In response to Mr. Novotny’s letter (“Moot Point,” Press & Dakotan, March 2).

Bear in mind I am an independent — I vote for policy not the person. The three most corrupt presidents in our lifetime have been Clinton, Obama and Biden — you pick the order. Mr. Trump was a TRUE PATRIOT that gave up his wealth to run and was abused every day by hate-filled Democrats. One can’t say if the election was stolen as courts simply would not hear or review the evidence. All Democrats need to pull their heads out and smell clean air.

Let’s look at S.D Democrats. They can’t organize a one-car parade let alone get someone elected to office. Now on national level, four Democratic governors sent elderly people to the COVID death chamber — aka, nursing homes! That, sir, defied common sense. All should be tried for murder or manslaughter, no less.

Mr. Fauci never spoke up on matter. WHY? Also it is his job to head these viruses off, and he FAILED! Look at his stumbling, bumbling change his mind attitude. He has said nothing about Biden letting in thousands of COVID-positive illegals into USA, but he condemns two governors for opening their economies.

The list of evils the Democrats have done and are doing could go for pages. The devil has breached our walls. It is going to take a leader and few rough, tough men/women to get it back an under control. Otherwise get ready to learn to speak Chinese. What we have at the helm is not going to do it.

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Chicken Little

The Sky is Falling‼️ The Sky is Falling‼️ And we must tell the King‼️


Thank you, Comrade. I’m an “independent“ too.

And now that your boy has been booted out of the White House, I really appreciate your keeping up the pressure on those Russia-haters in the Democratic Party.

Sadly, Mr. Trump screwed up his palace coup, despite my best advice. (That’s the problem with “useful idiots.” Sometimes they’re just too incompetent to stay in power.)

Fortunately, his supporters are a bit smarter than he is, and with a little adjustment of your voting system, we should be up and running next time. And together we’ll make Russia Great Again!

Yankton resident

Larry: Your comments are opinion only with no basis, but plenty of bias, Just as my comments will be at this point.

How can you call 3 democrats the worst presidents in our lifetime without mentioning Nixon and his "watergate scandal"? Of course he was a republican and you didn't want to mention that. Furthermore how can call Biden one of the worst presidents in our lifetime when he has only been in office slightly over 2 months?

Sure, there are a few policy issues we all may disagree on as it relates to Biden, just as there were with Trump. That is also the case in all business decisions as well. Some prove to be wise in the long-run and others prove to be failures.

To say Biden is the worst president in a lifetime after only 2 months in office is pre-judgemental at best and hinges on the edge of contempt and irrational thinking. I disagreed with Trump on numerous policy decisions, but I hesitate to call him the worst president in a lifetime. I will let future history play that out, just as you should with Biden. Present day decisions ( after only 2 months ) should not be a judgemental condemnation of any president, now or in the future. Let future history of those decisions be the determining factor.

E pluribus

Hi, Larry, I wonder if you might accept my challenge to assemble a list of the legal troubles encountered by the administrations of “the three most corrupt presidents in our lifetime - Clinton, Obama and Biden.

Even examining these THREE presidencies, I’ll bet you can’t top my list of a SINGLE TERM of the Trump administration. Good Luck!


PAUL MANAFORT, Trump campaign chair. On financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. RICK GATES,​ Paul Manafort’s deputy on financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. LT. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN, ​Trump’s first national security adviser. Pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. MICHAEL COHEN, the president's former longtime fixer and personal attorney. Pleading guilty to making false statements to Congress as well as a separate campaign finance and tax crime case bought by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. DUNCAN HUNTER R-CA, one of the earliest Trump supporters in Congress. Pleaded guilty to conspiring to misuse $250,000 of campaign funds for his personal expenses. Rep. CHRIS COLLINS​ R-N.Y., on charges related to securities fraud conspiracy and making false statements. SAM PATTEN, Washington-based lobbyist pleaded guilty to illegally funneling foreign money into Trump's inaugural committee. GEORGE PAPADOPOULIS, Trump campaign's former foreign policy adviser, convicted of lying to investigators. GEORGE NADER, businessman and lobbyist with ties to the Trump world pleaded guilty to charges related to child sex trafficking and child pornography possession. ROGER STONE,​ Veteran GOP operative and longtime Trump adviser. Found guilty on all seven counts related to false statements to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.


RUDY GIULIANI, ​Trump's personal lawyer.​ ​ Under criminal investigation for his business relationship with two men arrested in an alleged campaign finance scheme. LEV PARNAS ​&​ IGOR FRUMAN, Rudy’s associates. Accused of circumventing election laws that prohibit straw donations and foreign contributions to federal political campaigns, including a super PAC supporting President Trump's re-election campaign. BOB KRAFT New England Patriots owner and a close personal friend of Trump's, a Mar-a-Lago member who gave $1 million to the inaugural committee and who faces charges in Florida related to alleged solicitation of prostitution. IMAAZ ZUBERI. Gave $900,000 to the Trump inaugural committee, was indicted last October for allegedly making illegal foreign straw donation, violating foreign lobbying laws and evading taxes



Old Hugh

(Like Colorado Larry would take the time to do some research. 🤣🤣🤣 I seriously doubt he’ll take up E pluribus’ challenge.)

Hey, Larry, are you going to get the vaccine? Thanks to your Trumpster anti-vaxxer buddies, my son who lives in a red state will get the unwanted, leftover vaccine well before his turn would have come around. Thanks.

I’m so grateful to all those anti-science Trumpsters who’ve made this possible. Many of them will be exiting the gene pool to make way for smarter human beings.

They may not believe in evolution, but they’re doing their best to be part of it.

Jolly Roger

Larry, your pathetic claims of fraudulent election practices have been thoroughly disproven by over 50 unsuccessful Trumpian lawsuits, the Supreme Court and even the president's own lawyer, Bill Barr before he resigned.

Many of the judges who refused to look at these frivolous, no-evidence claims were appointed by Trump himself. (Not to mention that the Supreme Court itself has three Trumpsters on the bench.)

So your man lost. And what did the rest of us get?

Let’s see, 1)- an armed insurrection, 2)- a runaway pandemic and 3)- an economic collapse.

How about it, cupcake 🧁, you tired of winning yet?

Larry Skow

In Response to the comments. Yankton resident. I never said worst president I simply stated most corrupt. There is a difference. E Pluribus In response to comment name corrupt acts by the 3 stooges you love so much Clinton: IMPEACHED, CHINAGATE-pay to play. Giving North Korea nuclear technology--real deal there. Obama: Hillary's pay to play while Sec of State. Benghazi an allowing Clinton/Rice to cover it up. Apologized to Japan for USA actions to end WW2. Bowing down to Iran an sending plane load of cash over to them. Entering in to Paris Accord and doing so with executive order. Iran Nuclear deal Biden. Hunter Biden an his acts of treason/the south border mess/committing back to the bad Paris Accord. Kissing Iran's ring. really kissing China's ring an list will grow on this one. To Old Hugh. Stay with the program here you bag of wind. Please note not one word was said about anti science or anti Vaccine. And what does your son living in a red state have to do with anything? You live in red state. I merely said Fauci can't find his butt when the paper work needs to be done in A.M. But likely neither can Biden. NOTE TO ALL--Please note NO STATE OF THE UNION HAS BEEN GIVEN YET. Maybe because Nancy Pelosi isn't drunk enough to rip up speech behind ones back yet. Also Look at how the Hag is going to over turn the Iowa election an give it to a DEMOCRAT. A LEGAL ELECTION GETS OVERTURNED IN 3RD WORLD. Not the USA! People that is STATES job to look into that. Also I never stated Trump was Perfect. What happened on Jan 6 2021 was not right either. As far as Impeachment--Note that democrats tried twice an FAILED to impeach. FAILED! Just like getting speeding ticket an getting off. No Conviction as with Clinton. But Bill had to stay with Hillary all these years---so he was punished in the end.

Yankton resident

Larry: Let's not split hairs. In your scenario Nixon fit both the definition of worst and most corrupt. Nixon at least had the sense to silence himself and resign prior to impeach articles. Let's face facts Larry, no politician nor any person for that matter, can please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Of course I understand that your intellectual capacity cannot understand anything beyond your own ridiculous opinions and theories. It is time to give mankind a brake, write something that is well thought out and that will engage a respectful and intellectual discussion.


Thanks Larry. The covidian cult nuts are few but organized in the dakotas. They love us paying more and more for gas.


Mr. Skow, I knew there’s no way you’ll accept E pluribus’ challenge. All you can do is list a bunch of right wing allegations, but so far few - if any - have touched a court of law.

So let me issue an easier challenge for you.

There’s an old saying: “When Trumpsters are outraged, they go online and post their opinions. When never-Trumpers are outraged they go online and give money.”

So go ahead, Larry I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is.

Just cut and paste the following website into your browser and give as much money as you can to Donald J. Trump. He needs your dollars to fight - as he puts it - “the RINOs and fools.” (and, of course, to pay his legions of lawyers.) (

I gave as much as I could to Joe Biden and Georgia’s Warnock and Ossoff, and look how well that turned out!

Please fund Trump and his civil war in the GOP. Stop posting your silly opinions and put your money into the game! Trump can’t win if he doesn’t defeat the RINOS.

E pluribus

Mr. Skow, if you’ll “stay with the program” for just a bit you’ll recall I was responding to your allegations of corruption.

Instead you’re responding with your heartfelt policy opinions. But these are quite separate from proving allegations of corruption. Such serious allegations are usually proven (or not) in our court system.

If you review the four terms of the Clinton and Obama presidencies, I suspect you’ll find a few court cases here and there that involve folks who were associated with those two administrations. But I suspect you’ll be hard pressed to uncover anywhere near as many as are associated with Mr. Trump’s single term in office.

Again will you accept my challenge to back up your allegations?

Old Hugh

Hi again, Larry.

I don’t know whether to be insulted or honored to have you call me a “windbag.” Either way, I consider you the foremost authority on this subject.

And I hope you understand that “sticking with the program” is a challenge when your stream-of-consciousness diatribes range so far and wide.

And in that spirit perhaps you’ll understand, Old Buddy, that your self-identification as a Trump supporter raises the question in my mind if you are as anti-vaccine as most Trumpsters.

And though my son doesn’t live in South Dakota, in his red state the refusal of so many Trumpsters to get vaccinated has freed up vaccines so he can get protected well before his age group would in a blue state.

It makes me truly appreciate the anti-science ignorance of most Trumpsters.

Larry Skow

Like I said South Dakota democrats can't organize a one car parade let alone get elected to office. But keeping your head buried in the behind is good place for it. To Old Hugh. I know plenty of moderate democrats not getting the Vaccine shot. And that is ones right. Now old Hugh you haven't bragged about getting yours. As far a donating money. I have sent all the stimulus checks back to IRs with letter returning them an will do so on $1400 one coming. I simply don't need the money. Thanks to Biden's actions oil is up an my little shallow oil wells are back to making money--so some things are good. As well the microbial paraffin control product I am involved with back to moving to clients. Wells that were shut in are now operating. To all of us that does get the shot. WE CAN ALL THANK MR. TRUMP an OPERATION WARP SPEED. The sky is not falling but is hanging a little lower. An old Hugh your son likely thankful he lives in RED State as those economies kept going just as you are thank full you live in RED state of South Dakota but won't admit so. No matter who was responsible for the economy under Mr. Trump the Democrats had to virtually destroy the economy to beat him. Enjoy your 1 car parade O great South Dakota Democrats. Good Day until the next letter. As I am not afraid to voice my opinion an sorry you are so wrong all the time. Fear not legal Pot is coming to your state so you can keep your high going an live in land of utopia. Keeping the Dream of getting a democrat elected to office. And having a 3 car parade down Main drag of Yankton an circle the Ice House. Let the good times roll!

Yankton resident

Larry: Glad to hear you sent all your stimulus payments back. To prove it (it would be the only thing you ever proved ) simply post your bank statements, and or your canceled checks showing that the money went back. If you did it electronically it will show on your bank statement as well. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Old Hugh

Larry, old pal, I’m not the only one who’s has trouble trying to “Stay with the program...”

You’ve made some very serious allegations of corruption, but after E pluribus inundated you with a list of Trumpsters who’ve fallen afoul of the law, you can’t respond with anything but your stream-of-consciousness political opinions.

CORRUPTION, Larry. CORRUPTION. The topic is CORRUPTION. Focus, Larry, focus. You can do it, good buddy. Focus.


UMM, Larry. You poor misinformed person. Trump made $$1.9 BILLION while he was in office. Look it up. Trump is the corrupt one Larry, it`s too bad you`re too blind to see it. WHY his the Trump organization under FBI investigation? WHY are the NY prosecutors going over Trump`s taxes? Did you miss the news of Trump`s phone call to Georgia officials, asking them to "magically create pro Trump votes"? That is TREASON. Hello????? All this nonsense of voter "fraud" that never even took place. Look at all the taxpayer money WASTED because of Trump`s bruised ego? The man is a narcissist. Narcissists can`t lose, they will do ANYTHING to not lose, they also have an extreme need to be admired. Sound familiar? That`s Trump for you. Think what you want to think, but Biden is our president. Deal with it. Oh, and please sign your stimulus check over to me, after all, it`s from the Democrats, not one Republican voted for it, and isn`t that what you say is "socialism"?? Hypocrisy at it`s best.


Thanks Larry. These covidian cult mask nuts and their dementia Joe president are already destroying the economy. We just got a $1 per gallon tax hike thanks to these leftist tards.


Well, golly gee, bmbb1234. How unserious you Trumpsters are. 🤦🤷‍♂️

Is the first thing that pops into your head really the price of gas? Once again? . Have you forgotten that the threat of a transsexual Mr. Potato Head endangers America as we know it‼️

Meanwhile your seditious and incompetent cult leader has 1)- incited an armed insurrection, 2)- “downplayed” and mismanaged a runaway pandemic and 3)- thereby caused an economic collapse.

How about it, bmbb1234, are you Trumpsters tired of winning yet?

Yankton resident

bmbb: what are you talking about. $1.00 tax per gal on what? If you believe it was gas you are delirious. There has been no tax increase on anything yet. You and Larry both need to have a few nuts and bolts tightened up and while you are at it wash your windshield too so you can see clearly as well.

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