It’s time that mandatory vaccine requirements be issued for all possible segments of the work force in South Dakota.

With only slightly over one-half of our adult population vaccinated, we have a long way to go in developing “herd immunity” in South Dakota.

The governor has shown a complete failure of leadership in this regard. Gov. Noem has denied the success of the vaccination programs nationwide and has ignored the valid and proven data showing the scientific support for the nationwide vaccination programs. Instead, she has clung to the misinformation supported by the Trump program, the “Big Lie.”

This failure to accept proven scientific data is truly a disservice to the people of South Dakota and has caused a significant number of South Dakota deaths. Gov. Noem needs to admit her mistakes and lack of knowledge in this regard.

The governor needs to order an executive proclamation to require vaccination in all eligible areas within the state jurisdiction, in state jobs and cooperating private employers. In this way we can undo some of the damage that has been caused.

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Jolly Roger

❌👍❌🦠🦠🦠 ⚰️⚰️⚰️ GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS

The Delta Variant is killing America’s unvaccinated holdouts. This surely bears repeating. This is BAD news.

But there’s GOOD news, too: The Delta Variant is killing younger and younger Americans. Our pediatric hospitals are filling up with young Covid-19 patients.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But there’s a silver lining to this.

Many of us already got vaccinated. So now it’s mostly unvaccinated parents and their kids who are dying. Stupidity is slowly exiting the American gene pool!

If you believe Covid is a hoax, send your kids to school without a mask. And when your kids are old enough for the vaccine, gently but firmly forbid it.

You’re making our species smarter. Here’s to your sacrifice!! 🍻

Oh, before I forget - wasn’t it a great time at Sturgis? 🦠 🏍 🦠 I appreciate what our Governor is doing for the improvement of the species! She’ll probably run as Donald Trump's Vice President!

She’s certainly earned it.


Well said


How embarrassing for you, once the truth erupts throughout the country. You continue to blabber the same lies. Idiocy on parade.

USA Strong

Absolutely! Time for State government to step in with mask and certain vaccination mandates. This has been political far too long


One word: Nuremburg


President Trump and his wife are both vaccinated and have encouraged vaccinations from the very start. Seems like the only person with mis-information here is you. :)


So are you just trolling us or have you followed Trump's message? Are you vaccinated?

And why are so many Trump supporters refusing to get the shot. Don’t you know that the main figures on Fox News are railing against the vaccine?

Maybe you’re not MISinformed, but you seem UNinformed.

USA Strong

Former President Trump


JollyR, your posting is so cynical - even by your standards.

But please reconsider. Doesn’t South Dakota need stupid people? They serve useful purposes. And some of my favorite relatives are stupid. Family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without them.

Other countries incentivize folks to get vaccinated. In Germany they’re offering free sausages.

What if we gave a generous basket of chislic with each vaccination? Wouldn’t that help preserve a critical portion of our lovable but cognitively-challenged family, friends and neighbors?

We could even throw in some cheese curds. Or a Buffalo steak for the adventurous. And why not kolaches for dessert?

This would be cheaper than having all these folks in our hospitals and morgues.

And have you noticed how expensive hospital stays and funerals have become? Don’t South Dakotans like to save money? The shot costs $25 a pop. Vaccines requiring two doses - $50 total. A bargain.

Especially since the dead pay less in taxes than Donald Trump.

Maybe Kristi likes chislic. Whatever. But this policy could be a real fiscal winner.

And maybe I’ll see Uncle Wilber this Thanksgiving.


You can laugh now. You have less than two years to do so. Get your house in order, Dead Man Talking.

Jolly Roger

Oh, here’s something I know Abe will support.

All you South Dakotan anti-vaxers out there - don’t forget to get your supply of ivermectin, that horse dewormer medication that works so well to cure the coronavirus. Even more reliable than hydroxychloroquine!

The evil money-grubbing pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about this cheap, effective cure. Abe has warned us about this. Get your supply today! Comes with a “lifetime” guarantee!

Don’t be alarmed by the Fake News. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity swear by it. Haven’t you heard them on Fox?

Trust them - Mississippi health officials are lying when they whine that “at least 70% of the recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center have been related to ingestion of ivermectin.” The DEEP STATE extends even deep into Mississippi.

As the coronavirus cases overwhelm their hospitals, how fortunate those informed citizens of Mississippi have seen this truth.

Abe, please help me push this miracle cure!

Concerned & Proactive American

When you give the government the right to control your own body then you are no longer Free. Start with this vaccine... next is Allow politics to decide which women Must have an abortion, which People Must be Sterilized, which Elderly Must be Euthanized. It Begins Today.. Stand Up and say No to Government Control that is leading down this path.




South Dakota has the highest Covid-19 case increase per 100,000 residents in the nation. We have for the past two weeks. We’re number one!

The COVID storm is brewing. You don't need a weatherman to predict it. It’s already begun.

The nation’s hospitals and morgues overflow with unvaccinated people. They thought the plague was a hoax. And now the angel of death no longer passes over the young ones.

Loving mothers and fathers send their precious children to school unmasked as innocent sacrifices to their parents' twisted patriotism. Our friends and loved ones refuse to get the vaccine and call it freedom.

“Give me Liberty or give me Death” is the suicidal battle cry of a macabre madness. And the darkness closes in around us, impervious to common sense.

Survival is a regretful, deathbed afterthought.


No children are dying - only vaccinated folks are.

It’s all Fake News! Do the research. And I don’t mean listen to the traitors at Fox News.

George Soros is paying the socialists to send their kids to pretend they have COVID and overwhelm the hospitals.

Trump will soon be reinstated when the Arizona recount sets off a wave of recounts unmasking the stolen election! MAGA!!



All truth here. When will the sheeple start to wake up?


Wait! What?

You think you speak common sense? Making a chemical injection mandatory?Prove to us that it does any true vaccinating... we will wait for ANY evidence that proves any of them stop covid. Explain to us why there are secret proprietary ingredients - and what they are/what their purpose is. Please help us understand why any of the covid hoax should be taken at face value, as it has been pushed through the corporate media.

Make us choose and you will lose.


I believe this is the land of the free - not a communist dictatorial regime. Not that I object to shots, but please don't take freedom away and read your constitution again. Thank you.

Friedrich Farmer

Abe, Please. Nowhere in your alarmist hyperbole are you telling us who are all those people filling up our hospitals if they are not the unvaccinated among us.


Show me a hospital that is overwhelmed. I'll wait.

Friedrich Farmer

ME2, if you don’t object to shots, do you nonetheless object to seatbelt laws and traffic signals?

Do the children in your family refuse to get the childhood vaccinations that most schools have been requiring for attendance for decades?

Please explain your inconsistency here or reassure us that you object to all of our government’s rules.

Abe, Please. Nowhere in your alarmist hyperbole are you telling us who are all those people filling up our hospitals if they are not the unvaccinated among us.


Shot=death. Watch it unfold this Fall and Winter.


Fascinating! I just noticed that Mr. Billion’s letter is exactly the same one he sent to the Springfield Times a week or two ago.

Some guy named Stu Cvrk claiming Springfield as his address (he’s not a local) wrote a long response with misinformation about Covid.

Most likely this Mr. Cvrk will soon send his rebuttal letter to the P&D.

He makes Abe, Larry Scow and VoiceforAll look like liberals.

It will be very interesting to see if the Press & Dakotan publisher prints his falsehoods in the middle of our surging pandemic.

Tin Foil Fred

How right you are, Concerned & Proactive American. Our children should be able to attend school without being vaccinated for ANY of the so-called “Childhood diseases.”

Worse, our Communist socialist liberal Democratic government that wants to control our minds wouldn’t allow me to get a driver's license without getting corrective glasses.

They forced me to take a vision test and then when they said I failed, they refused to give me the right to drive my own car‼️

They’re controlling my body just so the optometrists lobby can make their evil masters rich!

COVID vaccines are just one more way Americans have lost our Constitutional right to do whatever we d*mn well please.

Friedrich Farmer

Come on, Abe. Even FoxNews is reporting on hospitals being overwhelmed.

Are they FAKE NEWS too?

You’re seeming less and less serious. Are you actually doing a parody of a conspiracy nut, and I’m just too unsophisticated to get it?

Gimmy A. Breake

Abe, your words need no twisting. They’re just disbelievable.

Only swallowed by chumps so easily deceivable.

Most of us laugh at your earnest madness.

But the deaths of the gullible are cause for much sadness.


Abe, Folks keep asking you, “Why are so many unvaccinated people overwhelming our hospitals?”

But your only response is always some variation on “Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.”

You really don’t have an answer to this question, do you?

Or when do you reveal you’re really just trolling us all as part of some weird joke with your friends. Surely you’ve won your bet by now.


Until the maker of the prick can be held responsible for any short term and long term damage, it should not be mandatory.

Jolly Roger

Great, LKAS! Did you know? You can now support mandatory vaccines!

The Pfizer vaccine has been given full approval so it’s legal liability will be the same as any other drug manufacturer.

(Don’t you watch anything but FoxNews?)

Concerned & Proactive American

100% Correct - LKAS


BigSky, did you try Googling Springfield’s Stu Cvrk guy? Fascinating. Give it a try and see what you find.

I’m thinking he’s among us posting as “Abe.” Their fantasies are almost identical.


Jolly Roger -- Did you know that no vaccine maker can be held liable for any adverse reaction that their shots cause since the 1980s? They are calling this shot a vaccine so that it falls under the no liability clause.


For vaxxed liberals dying from the flu this Fall because they wrecked their own immune systems, dying won't be the worst part... admitting we were right will be.


Abe, Folks keep asking you, “Why are so many unvaccinated people overwhelming our hospitals?”

But your only response is always some variation on “Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.”

You really don’t have an answer to this question, do you?


JUST IN - Corona not the cause of death in 80 percent of official covid deaths reported in Germany since early July, according to Prof. Dr. Bertram Häussler, head of the independent health research institute IGES in Berlin (WELT)

I guess that PCR test is bunk, huh?

Jolly Roger

Right, LKAS. The Pfizer vaccine has been given full approval so it’s legal liability will be the same as any other drug manufacturer.

So why are you holding this vaccine to a different standard?

I guess this means you and your family have refused all other vaccines. Is this true? That would help me understand your position.

I can’t help thinking you’ve made a deadly miscalculation. But at least your actions would be consistent with your words.


You're about to see what happens when the vast majority of a free country collectively realizes that their pharmaceutical industry is designed to keep them sick for profit and could care less who suffers or dies by doing so.

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