I watched the hearing on July 27 pertaining to the Jan. 6 insurrection and was appalled that most of the Republican Congress failed to watch the proceedings.

Not only that, but the commentators with Fox News were calling the officers “actors.” It seems hypocritical to criticize law enforcement after they risked their lives to protect the members of Congress. Their reward for telling the truth is getting texts and emails threatening their lives. This is from the Republican Party that claims to be the party of law enforcement.

This was not a love fest as former President Donald Trump keeps saying. It was a full-fledged attack on our U.S. Capitol and a threat to our democracy.

The Republican senators, including Thune and Rounds, voted not to appoint a nonpartisan committee to look into the insurrection and now are calling the committee partisan after having the opportunity to have equal representation.

Speaker Pelosi has been accused of being responsible for security of the Capitol. However, she is not responsible for securing the Capitol. The Capitol Police Board is responsible for security.

It seems that Jan. 6 was an all-out attack on our democracy, and had they been successful we would now be living under a dictator rather than a democracy.

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It's unbelievable that you think this "attack" on our capital was going to destroy our democracy. This band of thugs was going to take over the U.S., really? How weak do you think our democracy is (I understand your concern of a weak democracy as it looks now under Biden, so I am sure that is where your ideas are coming from)? It takes years of work from people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexander Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Berny Sanders, anyone from that group of socialists that is trying to systematically destroy this country from the inside. Why don't you write about the things they are doing? Why don't you fight against the socialist movement they are pushing if you are so concerned about our democracy? This doesn't fit your narrative, does it Charlie, maybe you agree with these people and that America needs to be more socialist? You are a typical liberal (socialist), as I have been saying, our country is falling apart under the command of the current administration, our foreign policy is a world wide joke, we have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border, and all you can talk about is Jan. 6th? Keep trying, the American people are finally starting to wake up and realize that a country ran by the democrats and socialists is not the American they want. I look forward to your letter regarding Trump's tax returns next, that after all is another serious national security issue as well.........


@ Voice for All.....You are pathetic and reading your garbage makes me nauseous. Like most Republicans, you are totally clueless. You have my sympathy.




Very clever, wlokken2. VoiceforAll is indeed pulling the wool over our eyes.


Polls tell us that 40% of Republicans think violence may be necessary to preserve their way of life.

Their leadership panders to this sentiment and hopes to ride it to victory in the coming elections,

This tells you all you need to know.

It’s why the once GRAND Old Party has become the party of insurrection.




RINOS like VoiceforAll don’t understand what’s going on at all.

We almost succeeded on January 6th. Our movement is growing. RINOS think they're just pandering to their angry but timid normies.

I think the commies used to call folks like them “Useful Idiots.” Nevertheless, we appreciate their clueless support.

WWG1WGA! Next time we win.


OffTheFence comment is just a lie, maybe 40% of the democrats feel that is how the republicans feel, it just isn't true. Is the same narrative that the democrats have run on for decades, the republicans want to kill your grandma, they want the world to implode, etc. etc., this stuff just isn't true, it is only used to redirect from the real problems the democrats have created. Democratically run cities are a disaster, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles just to name a few, and now a democratically run country is a disaster and they are trying to do the same to other nations now. Keep redirecting, keep telling lies, people are not buying it anymore, heck, even your own left wing media outlets are starting to doubt this administration. I just saw where Joe is going to cut and run again out of Afghanistan by August 31st, the Taliban must have scared him again, and now he is going to leave more Americans behind enemy lines, what a great leader we have, I hope non of those left behind are your loved ones, but they are someone's and it matters to them that they come home safe. Well done Joe.

Yankton resident

VoiceforAll: Talk about a lie, I would have to say you are the biggest lie of all. You don't represent more than 18% of anyone,much less all (everyone). A more appropriate anonymous for you is Voiceforfew.

Gimmy A. Breake

Voice wins his arguments all of the time.

His foolproof strategy is a great paradigm.

Alternative facts he’ll pick and he’ll choose.

If it won’t fit his fantasy, he’ll call it FAKE NEWS.


Yet again, Yankton resident and most democrats have no answers to their great leaders failures, just insults. You can't defend the immigration crisis, you can't defend the policies that are driving this country into higher inflation, you can't defend how he is handling Afghanistan, none of it, you can't do it. Better try bringing up Trump again, it's your go to for covering for Joe, everyone knows you can't defend this great president of yours with anything constructive, just hurl insults and call people names. I understand though, because it has to be tough watching all this happen knowing it is wrong, yet your dedication to your party is more important than doing the right thing, the old tried and true democratic party way of doing things.


VoiceforAll, no one needs to call you names to observe that your leader ignored and “downplayed” this pandemic leading to more deaths than WWII, Korea and Vietnam combined.

Then he instigated the first violent insurrection to invade our Capital in an attempt to stop the legitimate peaceful transfer of power. And now he still propagates the Big Lie that the election was stolen.

You are an apologist for the insurrectionist Party of Death. Dismiss this as hyperbole as you will but it’s the truth.

Continue your fulminations as you will, but the tide of history is against you.


Again, let's talk about a bunch of thugs, they were nothing more, that stormed the capital and threatened, according to all the Democrats, to take over the strongest democracy ever to exist, really, is our government that weak? We may be that weak now when it comes to protecting our foreign interests, but if you really believe that was a legitimate threat, like I have said many times, you need to look at what your leaders are doing to this democracy, that is a far bigger threat than what happened on Jan 6th. And like I said, again, no answers to the current, more important issues, just deflect back to Jan. 6th. Insurrectionist party of death? Ask the American's that are going to be left behind in Afghanistan as our troops start pulling out, looks like the Democratic party has alot more blood on their hands then anyone. And your great president is the one letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into this great country of ours and spreading covid to all the cities he is transporting them too. So, there's my response to your comments, you or no one else ever has one for mine. Again, illegal immigration problem, inflation, Afghanistan, etc., no answers from any of you.

Yankton resident

VoiceforFew: Who said I was a democrat? Another of your unsubstantiated statements. I have never voted straight party line in my life. Have you ever voted anything other than a straight party line ticket?

Trump did some good things, he also did some really questionable things, just as Biden has and will, and as any future president will. I will say that as a president one must be somewhat diplomatic, something Trump was/is not capable of.

I research the candidates for any office and make my decision on choice of candidate I support through that research. Unfortunately I made a mistake in 2016. Do you make your choice through research or through the D or R in front of the candidates name?


OffTheFence, you all seem to forget it was Donald Trump that pushed all the pharmacy companies to develop the vaccine before he was out of office, and back then, all your democratic leaders were all over the news saying that there was no way they would ever get an untested and unapproved vaccine, both Kamala and Joe said they would not take it, that was your party saying don't get the shot, go back and read and watch the news articles from those times, they were telling people not to get the shot. But as soon as Biden won, their story changed, as it usually does, and they started telling everyone to get it, amazingly it all of a sudden became a good thing, because they figured out they could start chipping away at people's freedoms and choices (socialism), at first they said there will be no mandate, look where that's going now, you don't need to wear a mask because they do no good, now, if you don't wear a mask you are killing people, flip flop, flip flop, your memory seems to run short on things like this. Instigated the insurrection? Just minutes before the march started, Trump told the crowd to march peacefully to the capital, but you don't want to hear or see any of this because then you would have to start talking about his tax returns again. You and your liberal media have already started to move past the Afghanistan problem, you never talk about the border crisis, you never talk about rising inflation, Jan. 6th, Jan. 6th, Jan 6th and repeat. Stolen election, let's talk about that, why is the democratic party so afraid to do audits in any of the contested states, they have hired hundreds of lawyers to prevent this from happening, if there were no issues or concerns, wouldn't they just step back and say, yeah, let's go and audit, no problem, but they are fighting hard to keep this from happening, why, what is there to hide? The republican party, the party of death, keep pushing the narrative, who in their right mind thinks republicans want people to die, does that really make any sense, again, it has always been your party that keeps telling the American people this, they want you to die, they want you to die, this never has and still doesn't make any sense. By the way, it was a democratic governor in New York that hid how many people in nursing homes were dying just so he could look good, again, that is your party, not mine.


VoiceforAll, I haven’t forgotten that “Donald Trump pushed some of the pharmacy companies to develop the vaccine.“

Nor have I forgotten that Fox News’ most popular talking heads keep talking it down. And few in his Republican party cheering section will wholeheartedly and publicly support the vaccine.

Fearing to lose his anti-vax base, Trump has been very muted in his support for something he could claim as one of his achievements. He even got booed at his last rally for suggesting people get the vaccine.

Trump and his supporters have created a monster. And now even he can’t tame it.

Until Trump and his Party of Death truly supports vaccination they will - in my opinion - deserve this label.


Yet another label, the party that ran on bringing a country together sits back and throws labels at everyone, only dividing people more. Joe and Kamala pushed for people to not take the shot when it was in their interests to do so (wanting to win the White House), then when it became in their interest to push people to take it, they did. Can't anyone see that they are doing these things for their best interests only? Again and again, if they really wanted to help stop the threat of Covid, why don't they shut down the southern border and keep those hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from flowing into this country and spreading this disease unchecked, wouldn't that help a little? The illegals have more freedoms than the American people at this point, doesn't that seem strange? Trump and his supporters have not created a monster, Joe and Kamala forcing people to get a shot and wear a mask has created the monster, when people get pushed, they push back, at least those that believe in the freedoms the Constitution has given them. There has been so much flipping and flopping by this administration and Fauci that no one knows what is the truth and what is a lie, that is why people are not getting vaccinated, the message from the white house is garbled, the CDC is making laws, remember they are not a law making governing body but they are doing it, wear a mask don't wear a mask, once you are vaccinated you are protected, wait, now you need a booster shot, so never mind on that, masks don't work, wait, masks work, now it is mandated. Did you see the big party Nancy Pelosi was at this weekend? All the rich donors and Nancy herself were not wearing masks, but the lowly serving staff were all masked up, isn't that a double standard, do we really believe that masks are working if the elite don't have to wear them but the lower, non elite members of society have to and because those elites are saying we have to, but they don't for some reason? Maybe being rich provides them the protection they need, after all, they want to take your guns from you but they are protected by many guns of the security forces around them, again, seems like a double standard.

Gimmy A. Breake

Vaccines and masks - the solution is clear.

Yet Voice works so hard making sense disappear.

He throws up distractions with each fevered breath

Defending his GOP’s Party of Death.


You dont know the truth. You weren't there. You continue to buy into the lies of the MSM propaganda machine. Seek the truth.; it's there for you, if you dig deeper than google.

Old Hugh

Abe, ol’ buddy, some people know how to take “no” for an answer. Some people even know how to take “no answer“ for an answer.

But I don’t fall into either category.

So I’ll continue plying you with the question OfftheFence is tired of asking. And that is:

“Why are so many UNVACCINATED people overwhelming our hospitals?”

Your only response has always been some variation on ‘Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.’ ”


I'll go out on a limb here, but I'd not be surprised if this turns out to be the true reason why...

Because the thing you idiots refer to as a vaccine simply isn't vaccinating anyone. In fact, it's most likely attributing to the various mutations as per previous ineffective vaccine attempts. So, you and yours may very well be causing the rest of us to continue fighting off variants. Soon you will be gone and we can get back to normal.

Gimmy A. Breake

Voice and Abe still dodge our questions

and double down on strange obsessions.

The central query they’ll not answer;

consuming their credibility like a cancer.


Just to prove how ignorant most of you are, the FBI announced on Aug. 20th they found NO EVIDENCE that Trump or his allies (including the million Patriots at the mall) were responsible for any insurrection at the US Capital on January 6th.

Maybe now some of you morons will understand why you are always wrong. Get your news from unbiased sources already. You are not intelligent for mocking the MSM.


@ Abe.......No, Trump was not directly involved and there was no evidence of an "organized plot" to attack the Capitol, but you cannot argue the fact that it was vicious Trump supporters who had just attended his rally that are responsible. You people are sure good at passing the buck. If Biden was president and it was his supporters that did this heinous attack, you and most Trump supporters would be out for blood, so stop trying to justify it. Trump can`t keep his big mouth shut and the rioters would do ANYTHING to keep him in power. I cannot believe that my fellow Americans committed such a violent act to keep a liar in power and if it did not frighten you like it did me, then you need to see a Psychiatrist.



I witnessed everything up until 2pm. The rally was a peaceful group of Patriots. Including families with young children, seniors and people from all walks of life. I saw, and participated in prayer circles, praise and worship, etc. throughout the day starting at 5am.

What you believe is only what you saw from MSM: antifa and BLM working in concert with fbi and CIA operatives. This is the truth as evidenced by 1,400 hours over CCTV footage that Pelosi refuses to release.

Hmmm... I wonder why?


And there has not yet been any coordinated efforts to retaliate against the thuggery that razed our cities last year. We've been extremely reserved as we watch our beloved country slowly fall into chaos, but yes, I'll have to agree with you; push us too far and we can and will fix it once and for all. Careful how you align your ideologies during this difficult time. And if you dont want to live in the America that values freedom and liberty for ALL, move. I'll help you pack.


@ Abe....Those so called "patriots" you speak of invaded and attacked the US Capitol you fool!! Of course I cannot expect anything of substance from you because you are willfully ignorant. If anyone is anti-American , it is YOU. Why don`t YOU move, since you are in love with Fascism. Good riddens!!!!!! you won`t be missed.


Come here and move me, ignoramus.


It is utterly DISGUSTING that Trump supporters call the Capitol rioters "patriots" and in the same sentence call BLM people "thugs". Republican hypocrisy at it`s best. they deplore democracy and embrace fascism. If you want a dictator in charge, please move to Russia or N. korea. you`ll fit right in.


We will crush you.


@ Abe........Bring it on Fascist !

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