Amid all the apocalyptic caterwauling about global warming, I read a blasé article on page 2 of the Aug. 27 edition of the Press & Dakotan titled “Vegetation Control Slated to Begin.” In the article, it states, “Spraying will involve glyphosate and imazapyr herbicides, both approved for aquatic use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

Really? Spraying sandbars in the upper portion of Lewis and Clark Lake near Springfield? To give the Piping Plovers a place to nest? What about the piping people around here who get their drinking water from Lewis and Clark Lake?

You know those ads on television that tell us about herbicides causing cancer? Those are two of the chemicals they’re talking about!

If you want to be taken seriously, get serious and pay attention to your own knitting. I have no idea if those chemicals are safe or not, or if your apoplectic predictions regarding climate change are true. The only thing I know for sure is that I can’t take any of it seriously.

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Do you care when those chemicals --and others-- end up in the lake from ag runoff or residential runoff? what about manure? Do you care about manure runoff? Oh wait, you can't mention ag runoff because then you might get labelled as being anti-ag. Much safer to be anti-wildlife.


If we reject the scientific evidence, then we have no basis to understand either climate change or the effects of herbicides and fertilizers on our drinking water.

The scientific evidence of human-caused climate change is both clear and convincing.

The health effects of imazapyr and glyphosate:


I just don't care.[whistling]


Given that all of your comments indicate you don't give a [censored] about anything, you don't need to spell it out.


oh come on now . . . . let's see that big smile . . . . .

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