A miracle happened on the infrastructure bill — bipartisanship! Mr. Biden had faith and hope that it would come to be — nearly 20 Trump Cult folks crossed the aisle. For years under Pharaoh, Moscow Mitch McConnell, nothing got done.

Not in South Dakota. Sens. Thune and Rounds didn’t vote for it. One hundred dams in S.D. — hazard potential. One in five bridges is structurally deficient. This legislation was for broadband, replacing lead pipes, highway repair, infrastructure items — many jobs. Add Kristi Noem and the three tried to take away healthcare from 23 million people.

Mr. Thune said it would raise the national debt, so no vote. He hasn’t minded raising it before — two unfunded wars and prescription drugs under Bush; rewarding his handlers, the top 1% of rich people, by giving them a tax windfall; raising the national debt $8 trillion under Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump said to vote against it because they are part of the big lie and, like Ms. Noem, plan for their political future, not the good of South Dakota. The other lie is the former Republican party is fiscally responsible. The Trump Cult gave us this deficit. It lowered under both Clinton and Obama.

One thousand assaults on Capital Police and several killed. Thune, Rounds and Johnson sweep it under the rug.

Mr. Thune whined about the XL pipeline cancellation. Carrying another country’s dirty oil, out-of-state workers, on a short-term basis, it amounted to about 30 full-time workers.

So, voting rights, minimum wage, gun safety, environment, etc., do you think there is a snowball’s chance of Thune and Rounds voting for the people?

When I write to them, I said, “Thou shalt not lie, kill or steal.” Expecting too much? They claim this is a God-fearing nation. For Christians, follow Jesus in the righteousness that He gives. Love God and neighbor as yourself. I look to Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life — the very opposite of lie, kill and steal.


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Rev. Brandt, apparently ALL of the "Biden Cult folks" had no independent thinkers at all since every one of them voted like sheep along party lines. I am echoing your line of prose that serves to divide rather than unite.


Wow Reverend, I guess you don't mind how this "infrastructure" bill is going to be paid for as you sit on land and have a church and maybe a parsonage that is tax free and drive a car tax free, you don't have to worry too much about that now, do you? It's always just the republicans that spend money and never pay for it, the democrats never do, they love god, country and everyone in it, only looking out for what is best for you and me, what a bunch of fools you are. So to pay for it, you raise taxes on the rich, you will get them, won't you Rev., make them pay their fair share. Wait, the rich own business, run corporations, supply things that us middle class people buy, I know you don't believe it, but when the rich pay more in taxes, they don't get poorer, everyone else does, because the rich just raise the costs of what they are making or providing and we end up paying higher prices, but how dare they be rich, that isn't fair, is it Rev? With inflation rising, this will do nothing more than raise it even more, all the economists are saying it except those on Joe's payroll. Read the flippin' bill, this is a social infrastructure bill, you aren't going to get your bridges fixed because of it, the democrats have said for years they are here to help you Rev. and nothing ever gets better, it all gets worse. Look at all the democratically run states and cities, they are a complete mess and failure, it is because of democratic policies, not Trump's, who by the way isn't president anymore, remember Joe and Kamala, I know it is hard to remember because you never hear from them. The democrats do nothing but tax and spend, you know it and everyone knows it. I am so thankful we live in a state with a strong governor, she does a great job, I know I know, having a surplus is a bad thing right Rev., we should be millions in debt to the Chinese, after all, that is how Joe likes it, so we should all do the same. Get real.


And voting rights Rev., you are just mad that the republicans are trying to make it harder for the liberals to vote only once, that would sure be a travesty, wouldn't it? And you write people and tell them thou shalt not kill? You can't be too good of a democratic if you don't believe abortion is ok, or maybe you are ok with it as well, seems odd a man of God would be in favor of killing babies, I must be wrong about that. I guess if our great president, who is a top notch catholic according to him, is ok with killing babies, you must be too because you have to go along with Joe, I see your logic now. I am no reverend, and correct me if I am wrong, but I think God frowns on killing babies too, but correct me if I am wrong on that reverend.


Voice For All, [thumbup]. Bless you!

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