We are at the one-year anniversary of 13 men/women that Biden and poor military leadership let get killed in Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Everyone needs to stop pause and give thanks to all that gives us our freedoms.

The Iraq-Afghanistan war was started simply because Bush needed a crusade to defend his father’s honor. Dick Cheney threw his two cents in simply because he wanted financial gain. When politicians lie, people die. We really showed how to establish democracy in those countries. Heck of a job nation building.

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Larry. You rascal. You’re still avoiding me aren't you?

But now that you’ve gone “public” here’s another chance to explain just how Biden could have prevented the war in Ukraine.

You really can’t answer can you? 😏🥱

And on top of that, Putin is getting his a*ss kicked. He doesn’t seem to be “riding” anyone.

E pluribus

What exquisite timing for your silly “opinion” to be published, Mr. Skow.

The Ukrainians have started their counter-offensive against the Russians just as your defeatist letter graces these pages.

But we don’t need to nation-build here. The Ukrainians already seem to have a nation up and running, don’t they? And they don’t need us to fight for them to protect it.

Yet you apparently would have us give Putin his way.

But Ukraine is not Afghanistan, Mr. Skow.

And Joe Biden is not Putin’s useful idiot like your Mr. Trump.

So just how is “Biden doing the same in Ukraine, which could have been prevented if he wasn’t getting rode [sic] hard by Putzman Putin.

Please elaborate.


President Trump made a deal with the Taliban in 2020 promising a complete withdrawal of US troops.

Biden botched that withdrawal. But the withdrawal that Trump signed was the right decision.

Our nation-building was a failure.

Our experience in Vietnam and Iraq and now Afghanistan bears out the lesson we’ve been so slow to learn - trying to nation-build where none exists is a fool's errand.

Especially if our sons and daughters have to sacrifice their lives in futility.

But Ukraine is different. It already IS a nation standing on its own. And they don’t ask us to fight their war for them.

And if we give them the weapons and support they need they’ll defeat our worst enemy and the greatest threat to a rules-based international order.

Unlike Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan the Ukrainians don’t need our young men and women to fight for them. They can do the fighting themselves.

If we give them the weapons and support to do the job.

Larry Skow

To both you fools. Ukraine war is stagnated. Just nothing short of trench warfare. They won't drive the Russians out. So Dak D. Again i have explained it once. Biden has no courage nor intestinal fortitude to stand up to Putin--but that is hard when your son is paid off by Russians and one is on your knees with his face buried in Putin's Crotch. Not only that but when there was slight chance to drive Russians back. Biden would not let Ukraine have the MIGS from Poland. Why hasn't Biden put a bounty on Putin's head? Name his and goon's a terrorist organization--Biden has done nothing. V.P Harris is too stupid to comprehend what is going on. Heck USA is still importing Russian Goods daily. Worth hundreds of millions $$$--that gives Putin money to spend. The oil embargo/sanctions that been put in place is JOKE! Russia still selling oil at discount price--even Europe as whole is buying it. No one has given up the oil. Now So Dumb D do you get the drift? Course Biden can't say anything because his mouth is full in Putin's crotch and his wallet full of Putin's cash. By the way--Biden and all his military advisors should be charged with 13 counts of murder of the men/women killed in botched withdrawal of Afghanistan. They died needlessly. Hillary/Rice should stand trial as well for Benghazi. POLITICIANS LIE--YOUNG MEN DIE. What a waste.

Larry Skow

Also SoDarkD: This Ukraine invasion has its roots back to 2014 or so when Russia took Crimea back. Which if you remember Obama/Biden were great pretenders at being leaders then as well. Obama done ZERO/ZIP. At that time of things Biden likely still had a operating brain to think with and wasn't wearing adult depends. Turns out Biden's administration knew full well that Russia was going to invade Ukraine and that it wasn't winter games but scale up for invasion. KNEW this for 45 days! And done nothing! Putin owns BIDEN and you and rest of the democrats know this full well. Sanctions are a joke, Putin owns Europe over energy. Putin owns Biden/Clintons as well.

Mr. T

With all due respect, Mr. Scow, you don’t seem to be on top of what is happening in Ukraine.

The website of the think tank, Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is probably the most nonpartisan, reliable, and detailed source of war information with their nightly posts.

And the website of the “Kiev Independent” gives a clear rundown from the Ukrainian point of view.

You might be surprised how well the Ukrainians are doing with the support that the Biden Administration and our NATO allies are giving them.

PS Could you please see your way clear to cease the name-calling and sexual insults and try for a more balanced dialogue?

Surely you can’t think this makes you seem more credible.

Jolly Roger

❌❌❌ Mr. T, you misunderstand Mr. Scow’s “modus operandi.”

He says what he says to intentionally offend and “own the libs.” Nothing more.

He never defends his outrageous declarations, but just moves on to the next outrage. When he can’t think of anything, he hurls puerile sexual insults. On this level he’s quite good at what he does.

But the closest he ever comes to engaging in debate is to simply declare that “you’re wrong.”

Some of us who aren’t as tolerant of fools as you are make sport of engaging him to “own” the sensitive Mr. Scow. He’s proven surprisingly touchy over insults directed at him.

Typical for bullies who “can dish it out but can’t take it.”

But if you’re looking for “a more balanced dialogue” with him, you’re squandering your preternatural forbearance.


Why engage with an ignorant fool?


Of course, Larry, “Biden's administration knew full well that Russia was going to invade Ukraine.”

They told the world if you remember.

But knowing about it and being able to do something about it are two very different things.

You say a number of wild, random unsupported things on this forum. We’ve come to expect your ravings.

But now you’ve gone into writing in front of the entire Press & Dakotan readership and yet you still can’t back it up.

What should Biden have done?

All you can do is call names and regurgitate your usual scatelogical and sexual insults.

You’ve become this forum's “crazy uncle in the attic.”

Larry Skow

And it could of been stopped with cold hard line in the sand. Now it is nothing but modified trench warfare that will drag on for years. All the sanctions all the hot air we will make Putin pay for this is all just talk. Everyday more buildings get turned to rubble. We still buy millions of Russian products everyday. Russia's oil still gets sold to energy hungry countries. Biden and Euro leader's have accomplished nothing. Casualties mean nothing to Russia. Communist countries will and do put men on front lines and will shoot them if they turn back. No Euro leader or Biden has condemned the Waggner group hasn't named Russia a terrorist promoting country. The only winner in this is Iran. It could of been shut down with a set of steel balls. But Jill keeps Joe's locked up for safe keeping.


Come on, Larry. After repeatedly making this bold statement this is all you got? ⁉️“…it could of been stopped with cold hard line in the sand.”⁉️

What is this piece of bombast supposed to mean?

It sounds like something a bad parent would say: You behave now‼️ This time I really mean it‼️

Without stated consequences it’s an empty threat. I think our weaponry and intelligence speak much louder than your mealy mouthed “cold hard line.”

What a joke. 😏🙄🤷


This is really you, our “Mr. Tough Guy,” Larry Scow?

No wonder you resisted answering SoDak for so long, cupcake 🧁.

Remember what some of us learned on the playground long ago:

“Don’t let your alligator 🐊 mouth say things your hummingbird 🐦 a*ss can’t back up.”


This IS funny. Larry’s always telling some of us to “Write a letter to the Press & Dakotan!”

Then he writes this sad letter and can’t back up his main point! 🤣

The best he can come up with is some weak-kneed variation on, “Just you wait, you’ll be sorry!“ 🤦‍♀️🙄

He’s taking inspiration from our dearly-departed 💉🚫💉Antivax Abe.🦠

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