Remember hydroxychloroquine, a medication that President Trump, early in the COVID-19 pandemic, thought might be a “game changer” in treating COVID? There were no controlled studies of the medication in COVID infections, but it was used by some physicians in the United States and in Europe at that time with success in treating COVID. The lack of controlled studies of a medication in treating an illness is not the ideal, but it has not always limited the use of medications in the past for serious illnesses, e.g. erythromycin against Legionnaires’ pneumonia. Hydroxychloroquine had been safely used extensively in the past for other conditions and potential side effects are well known, allowing proper selection of patients. However, since President Trump suggested hydroxychloroquine, its use became so politicized by the anti-Trumpers that the medication was discredited to the point that it was not thoroughly studied. Valuable time was lost and, as it turns out, people probably died because of political bias.

A couple studies were completed recently and demonstrated some effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in the early stage of a COVID infection when symptoms were minimal. One recent study which was reported in the American Journal of Medicine (January 2021) showed that treatment with hydroxychloroquine significantly reduced the need for hospitalization if started early in the illness. Hydroxychloroquine is safe and inexpensive and could be considered in treatment of early cases of COVID, especially in patients who are at higher risk and have no contraindications.

Also note that the American Medical Association in a memo in October 2020 reversed an earlier statement made in March 2020 and stated that physicians could prescribe hydroxychloroquine based on their discretion. Then, about a month later, they rescinded this recommendation. This suggests that political bias may still be involved when considering the treatment of COVID.


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So what exactly is your point ? You say hydroxychloroquine demonstrated "some" effectiveness ? Sorry, but I do not believe hydroxychloroquine would have had any type of significant effect on hospitalizations of people with COVID. I also doubt your source of information that it had any effect whatsoever. I know there are so many conspiracy theories out there that you people believe, it is difficult to know what is true and what isn`t. You really went out on a limb here. I`m positive that if it had any promising effects, more advanced studies would have been done on it, and doctors here said it was useless in the treatment of COVID. I`m just wondering to myself why the American Journal of Medicine would even print an article on hydroxychloroquine when there is already a vaccine that`s effective and available. How could we trust Trump after he said on national TV that injecting disinfectant would kill COVID? Yes, it would kill COVID and it would kill the person who injected it too. I`m not a doctor, but I know if someone did that, they would die. Thgen Trump gets on TV the following day and said he was "kidding". NO, he was not kidding. You don`t joke about that kind of thing, he got called out on it and had to backtrack and try to correct it.

I find it amusing that you say "valuable time was lost and could have prevented deaths". Trump is the main cause of nearly 40% of COVID deaths. The CDC points out that if Trump had acted early on in this pandemic, many lives would have been saved, but he did NOTHING to prevent it and NOTHING to stop it. He was quoted as saying " this won`t be any worse than the flu, a few people will get it and it will go away. Why do you people keep making excuses for this man?

Mr. T

A more “Dangerous Bias” is the “political correctness” of our political leadership that won’t take seriously the precautions medical science has proven effective in combating the Coronavirus.

Everyone knows what they are, whether they disdain them or follow them.

So far this Bias has sacrificed two thousand South Dakotan lives. And counting...


You may have a point, Doctor.

But do you advise masking and social distancing? Do you recommend folks get vaccinated? Many South Dakotans don’t and won’t.

Don't these issues seem more pressing than whatever the usefulness of hydroxychloroquine may turn out to be?

Why not write a letter advocating the live-saving measures medical science already knows to be effective?

E pluribus

I suppose if South Dakota’s coronavirus epidemic subsides, your musings on hydroxychloroquine may prove harmless. Just a speculative, intellectual exercise.

But if South Dakota’s epidemic spikes or even just plateaus, one might wonder why you’re ignoring the proven weapons we have to fight America’s most deadly war in our nation’s history. These very effective weapons are masking, social distancing and vaccination.

So why are we fighting this Virus with one arm tied behind us?

Keep your eye on the death toll, Doctor Krohn. This will bear you out (or not). Truth and numbers count more than speculation.


Thanks David. All the covidian cult maskers already commented. I never realized how many leftists there are in the Dakotas. They love making us pay nearly a gallon more for gas. Thanks again. Dementia Joe sucks.


Well, golly gee, bmbb1234. How unserious you Trumpsters are. 🤦🤷‍♂️

Is the first thing that pops into your head really the price of gas? Once again?

And Doctor David muses about a sketchy coronavirus cure. Have you both forgotten that the threat of a transsexual Mr. Potato Head endangers America as we know it‼️

Meanwhile your seditious and incompetent cult leader has 1)- incited an armed insurrection, 2)- “downplayed” and mismanaged a runaway pandemic and 3)- thereby caused an economic collapse.

How about it, bmbb1234, are you Trumpsters tired of winning yet?


bmbb1234 must’ve had a traumatic experience in his past running out of gas. Maybe he didn’t get his girlfriend home in time. For some reason this is his primary political obsession.

Or maybe it’s just that he hasn’t lost anyone he cares about to Covid-19. Maybe he thinks 2000 South Dakota are dead because of a HOAX.

And of course he told us almost about this time last year that the “Country will go red big time.”

Friedrich Farmer

You know, I too remember that bmbb1234 bragged last year that the “Country will go red big time.”

It’s probably this same mistaken confidence that has him calling folks who believe the medical science on COVID-19 a “cult” while he claims our President is in dementia.

If he’d leave FoxNews for a bit he’d find out he’s wrong once again. He’d know that over 70% of Americans approve of Joe Biden's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Actually, I can see why dementia is on bmbb1234’s mind.

Notice he tells us that liberals are making him “pay nearly a gallon more for gas.” Whatever that means.


bmbb1234, let me suggest a little diversion that will help you and Dr. Dave forget that Dr. Deborah Birx (who served as Trump’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator) has just spilled the beans on the Trump Coronavirus Coverup.

She says almost 450,000 American lives were lost because of Trump’s (and her) deception.

Why don’t you and Doctor Dave put your money where your mouths are?

Just cut and paste the following website into your browser and give as much money as you can to Donald J. Trump. He needs your dollars to fight - as he puts it - “the RINOs and fools.” (and, of course, to pay his legions of lawyers.) (

I gave as much as I could to Joe Biden and Georgia’s Warnock and Ossoff, and look how well that turned out!

Please fund Trump and his GOP civil war.

Stop posting your silly opinions and put your money into the game! Remember - Trump can’t win if he doesn’t defeat those nasty RINOS.


Gee Willikers, bmbb1234, you were right - there WAS a Coronavirus Hoax. But it was in the WHITE HOUSE.

We learn this from Trump’s own Coronavirus Response Team who came clean trying to rehab their damaged reputations in Sunday’s night’s Coronavirus special on CNN.

Trump in his own words told a journalist he knew how deadly the virus was before anyone else did, but chose to “downplay it.” Those of us who listened to the recording of Trump’s astounding admission didn’t find the confessions of his doctors very surprising.

Of course, the FoxNews website is only carrying Trump’s rebuttal and not their own words. So you may not know that the key part of what the rest of us learned is that Dr. Deborah Birx who served as Trump’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator says that almost 450,000 American lives were lost because of Trump’s (and her) deception.

I’ll bet you could buy a lot of gas with what it costs for half a million funerals, bmbb1234. What do you think, Champ?

Grateful Dead

The willful ignorance of folks like Mr. Krohn and bmbb1234 and of course our science-denying Governor is why South Dakota has the second-highest case rate and the eighth-highest covid death rate in the country.

And when the deaths spike again, they’ll steadfastly continue their deadly delusions. There are a lot of ignorant people in South Dakota who are willing to die for their stupidity.

If only they weren’t endangering the rest of us…

Jolly Roger

Everybody’s already given you almost as much sh*t as you deserve, Dr. Krohn, but I want to point out something that jumped out at me in your last paragraph:

“... the American Medical Association in a memo in OCTOBER 2020 reversed an earlier statement made in MARCH 2020 and stated that physicians could prescribe hydroxychloroquine based on their discretion. Then, about a month later (NOVEMBER 2020), they rescinded this recommendation. This suggests that political bias may still be involved when considering the treatment of COVID.”

Your weak closing paragraph doesn’t just “suggest” “political bias,” it screams it over a bullhorn. But whose “political bias” do you suppose this might be, my man?

Do you remember who was president at the time? Do you remember your president put his man, the dubious Dr, Redfield, in charge of the CDC to make the rank and file folks at this formerly respected institution get in line?

If you’re really a doctor, be sure to keep your malpractice insurance current, Schnucki.

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