I learned new information about the Senate in the impeachment cover-up.

Clare McCaskel, Missouri, stated that the downward spiral began with the attack on Daschle. The Republicans came in with huge national money buying the election and John Thune. He was #1 domino.

For eight years the Party in racism toward Mr. Obama did no legislation. Amidst dozens of attempts to overthrow health care, the Constitution called for them to approve a Supreme Court Judge, Merrick Garland. Moscow Mitch McConnell did nothing.

The Election of ’16, Moscow Mitch refused to notify people that Russia was hacking our election. He dropped sanctions on a Russian oligarch, picked up a Russian aluminum factory in Kentucky, and refused to protect us from election fraud. Thune spent an unexplained 4th of July in Russia.

The Republican Party died with the deaths of John McCain and President Bush and became the Trump Cult which tossed out the Constitution taking on Trump’s lawlessness. Lies and cover up are their M.O.

After 15,000 of Trump’s lies tabulated by the Wall Street Journal, men in prison and an impeached president, Moscow Mitch, Thune and Rounds couldn’t tell right from wrong. No trial, no witnesses — witnesses 75% of Americans wanted. The Trump Cult didn’t want witnesses = more crimes. Nixon’s cover-up. Mitch, John and Mike’s cover-up.

The Senate of 250 years has sold its soul in the largest corruption story in our history. The House gave 275 bills to Mitch, never acted upon. Senator Tester, MT, reports not much done in Senate, lots of spare time.

We are all part of a broken people. We need God to free us to love God and people whole heartedly. “So help me God” means that. “So help me Trump” doesn’t. As I follow Jesus, it isn’t lying, cover up, stealing truth from citizens, false swearing, ruining the Senate, buying elections.

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Preach Reverend! Unfortunately, the facts you lay out will fall on deaf ears in a state full of Dump cultists.


I have asked this of others, What are all the lies the president has said? Please produce proof if such and not just your version of what you think he said. I see it as very simple if you have so much curage to put it in print the way you feel, produce what you claim. Very simple.


Oh man, this is going to be fun. I don't have all day but I will begin with a couple doozies...

1. We just passed Choice," Trump said. "That was 44 years, they’ve been trying to pass Choice. So that if you have to wait for nine days, 30 days, 21 days, months, you don’t do that anymore. If the line is big, and you’re unhappy, you go to a private doctor, they take care of you and we pay the bill." - LIE!! Veteran's Choice was signed into law by OBAMA in 2014!

2. “14 million people she’s gotten jobs for,” Trump said, referring to Ivanka. “Her goal when she started it two years ago was 500,000 jobs. She’s done over 14 million, so that’s really something.” LIE! Only 6.2 million jobs have been created since Dump has taken office and even if Ivanka deserves the credit for them (HA!) it is still a lie.

The Wall Street Journal has chronically over 15,000 times Dump has lied to the American people. The Washington Post says it's over 16,000. But, my guess is that you will not believe this. Keep your head in the sand you kool-aid-drinking Dump cultist.


You have to be kidding me, right? He opens his mouth and every 5 minutes or so is a lie. Come out from under your rock and please watch something other than FOX for one day and you will see what the majority of us know.


I can't imagine who you are asking because anyone who watches something other than FOX news can cite multitudes of lies. Do you want to start with the Inauguration? How about his claim that it was raining and when he began to speak the skies cleared and the sun came out. How about when he said he likes to "..grab 'em by the p***y" and then tried to deny he said it, even though he was on tape? How about denying he paid to quiet Stormy Daniels? How about his claim that he would probably not have time to gold because he'd be working so hard - yet he's spent 22% of his time in office at one of his golf courses? I could literally go on and on. The only other person I've ever met who lies as much as he does is my ex-husband's ex-wife and she was a sociopath.

Jolly Roger

Hi, Ar223. If you have to ask at this late date, I doubt it’s worth the Rev’s time responding.

But if you really care, Google “Trump’s Lies” and pick any of the first few hits. You can answer this for yourself.

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