To the governor of South Dakota and the people who elected her:

We plan to make our next family vacation a road trip through Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Because of the governor’s and other leaders’ response to COVID-19, particularly over the July 4th weekend, we have decided that, on our trip, we will gas up in Nebraska and then drive non-stop through South Dakota to get to North Dakota. We will donate the money we would have spent in South Dakota ($500) to an indigenous people’s charity. That may not sound like the kind of money that would have an impact on the governor’s future behavior but if enough other families would do something similar, it could make a difference.

And for those who say we are taking money out of the hands of South Dakotans, let me suggest that you think about this kind of consequence the next time you vote.

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This letter is liberal propoganda that changes no ones mind on either side. Don't agree with our Governor, then don't spend money in our state. This Colorado person is obviously making more of a political statement than anything. They don't like Trump, so they refuse to support a state that hosts him. I am sure SD will do just fine without your $500 taxable money. By the way, for every 1 person not coming to SD because of nonsensical reasoning, we get 1 or more that will come because of sensible reasoning. I truly hope you don't get in a medical emergency while driving through SD, may cost alot more than $500, so you are taking a chance, in paying a lot of money in SD, by driving through SD. The leftist ideology is getting very tiring and will only help ensure a Trump win in November. So, actually, I owe you a thank you for your support in helping Trump win, Coloradoan!

Tena T.

Thank you Colorado. I am sure your donation will be put to good use. As for the Gov of SD and the prez, karma has a funny way of working. Strange how the people who support them can't seem to understand the true urgency of the situation. Stay safe and use a mask. Like you we will be leaving to another state for our vacations this year where they have a more realistic view of this virus.

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