We’ve witnessed the takeover of the Democratic Party by the most radical elements of their party. It has been a long time in the making. As a former Democrat, it has been really hard to watch. Make no mistake. Neither party is what it should be.

As a society, we have become detached from even the most basic of principles. If we don’t self-correct, we will destroy our country and the precious freedoms we’ve been given by those who have gone before us.

We no longer speak the truth to one another. Instead, we manipulate our words to accomplish our own goals. We lust after power instead of working cooperatively with one another for the welfare of all. We declare that the choice of life or death for our unborn is a choice of “health care.” We have become a culture of death. We punish some for their offenses, yet others escape their just dues. We deny the scientific proof of our sexuality, instead arrogantly assigning our own. We claim to be tolerant, yet deny others the right to be heard. We see looting, the destruction of property and violence in our streets and call it “mostly peaceful protests.” We see people defend their life and property and be charged with crime and the criminals set free. Who are we kidding?

If we remain silent, stay detached, uninvolved and are bullied into “sitting down and shutting up,” we deserve what we will get in this coming election. Those who see the radical agenda of the leftist movement in our country and say nothing are complicit in the destruction of our way of life.  

We need to be well-informed. We should ignore the mainstream media; they no longer report the unbiased facts. Look instead at the candidates, their voting records, their character and values, their associations and actions. Biblical instruction would be a good source for the standard of behavior.

Most of all, pray for our country and its leaders. It really is a magnificent country, with mostly good, decent productive people who appreciate the opportunities freedom provides. Freedom is not free, however. It requires that we be of good will and promote the well-being of all, especially the most vulnerable among us. God Bless America!


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[thumbdown] Karen Hochstein, I have a question for you. When are you finally going to realize that you have made your point now how many times? What is the purpose of writing a letter to the paper every other week saying the same old garbage? I agree with you on certain points in this letter, however, you just described the current situation in our society and the REPUBLICANS are the ones in charge! And have been for four years now. You can`t blame the Democrats, the bills they send to the senate are not acted upon because of Moscow Mitch McConnell, and then the Democrats are unfairly labeled "do nothing Dems" when in reality, the bills they propose are just left sitting on McConnells desk.. So why don`t you spout off about the Republicans? Hey, if you don`t like the current situation in this great country, the Democrats don`t have anything to do with it!

Why are you so hateful towards the Democrats? What has Joe Biden done that you seem to think is just totally terrible? You won`t answer that question because you can`t. And if abortion is your reason for being so hateful toward the Dems, you need to understand that it is NOT the president who decides to overturn Roe V. Wade, it is the Supreme Court, and recently, the Supreme Court heard more arguments to overturn Roe V. Wade, and they upheld abortion rights, and it is a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, so you can`t blame the liberals, Remember, Trump assigned two Supreme Court justices, of course conservative ones. Talk is cheap, I honestly don`t think Trump cares about abortion, just because he says he is pro-life, doesn`t mean he actually is, given he can`t tell the truth most of the time.

I don`t condone violence with the protests, however, this has happened on Trump`s watch, and he just added fuel to the fire by his indifference and not acting to bring people together. The killing of black men for minor offenses by the police happened when Obama was president too, and did you see this mess with violent protests? No. So place the blame at your dear president Trump. He is incapable of leadership, he is a divider, not a uniter. Is there ever a day in Trump`s life that he isn`t angry at practically the whole world? His own sister was secretly recorded last week saying Trump paid a man to take his place for the SAT college entrance exam, so he cheated! She even remembers the man`s name. She also said her brother Donald is cruel. Are you not listening??? This is his own family saying this! And are you not aware that over two dozen former Republican Congressmen are backing Biden and not Trump? These are red flags. Hello??

You speak of biblical instruction and that it should count when you vote. Really? Trump doesn`t even attend church ! Biden goes to Mass every week. And Trump has five children by three different wives and he cheated on Melania with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, and before you dismiss that, the proof was in the cancelled check and it was the exact amount paid to Stormy Daniels to shut her up.

I really have to question your motive for writing so many letters to the editor. South Dakota consistently votes Republican in presidential elections, so who is your target, we few Democrats like me? Your letters do not sway me. This country is a Democracy, which is why we have two political parties. If the GOP would work with the Democrats, things would be better, but they refuse. The Republican party has turned into the party of Trump. And I have a feeling they will be paying a steep price on election day. The GOP in government don`t even like Trump, but they stood behind on everything because they use him as a platform to push their political agenda.


[thumbdown][yawn] Talk about repeats...


[thumbdown][sleeping] Talk about repeats.


@ Kate 70......also notice that she NEVER has refuted me when I state FACTS because she can`t come back at me with facts. It`s all "spout off the mouth " garbage.


Nothing like a trump hater spreading lies and hate. That’s all the democrats do is lie and hate. Ha ha. Hilarious. All you got is sleepy joe & his blow to run against President Trump. That’s hilarious. 8 more years!! Trump 2024 too


@ Mmuncrief...Umm, dude or whatever you are, there has been alot of fact checking that is not partisan, you want to see a liar, look no further than Trump you poor delusional Trumper. Over 15,000 lies since Trump took office, and who is spewing the hate, people like you and Karen Hochstein. Vote for your president, who cares? He`s NOT my president. Trump 2024. LOL..hahahahaha yeah, sure. That`s not even possible. Did Fox fake news tell you that? And I`m sure you believed it.


Ha ha. Lmao. Hilarious liberal hacks spreading lies and hate!!

Yankton resident

If Ms. Hockstein had sent in only the last paragraph of her letter I am convinced she would have received accolades and many positive comments. Instead she had to, as usual, preface that last paragraph with her usual venomous and hateful statements, therefore seemingly making the last paragraph to appear, in all reality, disingenuos in nature.

Yankton resident

Mmcrief: Were do you get your conspiracy theory information. Fact; Trump can only hold the office of President for 4 more years, if he should happen to win! Typical of the knowledge of Trump supporters, nothing factual, nothing scientific, lies, misinformation, and Zero knowledge of the United States government, it's laws, the constitution, or the bill of rights and amendments. Nothing but gibberish from most who think they know, but can be easily proven to be arrogant and ignorant of what really is happening around them.


Yankton Resident [thumbdown]

Yankton resident

Mmcrief: Sometimes " it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak (or in your case write) and remove all doubt."

Yankton resident

My Thoughts: Shows how misdirected and misinformed you are as well. The bright side to that is your misdirection , misinformation and total lack of knowledge on the constitution, the bill of rights, and the laws that govern us can only improve if you were to study any of it in the least.

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