking into the sky.

Easement contracts are another debt inadvertently left as a legacy. Easements essentially give away land rights for 30+ years. The companies holding easements use them as collateral, whether they are utilized or not. Construction companies may file a lien against the landowner when the developer does not make payment. If the company is no longer in existence at the end of the easement agreement, the landowner is responsible for removal. A Blattner Energy quote states the cost at $675,000, today. What will it be for your children and grandchildren?

Do not sign an easement or a “good neighbor agreement” with a wind energy or transmission company.

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Jolly Roger

Welcome, Matt and Kim Brenneman. I see South Dakota isn’t the only state with naysayers like our own home-grown Gregg Hubner and Ed Van Gerpen. Did you know Iowa is generating the highest percentage of energy from wind power in the US? Wind power generation in Iowa already makes up more than 37% of the state's generated electricity.

Fortunately, Iowa and South Dakota are well on the way to a non-polluting and economical rewarding future of wind energy production.

How nice to know you’re fighting a losing battle. Are you still driving to town in your horse drawn buggy? At least that’s non-polluting.


What is so wrong with me and other landowners wanting to make more money off our land? We went through the 80's and the 90"s paying 20+ interest. Lost everything but our land in 97. So I am going to make as much as I want off MY land as I can. I would rather live next to a wind farm than a nuke plant or a coal plant. For that matter even a hog barn isnt on my list of places to live. No body is unplugging so you all better get used to other forms of generating more power.

Friedrich Farmer

👍👍👍 Where do these “Flat earth” folks come from?.

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