This is in response to the letter “Un-Christian Democrats.” (Press & Dakotan, Feb. 25)

As a Republican, I am also looking for some answers. The attack on refugees from my Republican leaders is deadly; children have died in our care. Jesus’ family fled to Egypt shortly after his birth to escape certain death. Christ himself was a refugee.

The attack on the free press is deadly. A reporter had a bone saw taken to him and our Republican leaders did nothing to condemn this action or seek justice from the country responsible.

Many political leaders around the world assault and murder their political rivals and are being praised by some of my Republican leaders.

Being pro-life must continue after birth to the poor, brown and even the ones from the “S-hole countries” in Africa, and many of my Republican policies don’t live up to that.

Christianity is based on the life of Jesus Christ, and He never held a political position. Many of the teachings of Jesus Christ seem to be in direct conflict with my Republican party: judge not or you will be judged; if you live by the sword you will die by the sword; love your enemies … the list can go on. Perhaps when looked at honestly, it helps to be Un-Christian when Republican, too.

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E pluribus

So why are you still a Republican? I used to be a Republican. Back when Republicans were fiscally responsible, would never start a trade war and were implacable opposed to our enemies, the Russians.

What GOP principles remain now that the Party of Lincoln has become the Party of Trump?


E pluribus: Why are you what you are? Where is your tolerance for others? You disrespect your emoji.


Excellent comment Brian!


There is nothing more "Un-Christian" than a Republican.


Mr. Engebretson, Your Faith is flagging. These are minor points compared to God’s Plan for Christian America.

God has placed our Christian-in-Chief in the White House to rid us of the wicked unbelievers among us. Are you one of them?

The first question for true Christians must always be, ”In His Infinite Wisdom, who would Christ reject?”

Larry Skow

Gentlemen you have it wrong. It is wrong to state I am christen republican or christen demoncrat. That is wrong philospy. Jesus had zero intrest in politics. Also guys America was simply founded on christen doctrines/beliefs/traditions. America was intended to foster, promote or encourage Christianity. America is a nation where christen beliefs an insitutions are an should be privlileged. But Govt an Religion should an must be sererated. If any of you were truly christen you would be absolutely demanding justice for the victims of all this molestation of kids by preists/ministers/people of trust. You would demand these people be prosecuted an jailed. The churchs should be SHUT DOWN! Same two questions put to you that claim thump the bible. 1. If money is root of all evil. Why do churchs have so much? 2. Fighting over religion has caused more deaths then all natural diasters combined. Why is that? Goes on today. Their is commandment Thou shall not kill. Christen my sore A*@. HYPOCRITES. Yes hiding behind the bible. Don't mix demoncrats/republican up with christanity. Don't hide behind the bible. Live by Golden Rule an all will be fine.

E pluribus

Mr. Johnson, tolerance for others doesn’t mean ignoring the obvious. Republicans have abandoned their long held principles. That’s just an observable fact. Why is still a matter of speculation.

But for traditional Republicans, I’d guess they’ve abandoned their fundamental Republican ideals for fear that Trump will end their lucrative political careers.

We’ll see what that means for the GOP after Trump is gone.

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