President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. Seventeen dead people (at this writing) yell otherwise. Lies come from the White House about the number of people sick, when we will have a vaccine, and statements at odds with scientists/docs. How many will die as a result?

He called the Mueller report a hoax. So did John Thune and Mike Rounds. Now Mr. Barr is being investigated for his part in the lie. Trump called the impeachment a hoax. So did Thune and Rounds. They voted to not hold him accountable for his lies and are part of the cover up. Please resign!

I write to our senators, “Thou shalt not lie, kill or steal.” They send letters to me with lies, stealing and supporting killing — of immigrants at the border, of Kurds, of people in Iran, of keeping people off health care. I call them on it.

Newspapers have credited Trump with 15,000+ lies since election. The Bible talks of the prince of lies. Jesus talks about not being able to serve two masters.

Saying I follow Trump and the Constitution is an oxymoron, even a lie!

God has called me to follow Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life. To follow Jesus is to walk in his way, to see the truth and have life abundantly. Quite at odds with lying, killing and stealing.

Since the death of the Republican Party, and the evolution of the Trump Cult, lies, etc. are the accepted order of the day — at odds with God and the American Constitution. A cult is led by a human being and right and wrong become the determination of the Cult leader, in this case lawlessness.

So, how can one serve two masters? I love following Jesus because he sets me free to love God and humans with all the energy God intended. What a ride!

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Amen , Thank you. It took courage to speak out and I’m sure you will be criticized for doing so. In addition to his lies, he and his administration, continue to endanger all of us by past actions as well. Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer abruptly departed from his post leading the global health security team on the National Security Council in May 2018 amid a reorganization of the council by then-National Security Advisor John Bolton, and Ziemer’s team was disbanded. Tom Bossert, whom the Washington Post reported “had called for a comprehensive biodefense strategy against pandemics and biological attacks,” had been fired one month prior. That is just the tip of the iceberg .

Unfortunately, the Republican Party of the great President Eisenhower, is dead.


Hey brant, Shut up. Why dont you focus some of your energy into helping out the poor or visiting the shut ins. All you do is complain and write letters to the elected officials. Time not well spent as a rev



Might as well look for a few laughs.

Polls show that Republicans take the coronavirus much less seriously than Democrats.

So here is a new conspiracy theory.

The right wing has been expert at “owning the Libs” with their exaggerations or outright lies. The intention is - not to persuade - but to instead goad “liberal snowflakes” into paroxysms of pointless righteous indignation.

This new conspiracy turns this paradigm on its head. It goes like this:

The libs and the leftist media are exaggerating the very real threat of the coronavirus. Not because it isn’t true, but because they know Trumpsters will dismiss it and continue to shake hands and gather closely in groups as modeled by the Donald himself.

As Trumpsters get sick and die, the prospects for a Democratic sweep in November improve.

Not saying it’s true, but you first heard it here.


God has sent this plague to spread His Justice among the unbelieving heathen. The truth of this is exemplified by our Chosen One who gathers his flock about him closely and confidently extends his hand to see who dares grasp it.

He need not fear this pestilence. Nor should any righteous follower of The True Christianity.


There is no reason to believe a word that comes from the Dump administration about the coronavirus or anything. When you stand in front of the American people and straight up lie for three years you don't deserve the benefit of the doubt.


My gawd. I domt Know where you get your information but you should definitely find a different one. You sound like the CNN propaganda pundit

Larry Skow

rev. Brandt is titled to his opion. But he should do so without the title of Rev. In it. Church an state must be kept separate. As far as Trumps "lies". There is vaccine in test stage now. No one could of prepared for this. It didn't even have a name until mid Jan. Now then since the good preacher an his buddy the GiftofMAGA are so much above us peons. Surly God must of enlightend them as to what was coming but evidently they didn't spread the alarm! Shame on you. An when a vaccine comes about I would bet money they will fight to be first in line. They not going to run the risk of meeting the maker first hand so early in life. Stop spreading hate an discontent regardless of what it is. They nailed the first perfect guy to a cross---so the story goes. An I doubt you two have holes in your hands. Pandemics occur every so many years. 1968-70/2009 come to mind Steady as she goes people. Man kind will survive

Jolly Roger

tvovt10, I liked your earlier suggestion, “we could tax churches to help pay the bills.”

Christianity has become just a bunch of SUPER PACS that get to hide behind their clerical collars to push their political ideas on the rest of us with their tax exempt money.

We are actually paying the followers of Christ to propagandize us with their political leanings. Rev. Brandt is unique only because he’s a lone liberal in a sea of right wing clerics acting as pundits.

Seems to me the vast majority of outspoken Christian clergy are Trumpsters. Should they shut up too?

Larry Skow

Rev. Brandt. You speak about Trump an Lies. An I not saying he is perfect. But What about Hillery/Pelosi/.Schiff/Biden/Bernie an that cast of democrats that have haunted the scene for last 30 years? Also to the good Preacher an his buddy the Great Gift. Why don't you two fight for a just cause? Lets say fight to change the south Dakota law that prevents victims of church abuse to seek justice. Lead the fight to change injustices gentlemen. What are you afraid of? That the victims would finally get their just reward an it may take some pieces of silver from the church coffers? Also seems no Preacher or any one close to the church wants to answer the simple question. IF MONEY IS ROOT OF ALL EVIL. WHY DO CHURCHS HAVE SO MUCH? Preacher Brandt/Great Gift I defer the pulpit to you. Beware of false Flags indeed!


Yep. Exactly


I guess Everyone can be a minister. But you spew that garbage....Democrats are unbelievable out of their minds


How anyone can still swallow all the dangerous lies that the lier in residence spews out daily is incredulous.

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