Our country is in danger of being destroyed due to the apathy of her citizen patriots. We’re no longer governed as a nation dedicated to the adherence of the biblical principles that made this nation great and prosperous. Instead, we are governed by an administration of radicalized people intent on its transformation into an American version of Marxism/Communism. We’re at risk of losing our freedoms and our destiny as a God-fearing, favored nation if we continue down this path.

Contrary to those who push Critical Race Theory and work to redefine our history, this nation saw its beginning with the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Our enemies are working hard to separate our “Declaration” from our “Constitution” to help further their radical Marxist agenda.

If you read the Declaration, you’ll discover that we declared “independence from” England and declared our “dependence” on the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. The men who made this declaration knew full well the resistance they would meet with this declaration, and still, they were willing to pledge everything for their freedoms.

As an American citizen, I’m offended by the “tolerant/holier-than-thou” Marxists that create division in our country by their “intolerance” of thought and speech when it comes from a conservative. I’m offended, as an individual, when I’m seen only by my race, color, sex or creed. I’m offended by the ingratitude of those who seek to transform our history, our culture, our beliefs, our speech and our rights. This is not what I want for my country and I know plenty of other patriots who don’t want this transformation either.

It’s time to be honest and truthful about what’s going on. Know the real history of our founding. Our founders were not perfect but they knew their cause was just. They were men of great faith and courage. Most lost their wealth and many lost their lives for this country. For our children and future generations, let us not squander what we’ve been given. We must stand up now and face down the tyranny that is socialism, Marxism and communism.

Choose freedom!

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Sadly, those who need to understand your message are already brainwashed. We must continue to stand against the tyranny and train our children to know and defend the truth.



Gimmy A. Breake

Nebraska’s “Karen“ is deeply offended

The American experiment it is about to be ended

And all she can see through her dark prism

Is the McCarthy-like threat of Communism

And yes, our Fathers took a noble stand

As Black folks worked the Indian land

Forget all that. Some have a brimming cup

And the rest will just have to suck it up

But there is still is hope in this threatening weather

Most folks know we’re in this together

Families and friends seek understanding communion

As our nation struggles toward a more perfect union




Beautifully said Karen, thank you for saying what you said, it is so true. And of course, right out of the shoot, the Marxist you point out come out from behind the dark veil given to them by the democratic party and start tearing you down. The scariest thing to them is the truth so start throwing jabs and insults to detract away from the truth. Thank God there are people like you still around, fighting for this country, because the so called perfect union that some call it is not the union we have known for over 200 years but one of tearing down the true hard working, county loving people of this great nation and giving their hard work and money to those that only want to sit back and criticize those that are doing the work and keeping this county running. Thanks again Karen.



Red Cloud

How oppressed you poor immigrants are.

White Grievance whines in many voices.

Jon Wick

What a surprise, Red Cloud playing the race card again.

Jolly Roger

How adorably naive.

Mr. Voice pens his last words blissfully unaware he lives in the mendicant state of South Dakota that happily receives more of the nation’s tax dollars than it’s citizens pay in Federal taxes.

Do a little research yourself, Schnooki. You keep making a righteous fool of yourself.

Jon Wick

Oh Jolly, you of all people calling someone else naive. Hilarious! I was surprised to see you use the word "mendicant". That's a pretty big word for someone as intellectually challenged as you. Did the Flying Spaghetti Monster give you that one? Now Jolly, did the topic of taxes have anything to do with Karen's letter? No, it did not. So Schnooki, stay on topic and maybe you can quit making a self-righteous fool of yourself.


@ Jon Wick, the only fool I see here is you, Karen Hochstein and those that agree with her attrociuos views. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are a loving person. You aren`t, you are a hateful bigot. I`m simply calling you out. I`m just thankful I have never met you, it would be a total WASTE of my time.


Actually, Mr. Wick, Jolly was responding to VoiceforAll not Karen. And Voice was grousing about others not paying their fair share.

So the issue of taxes was very relevant, even though you had to go to the dictionary to understand what he was saying.

Jon Wick

Jolly, TruthFairy605 post below is correct. After re-reading your post I realized you were addressing Voice not Karen. Therefore, bring up the topic of taxes was indeed relevant. I owe you an apology not only for my comment, but also for my unnecessary rudeness while doing so. Now TruthFairy605, did I need to consult the dictionary to understand, um.... No.


Karen, which patriots are you speaking of. Are you telling us that you are ready to physically harm your neighbors, friends and family? It seems you are only listening to QAnon and Fox News, please consider other information sources to balance your views.

Jon Wick

Parkgirl, if you actually read Karen's letter, you would have noticed that she never makes any reference to harming anyone nor infers this at any point. You came up with that all by your illogical little self. So obviously, you have been spending to much time reading/viewing the irrelevant liberal mainstream media. Please consider other information sources to balance your views.


and Jon Wick, you are so blindsided by your anti-Democrat hate, that you can`t think straight. So why are you going off on her when you are worse? You people don`t have to mention harm, it`s pretty obvious you HATE. Just by the language you use and Half ( HALF ) of our government can do no right no matter what they do. You really need to wake up and understand what you appear like to other people. It`s not pretty.

Jon Wick

DumpTrump, thank you for displaying that liberal tolerance you leftists like to brag about but never actually practice. Actually, I'm an independent. Therefore, I am not beholden to any ideology or party. Consequently, your assertion that I hate all Democrats is fundamentally flawed and has no factual basis. I don't hate people but, I will challenge positions and miseducated beliefs. If you think simply having your beliefs questioned is hate, I feel sorry for you.

The true difference between us is that I have learned HOW to think. You on the other hand, as described by your own words, are content being told WHAT to think. You obviously accept whatever your handlers/leaders/preferred media tell you without question, believing they are the only ones telling the truth. I was once just like you. Look up a little thing called "coercive thought reform" and then honestly question the narratives. It should be enlightening.

Mr. T

How right you are, Mr. VoiceforAll.

We are “not the union we have known for over 200 years.” And how FORTUNATE that is.

Our Constitution had to be amended to outlaw slavery 90 years after it was written. Then - 100 years thereafter and over 3000 unpunished lynchings later - America began to eliminate Jim Crow suppression of Black voting rights. And 1920 our Constitution was amended to give women the right to vote.

Of course there are other examples of the American struggle to form a more perfect union. And if you would try, you could probably think of a few yourself.

Many folks deny these realities and sanctimoniously declare that anyone who brings them up “hates America.”But this is a foolish argument.

When you deny your past you can’t shape your future.

Jon Wick

Spot on Mr.T. "When you deny your past you can't shape your future" But, when you falsify the present (CRT, systemic racism, voter suppression, 1619 Project, open borders and the list goes on) what shape does that future take?


@ jon Wick......Do you even read or hear the news?????? Yes, Republicans in states that have Republican governors and legislatures are making it harder for minorities especially to vote. Look up what Texas is doing sir. Do you not get it???. Oh my God, reading this garbage is sad, it`s sad because people like you are so uninformed??? I would be surprised if you even know what year it is.


@ Karen Hochstein.....I had to chuckle reading your letter. I cannot help but wonder how many words of that did you have to look up ? Lady, you do not have an inkling of a clue as to current events. You are awash in your conspiracy garbage theories. Sad. You cannot think for yourself and you can not determine what is truth and what is not. I really have to say that I feel sorry for people like you. It`s pretty obvious that you do not have a clue to the terms you used. Umm, Communism is a system of Government that has a DICTATOR as leader. Are you getting it ???? The U.S. is a democracy. I know you hate democracy but that is what this country is. You hate "lefties", liberals, Democrats. sad that you are so hateful. Why not try to get along with those who happen to not agree with your political views? No, you just cannot stand it that everyone doesn`t have the same opinions as you I know your type well. I have also come to how you people can be so hateful, obnoxious, "have to be heard" constantly, and downright irritating. I am simply calling you out, because you have lost your ears. At least I can say for myself that if a Republican, right winger, conservative has a good idea, I can certainly go along with it. You can`t, and that is the difference. Lady, get a grip on life and try to start with YOURSELF in making this country heal. You are only opening wounds and I am sickened by it. I am certainly happy I do not know you personally. You people are never satisfied. ( Eye roll )


Golly, Mr. Wick. Your response to Red Cloud made me think: Would you say White Americans played the “race card“ when they made over 500 treaties with America’s indigenous people and broke all of them as they occupied Indian land?


@@@ Jon Wick.....LOL.....That excuse that you are an "independent" is as old as the hills. When someone calls you out, you use that as a barrier. Sad. I`m sorry but your opinions are way too far right to be an independent. Do you think we are all stupid? And your comment described yourself, a very common excuse to convince yourself you don`t listen to conspiracy garbage. This is the Trump age, you people are good at blaming everybody else. If Biden had done 1/20 of what the orange buffoon has, it would be front page news for months. Isn`t that nice, he`s the FIRST president and more than likely will be the only one, to be banned from all social media. What a winner. It`s pathetic. It`s also sad that I never saw Melania Trump smile, or Trump smile very often. The Biden`s just light up the page because they are HAPPY. All you Republicans should be concerned, Trump did a great job of dividing the GOP and America too.


@@@@ Jon Wick, I bet you think Trump never said a hateful word. I would sure love to know what Karen Hochstein is questioning. Did a huge tidal wave wipe out Washington? The sky is falling !!!! All you people do is complain. And you criticized my "tolerant leftist" , when your "family values" are pretty bad, you were rude. What I don`t tolerate is willfull ignorance.

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