Faith and trust work with trustworthiness. Trust in God works because God keeps promises. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” “Lo, I am with you always.”

When 15,000-plus lies are spoken, perhaps untrustworthy? Mr. Trump’s speech days ago started the stock futures falling until he talked them down 2,300 points. Wall Street and corporations weren’t believing him.

Each day he has virus updates but does little: few ventilators, masks, tests, other equipment. Promises not kept. Lies. The virus potential was known three months prior but he did nothing. “Caught them by surprise,” he said. Moscow Mitch McConnell waited six days to do legislation — every second counts. People dying while Moscow Mitch and Trump fiddled. His “quick fix” malaria medicine has not been approved.

Promises kept by the Senate? Four members getting rich with insider info at the expense of the virus suffering. The Senate will try and enrich the “fat cats” more than the poor at the bottom. Moscow Mitch – more lies.

All citizens need to be able to trust government. Instead, promises are broken and lies are told. Anxiety? Thank God for governors.

Trump, Hannity and Limbaugh this week stopped calling the virus a hoax. Trump the source of “fake news,” “the Fox News weed patch/hate for profit” and Rush kept pumping out hoaxes — the Mueller report and impeachment. Not hoaxes, just lies by the three.

Mr. Thune and Mr. Rounds could have saved us from lies by impeachment, but they cover up.

Not all leaders are charlatans, but can be believed. My hero is Romney. I see no other heroes in the Trump Cult. Consider the presidential comfort speeches Mr. Biden has been giving. Remember the sweet words of the Chief Healer, Mr. Obama.

We can uplift and elect new leaders who keep promises. Remember hope in Jesus who “lived, died and rose again” in promise keeping.

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Larry Skow

Rev. Brandt I admire the fact you stick your name on a opinion an don't use a moniker to hide behind. But as far as lies go. you may want to back the truck up at least 100 years on political figures. But in this time community leaders such as your self should not point fingers an complain about what didn't get done. But fact remains Obama your great healer as you claim did not replace the 95 million N95 masks used out of the 2009 H1N1 national emergency. They were used in the swine flu epidemic. Even though it was suggested he do so He ignored doing so. Very likely that money was in the load of cash on the plane that he sent to Iran. That stockpile is where states can get their supplies from if so wish. They can also buy them on local market. 3M has plant in Aberdeen S Dak. But they were selling masks to foreign countries rather then supply USA first. Until Trumps shut that down yesterday. Also I pity you if your hero is Romney. I have seen first hand in Duchene Utah he an son Josh used the political power an CHURCH to protect a oilfield Brine disposal operation from adhering to environmental rules an regulation when they had money in that operation. Also did you realize the Romney family has ties to the group in Mexico where women an children were killed by cartels? Romneys grandfather started that clan. The group maintains citizen ship to reap the benefits of USA. Working in USA at high dollar oilfield jobs yet likely maintaining multiple families in Mexico. Maybe you need a new hero. Rev. Brandt time to stop pointing fingers, be a community leader in this time period. This may get worse before it gets better. Hurricane season is coming an the forecast is not good. Supposed to a above average number of hurricanes. Long past time to batten down the hatches an think USA first Time for both parties to work thru solutions. Plan ahead rather then this react to situation. The sky is not falling. Maybe a little low. But it is not falling. Maybe some good will come out of this speed bump in life. But only with strong community leadership. We are living in historic moment but the strong will survive. We all can learn to live with little less.


Wow. You used the Bible to trash our President...shame on you. I didn't Know the this was a place to spew hate & lies. May the lord correct your blindness & hate

E pluribus

It’ll be interesting to revisit everyone’s opinions after the total death number is clear.

Whether it’s very low because some of us were too pessimistic in judging this threat or astrometrical high because some of us ignored it - either way, it’ll be hard to spin a body count. Won’t it?

Larry Skow

E. Pluribus. Do you understand the Chinese govt. put a s[pin doctor on the real death/infected people in country? You wish to understand why Italy got infected the way it did. Fact is 100,000 Chinese work in that area in Italy's fashion industry. As they had all went back home to China for holiday's an came back to work after Chinese new year ended they brought it with them. Most were from Wuhan area. Italy has 23% very elderly people ages of 80 plus. So that is population it is hitting. Spain same factor on workers. As soon as China shut down air travel Trump put his team in place January 30. Bear in mind I believe this thing got its name around January 20 2020. give or take a few days. Let's ignore the fact this may be a bio war fare agent that escaped. As did SARS in 2009--twice in fact. OBAMA AN GROUP KNEW THAT AS WELL! They continued to kiss the Chinese a#$ the entire time. Now then our great grandfathers an grandfathers lived thru the Spanish flu an many deaths--they made it thru the dirty 30's an WWll. They survived the polio scourge an 1957 flu. Our fathers made it thru the 1968 Hong Kong flu. We made it thru the 2009 flu . We can stop pointing fingers an take the knots out of our underwear an untwist the panties. Maybe something good will come out of this in the end. Maybe we learned not to rely on manufacturing from another third world country. Maybe the politicians look out for average joe the USA citizen--If not vote them out. If you don't vote then one has given up the right to whine about things. No vote NO VOICE. This is just a speed bump in life. BUT it is our speed bump to deal with. Keep cool--move forward. No Whining allowed-- it annoys an takes away from the real tasks at hand. Live up to your moniker or get a new one that fits.

Jolly Roger

Hey Colorado Larry, so many words to say so little. No wonder the Greeley Tribune won’t print your letters anymore.

When you finish your disjointed meanderings with your many ALL CAPS pontifications, it’ll still be the numbers that finally tell us the truth.

Is 100,000 dead Americans a “Speed bump”? What about 200,000? Will that be a “Speed bump”?

What if more of us in America die than in any other country? Will that be a “Speed bump”? What if more people die than we lost in the Korean and Vietnam wars? Will that be a “Speed bump”?

You keep blessing us with your unique opinions, and I'll keep counting the sick and the dead.

Jolly Roger

You’re funny Larry. You have a lot of strong opinions but it’s hard to follow what you’re actually saying.

For example, you end your rambling response to E pluribus with a remark that you meant to be snarky, but instead, is just plain silly.

If I’m not mistaken, “E pluribus” means “out of many.” So when you tell him “Live up to your moniker,” what could that possibly mean? Isn’t every single human “out of many”? Even you.

Think hard, cupcake. I'm confident you’ll come up with something. Can’t wait to see it, ol’ buddy.


That's cool, write a stupid letter then you have the most comments to anyone who dare to comment. You're not going to change anyone's opinion so you might as well quit trying.

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