Last week, I watched the Yankton Police Department put on a town hall meeting on Facebook. I appreciate the department for using social media to talk about issues, keep us informed, read stories to kids, etc. During the meeting, I heard Chief Harris refer to the YPD as one of the very best police departments in the country. He didn’t say just OK. He said one of the very best. He’s been around. He knows.

I wrote a letter to the editor “What is the City thinking?” in January. A lot has changed since then. One thing that hasn’t changed is the City is still fighting the police union in court. They’ve paid attorneys instead of paying their officers (the very best). By the way, when Harris says “very best,” he’s referring to the quality of the officers, not their pay, which is just OK. I hope the City doesn’t spend thousands on another well-crafted salary study in order to tell me I’m wrong.

Officers are leaving departments around the country. Our officers can leave and make more money elsewhere. If just one officer leaves, who will replace them? Training new officers is very costly and time consuming. Support our current officers (the very best). Don’t just tell us, show us.

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Well said, sir. I can only add an AMEN. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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