We’d like to express our full support for the opt-out currently proposed by the Yankton School Board. Initially we questioned the need for the opt-out, but after further examination, we are in full agreement in support for the proposed action:

• The Yankton School Board and administration have been mindful of the need to explore all options to work within the current tax structure without going to an opt-out, as most other larger school systems have done.

• Yankton has a high number of families that depend on two incomes. Studies indicate that in-town school busing and working in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club has improved attendance, provided healthy meals and improved grades. These services are also very valuable to Yankton businesses due to their employees knowing there is safe, free transportation and a healthy breakfast available to their children during their early uninterrupted work hours.

• Yankton area businesses are supporting and benefitting students through the Internship Program. High school students are learning life skills and future employment in a wide variety of opportunities.

• One Resource Officer covering the high school and middle school is unrealistic. Today’s students live in instant news, instant social media, etc., creating stress and uncertainly. Adding a Resource Officer and a Middle School counselor will enable additional mental health and safety services to the staff and students.

• Offering free preschool to all families is of immense benefit to the children and their future education as well as their parents — especially to those who could not afford it.

• The cost of these services and all the great things that our school system provides is projected to cost the homeowner approximately $93 per $100,000 of property valuation. This is a small cost compared to the services provided and the expenses that would be involved if they weren’t available.

We believe we have an excellent school system and wish to maintain and keep improving the future services and opportunities this opt-out will provide. With no or very limited state aid for the coming year, funding education is critical.

They are currently at the point that they either cut services or ask residents to support the needed funding.

Please vote YES and join us in your support for the future of our students and community.

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The programs you list are fine. I take it you are property owners also not just home owners. What you are asking for is a lot to bear if you are a rural land owner who may not have kids in school. If you are a farmer or rural landowner that owns 500 acres of land lets say. Lets value that land at $3,500 an acer for the sake of conversation. $3,500 x 500 =$1,750,000 in value Divide by $100,000 = 17.50 x $93.00 (per $100,00) = $1,627.50 in added taxs to the landowner. That is just land. What is it going to cost them if they have done well and develpoed a nice far site with building, grain storage, feed lots and homes? Yes there is some exemptions but not much. Why is it people in town always go looking to the people who own land to pay the bills? Just wondering? And my value of land might be low so it will cost the rural people even more to fund a school they have no kids attending.


You got it right.


One of the classes that schools should be teaching if fiscal responsibility and budgeting. No on Opt Out!

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