Citizens, when do we say enough is enough? On the city side: Water rates, sewer, library, new grade school, school opt-out, Chamber/YAPG, Boys and Girls Club, Summit Center, Fox Run Golf Course and a new pool? On the county side: Tax opt-out, wheel tax, bridge and roads, end of lawsuits and Chamber/YAPG?

People cannot afford any more taxes. Enough is enough for more taxes for both the city and county budgets.

The county budget is around $12 million and the city budget is around $57 million. You give them an extra dollar and they will spend it. THE PROBLEM is no planning has been done on the future impact of these projects. For every dollar siphoned off in tax dollars, the economy shrinks by $4 as those dollars don’t turn. Economic development was dismal before the pandemic and now it is even worse.

Look at our retail situation. Have we had any new employers locate in Yankton? Look at all the undeveloped property that has been off tax rolls for at least 10 years.

Remember this: All these projects cost money and you, the taxpayer, will pay for them. Can you afford a 40% increase in property taxes? Can our farmers? YOU DON’T THINK IT CAN HAPPEN … but push a pencil to the total dollar amount and you find it could be true.

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