Please restore some dignity to the once-venerable P&D by demanding the S.D. Newspaper Association and The Associated Press finally take some efforts to bring to light the association of Hunter, Jim and Joe Biden and Chinese businessmen and a $10 million deal.

Russia, Russia? The former Naval officer who worked for Hunter and Jim Biden on a $10 million deal with the Chinese told Fox News Oct. 27 he personally met with Joe Biden twice and that 10 percent of their collective deal was for the “big guy” which meant Joe Biden. He says he now fears for his life, does not live at home with his family and has a Seal team guarding his family at home.

You appear to be complicit by not seeking the truth about the Hunter Biden laptap and phone messages which have been in the hands of the FBI for a year.

Owners of Twitter and Facebook have taken vast strides to suppress the Biden scandal by halting the Twitter account of the New York daily paper which brought this scandal to light.

Everybody knows the media has become a collective mouthpiece for Democrats. The P&D splashed the alleged, and now-proven-to-be-baseless, “Russia, Russia” allegations against President Trump at every opportunity.   

Now it is time for the Press and Dakotan to be similarly “responsible” in this arena, even if it goes against your personal, political beliefs.

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Just another goofy giuliani conspiracy theory. Just last week one of his gang pled guilty. I've had my fill of good whining and bad lying. Obama was born in Kenya remember...Qanon...


Mr. Van Osdel, I applaud you for writing a question we should all have and stating your opinion even though, on the Press and Dakotan site, you are sure to get a written lashing from the intolerant. This and many other controversies are quickly swept under the rug by the MSM. It's folks like you that are tired of that happening and are finally standing up and asking the questions the slanted media won't. I don't care what your political beliefs are, or even who you vote for, but there are questions on both sides that should be answered. Be prepared for the "But Trump did this and that" etc etc...



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