Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Jesus was truth, the way and life.

In our religions, we look to sacred writings for truth. Brave patriots, public servants, testified truthfully in the impeachment hearings. So much non-truth.

What is truth? I wouldn’t go to “Fox News weed-patch” for truth. Others say “hate for profit.”

I’ve told farmers they don’t farm that way. They go after every weed, yet in Fox News, they combine every weed seed and bin “fool’s grain.”

Systemic sexual misconduct. Roger Ailes, former (Fox) president, made and broke careers based on sexual servicing. Note Gretchen Carlson’s $20 million settlement. Bill O’Reilly had misconduct suits aplenty and negotiated a $33 million contract that he could not be fired unless convicted in a court. Is Fox still paying him? At least half a dozen other execs and anchors were guilty. And it continues today. They persecute Lisa Page of the FBI. Rotten from the inside out — an affront to women. And, inventor of “fake news,” Mr. Trump, uses them for publicity and cockeyed stories. “Fair and balanced” is a lie!

When talking to Fox News watchers, I am struck by how little folks really know, only Trump Cult explanations. Their viewers should not be conned. Whether “Putin Parroting” or Trump phrases/conspiracy theories, there is not much to discuss/learn. I can always tell a total Fox News viewer.

I urge folks to view one-third of CNN, MSNBC and Fox so as not to be imprisoned by untrue propaganda. You deserve to be free.

We’re in the spirit of Christmas celebrating the truth of Jesus. Why would we abandon truth and sing for Trump “Crown him with many crowns”? He is not a king or my god. Jesus is Lord and King. Kudos to Christianity Today for backbone.

Jesus is my truth. Following Him exposes lies/liars.

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Danny boy, You liberal Snowflakes don’t get it. Christians finally have their Religious liberty to reject all the people God rejects. And when Trump gets elected again, that will include you and your miserable kind. Maybe we’ll get to revive the Inquisition and finish the job true Christians started so long ago.


Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! Look at this Christian Sharia goon.


Its the Revolting Danny Brandt! We all love your blather. How about that Matt Lauer huh, or Fredo, or Lemonhead. All have sinned . . . well not you of course. What's the abortion count up to now?

E pluribus

Actually, Iman, Abortion has dropped to record low levels, thanks to increased access to contraception. Just another indication that things are getting better and not worse. Don’t let the “perfect” blind you to the “possible.” Progress is better than pessimism.


”Suffer the little (brown) children...” If we take toddlers away from their mothers (who are just rapists, terrorists and drug dealers, anyway), we can make the USA a white Christian country as God and the Constitution intended. “Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war...”


Trump is our Messiah! Onward to Iran, Christian soldiers! God is on our side!! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-says-we-have-god-on-our-side-in-2020-election-as-soleimanis-bloody-rampage-comes-to-an-end

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