I’m writing in regard to cellphone users who use their phones while driving. Some people can’t stop using their phones no matter where they are. Years ago, people didn’t have them and there weren’t as many accidents and deaths as there are now.

My son and granddaughter were in an accident caused by a driver talking on her cellphone. The car was totaled. Thankfully, they weren’t hurt too bad. I was riding with someone who was talking on his cellphone and not paying close attention to the road. He ran into a car. We weren’t hurt, but the car was damaged.

Five years ago, my car was rear-ended by a 15-year-old boy. I was traveling west on Highway 50. There was a truck pulling a flatbed that wanted to turn south. He was stopped so naturally I stopped behind him. Finally, he was able to turn south. I was ready to start moving when I felt a hard jolt. I was rear-ended! I got out of my car, went over to the sports car that hit me and noticed his cellphone on his lap; I bet he had been talking on it.

The cars weren’t damaged too badly, but I am still suffering with pinched nerves on my sides, back and legs. I used to be a fast walker; I’d walk a mile every other day. Now I can hardly walk two blocks, and I have a lot of pain. I had to use a walker for a long time. I use a cane now, and I probably will have to use it for the rest of my life. I don’t think that he had any injuries, as I read in the paper that he was playing sports. I also hold his parents responsible for letting their 15-year-old son drive a car. I might never be able to walk like I used to walk!

Please don’t talk on your cellphone while driving! If you think you have to answer it, pull over to the side of the road. I’m living with the results of what can happen. Please put the phone down. You might save a life!

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It used to be you only had to worry about the parents turning around and telling the screaming kids in the back to shut up, instead of pulling off the road and giving them something to really scream about. Or, teens and adults on booze, now they add Meth at the same time. If they cannot stay off the phone to not kill someone, at least they can do it with style with a bluetooth.

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