An open letter to Sens. Thune and Rounds:

The Constitution of the United States allows for citizens to elect a new President every four years. On Nov. 3, an election was held and there was a clear winner. Mr. Biden won the election by well over 5 million popular votes and received 306 votes from the Electoral College. This, by the way, is the same number of electoral votes Mr. Trump had in defeating Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump has publicly stated on more than one occasion both before and now after the election that he will refuse to concede the presidency. Some of his office staff has said on more than one occasion that he will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

Do you have any plans to inform Mr. Trump that, according to our Constitution, he will not be inaugurated in January? His refusal to work with Mr. Biden and begin the transition of power is putting our nation at great risk during the greatest crisis in our nation’s history.

South Dakota already has a witnessed massive void in leadership due to not facing reality. The denial of the virility of COVID-19 is killing the people of our state at an alarming rate.

On the national level, Mr. Trump is neglecting the future of our nation while he golfs, tweets and watches television.

It’s time we have at least someone who will read the president’s daily briefs. Senators, please tell Mr. Trump to allow for the transition to proceed. Votes can still be counted during this process. The outcome will not change. The future of our country is at stake. Act!


NOTE: The statements expressed here-in are those of the writer and not those of the American Red Cross and in no way are endorsed by the Red Cross organization, its employees, volunteers, or donors.

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im not sure there is a clear winner yet. which states have certified the vote?

USA Strong

I think it’s pretty clear


"Not sure there is a clear winner"? Stop with the nonsense. The ONLY people spouting that baloney is Trump and his cult. It is quite clear to everyone else. However, if you are watching FOX, OANN or the brand new NewsNetwork, I can see why you might think there is still a question about who won. I hope when this is all over that the leadership for those channels are charged with sedition. They are purposefully disseminating incorrect, fraudulent information in an obvious attempt to confuse the Cultists and sow disillusionment within the same group. You are all being used and lied to - why you can't see that for yourself is beyond me.


Thank you. Well said.

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