Many are familiar with the condition of attention deficit disorder and how it affects many young people and adults. Fortunately those afflicted can receive help with supportive therapy and with medications such as Adderall which is a type of amphetamine. Ironically this drug allows people to slow down and do better in concentrating at school and work. But Adderall can be abused and that is because it is an addictive substance closely related to methamphetamine. Abuse can cause mood swings, feelings of invincibility, nightmares and possibly paranoia. Amphetamine abuse is a great alternative to sleeping, eating, showering and basic sanity.

With this in mind, I was shocked to see published reports that Donald Trump was observed snorting crushed Adderall tablets on several occasions prior to filming the Apprentice. Of course, who would have any more definitive information on this subject since the President has never released any medical records, financial records and is generally uncooperative in releasing any type of records no matter what the concern. Who hasn’t wondered why Donald Trump sends out so many tweets in the middle of the night. Is the President tweaking? Is our President a speed freak? This is more than just politics.

South Dakota has the toughest anti-drug criminal statues in the union. It is hard to watch our politicians stand behind this man as if he is the chosen one. It is tough to watch John Thune puppeting behind Mitch McConnell who supports everything the “Tweaker in Chief” says or does. This man has the access codes to our nuclear arson. Do we really want an electoral system where candidates cannot be vouchered for all aspects of their personal and professional lives? The human eye is a wonderful device. With little effort, it can fail to see the most glaring evidence. Hypocrisy runs deep.

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We Christians know our President IS the Chosen One, who this unbeliever to mock him? DLJohnson, we faithful are counting on you to put him in his place.

Concerned & Proactive American

Hypocrisy does run deep. Considering your comment , John, about SD being the most proactive State against illegal drugs - when my eyes view people in this State delivering illegal drugs and texting on their cellphones also while driving and I report this to law enforcement and no one gets stopped or arrested. You seems to have all the inside answers. Why don't you run for President or perhaps law enforcement Chief in SD ? Nice try.

Jolly Roger

Hi, C&P American. Yes, “Hypocrisy does run deep.” And it makes me wonder - while you’re encouraging Mr. Magnuson to get involved politically, one has to wonder how you can “view people in this State delivering illegal drugs” and not go to the authorities or our politicians when nothing is done by law enforcement? Why not at least do your own “nice try”?

Concerned & Proactive American

I thought I did mention that I had reported to authorities. I have spoken to politicians. What's your story?

E pluribus

Dear Concerned & Proactive American: What Jolly Roger is actually commenting on is “your story.” You wrote that you “reported this to law enforcement.” If they truly did nothing, then you should take it to higher authorities, which might include our politicians. Isn’t this a more direct remedy for malfeasance than putting it on Mr. Magnuson to run for office, since you’re the actual witness to a dereliction of duty?

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