How might the most patriotic celebration ever of the Fourth of July look? People of faith, get into your holy books and everyone into the Constitution.

Get rid of Fox News Weed Patch and social media cesspool of lies and conspiracies.

We barely dodged losing our democracy Jan. 6. There are false prophets and false gods who get between God and us and democracy and us.

God tells us to love, yet we’re conditioned to hate. Don’t mask. Don’t vaccinate. People leave their lifelong churches — doubt has been sown everywhere. Don’t commit adultery, but we OK payments to prostitutes. We’re told to tell the truth, yet we believe and repeat big and little lies. Our discipleship becomes politically shaped, not God shaped. “Because you are neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” Rev. 3

We are not to prey on the vulnerable, yet Gov. Noem’s/Trump’s words and attitudes toward transgender and LGBTQ are calloused. Do you know how many transgender suicides there have been in South Dakota in five years? God loves the LGBTQ.

Patriotic. “Moscow Mitch” McConnell. Mr. Thune spent a Fourth of July in Russia.

In church, we clear the decks, all “in bondage to sin” and all forgiven. Yet Thune, Rounds and Noem model racism in treatment of others/Mr. Obama. Black lives don’t matter. Keep the vote from people of color. Keep the truth of Jan. 6 from people. Don’t help people in need. Top 1% count.

E pluribus unum. From many one. Starts with God who makes all of us one family. But it continues with our nation. From many one. One nation, under God, indivisible, liberty and justice for all.

How we are lifted up when God frees us to love, respect and serve. How we are lifted up in freedom to be a healthy democracy, not fascist or autocratic.

Most patriotic? God and Constitution — powerful stuff.

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What is left out of this rant is how the Reverend's great and dear democratic party support and pay for abortions, the killing of innocent children, why wouldn't a Reverend post a comment about how horrible this is, that a President and a whole democratic party support these types of killings, but you have to make sure you point out how bad everyone else is for not supporting the LGBTQ community. How does a Reverend support a party that supports killing innocent, unborn children? Maybe take the mouthpiece's of the democratic party off the air, CNN and MSNBC, and not just Fox? Keep up the good fight Reverend, know that God loves everyone, even if they don't support the LGBTQ community, heck, he even loves the people that support abortion, and I don't have to be a Reverend to know that.

Gimmy A. Breake

At most “VoiceforAll” speaks for 30 percent.

For everyone else, it’s without their consent

From dubious sources his wisdom is drawn

One thing is certain, he’ll “go on and on…”


Just a quick fact check:

Thune went to Russia over the 4th of July back in 2018....

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