Like many others in our city, I received my two COVID shots at our potholed and nearly abandoned mall. Many fine people volunteered and worked hard to make this happen so we could have a healthier place to live. But more of us should have come and should have practiced safer behavior.   

Joe Biden’s plan for mandated vaccines is very much needed. Here are the top five reasons why the President’s vaccine mandate program is spot on:

1) People are still dying at about 1,500 daily;

2) The economy is still struggling;

3) We’ve given people enough time;

4) Businesses want employees vaccinated but are afraid to mandate it; and

5) Most Americans support mandates.

Some other important reasons: Hospital-related infections are rising. More pregnant women are getting COVID and the unborn are being subjected to unnecessary health complications. Irresponsible behavior is unfair to our medical workers who are being taken for granted. People cannot receive surgery because beds are full, and the longer we draw this out, the more opportunities the virus has to mutate into something much worse.

We live in an incredible country, and yes, we have certain rights, but we also have responsibilities to the whole as good citizens. People saying they have the right to act however they want need a gut check. Their behavior is part of the problem, and they need to up their game and do the right thing. We should support President Biden on this and we should correct our governor, who is being irresponsible and is only positioning herself for national office. Instead of talking about patriotism, we need to show it by doing more for our country and our people, not just for ourselves. It’s time to come together.   

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Then mandate it for everyone, tell Joe to stop making exceptions to certain branches of the federal government and the thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into this country carrying Covid and not being required to be tested or vaccinated yet as a law abiding U.S. citizen we are. Close the border, the first big step towards stopping the spread, seems more simple than forcing citizens to do something they don't want to do. This isn't about patriotism, this is about constitutional rights, remember that document, it still means something to most people in this country, but there are others that would rather see it destroyed and forgotten.



Gimmy A. Breake

Mr. Voice and old Abe believe alternative facts

of discredited charlatans and disproven quacks.

Their outraged insistence would be more compelling

if our anti-vax death toll didn’t keep on swelling.


Joe Biden releases thousands of Haitian immigrants into the U.S. despite saying the border is closed. Today's lie from this administration and the day is only half over. Close the border, seems to make sense to many on a simple way to help stop the spread of Covid, I don't think Joe is serious about stopping the spread, do you?

Friedrich Farmer

Mr. Voice, you and Abe would be a lot more convincing if it weren’t for all the deaths of unvaccinated people that the rest of us can see, but you two somehow can’t.

Your insistent focus on the tangential minutiae while ignoring these deadly numbers makes me think you two would have insisted on rearranging the deck chairs if you had been on the sinking Titanic.

Of course you’d probably argue over just how they should be placed.

Larry Skow

Mr. Magnuson: A mandate is worthless. It can't be enforced. Never in history of mankind has the vaccinated been afraid of the non-vaxxed. Never in medical history has the Leader of a country with held a treatment like Biden is doing with COVID ANTI-BODY Treatment. Appears to be done to RED states. Just more Blood on his hands. Look at Israel--Better then 80% vaccinated. Now in 4th wave of break thru COVID! Remember all the lies to date by Dr. Flip flop? Start with the one where the summer heat will calm the virus down. Then just scroll thru the lies they have told. Even where he didn't fund research of COVID at Wuhan. John you can't force people to take something they don't trust. Not all of are as stupid as average democrat. It is our right to question the imbeciles leading us down this path or into a huge experiment. Joe Biden couldn't find his way out of a paper bag if both ends were open. His corn maze would consist of 1 stalk to walk around in.


Thanks, Larry, I was starting to miss your daily injections of misinformation.

You’re falling behind on your silliness quota.

Gimmy A. Breake

Larry’s needs a thinking cap

He can’t help spread the same old cr*p

He frets and fumes; makes such a fuss.

But all he's saying - he’s smarter than us.

Larry Skow

well if it isn't the famous bathroom poet G.A.B. Do you only read the left walls in bathroom? Now be reminded that can change depending on what on direction you facing. As far as the fairy goes. I ask you what is false about what I stated? regardless of ones believe in the vaccine it is not proving very effective--lots of break thru infections. an why are the vaccinated scared of unvaccinated? Biden is killing folks by with holding a known proven effective cure. That is blood on his hands an all democrats that go along with it. Speak up O wise Fairy one. To all google/read Bud&Lou discuss the Pandemic. Now it may pop up on none socilist/commie site. But read it anyway. G.A.B just hold smart phone in left hand. I know that will be tough for you to figure out. Smart Phone an all. But try it. Last a Mandate--No one can create a legal mandate because mandates are illegal. Mandates do not go thru process to become law. I ignore mandates as I don't date men. But maybe rest of you do-- at least ones that fallow mandates. Have fun with this one as I sure it will drive some up the wall. Just think O democrats--another election loss for office will be coming your way soon. 38 plus years straight--now that a beat down!

Gimmy A. Breake

You replied to my gibe, (How often that works.)

Can’t help yourself, Larry? (You impetuous J*rk)

Wise folks know you’re a vacuous dud.

But you can join me, my friend. We’ll roll in the mud.


Farmer, nope, not ignoring, see it everyday, thank goodness you are protected because you have the shot and wear your mask. Is the tangential minutiae you mention the completely failed president that insists on leaving the southern border open as they continue spreading thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants with Covid throughout this country, unchecked, I can only assume they have Covid because there is zero testing being done, just letting them go, and this is nothing to say about the humanitarian disaster Joe has created, but you ignore that as well because it is not in your backyard thanks to our strong republican governor. Why do you ignore this Farmer, you and the socialists sit back and force law abiding Americans to do something they don't want to do but you gladly except the failed leadership and policies of this president. If they really cared about you Farmer and the rest of the U.S. citizens, they would close the border, but they just somehow can't bring themselves to do it, can they?


Our anti-VAX guys (Voice, Abe and Larry) despite railing endlessly against the coronavirus vaccine, don’t really seem to understand how vaccines work in general.

They keep saying in essence, “What’s your problem? If you believe you need to get vaccinated, you’re protected - right?”

But that’s not the way it works, guys. Vaccination is a numbers game. People who are vaccinated aren’t 100% immune - they’re just MUCH less likely to die then those who haven’t been vaccinated.

(The unvaccinated among us are apparently over 10 times more likely to get sick and die.)

Which is why our hospitals are overflowing with unvaccinated people.

But here’s the point for us vaccinated folks. The more of you unvaccinated people get sick, the greater the likelihood we will catch it from you.

And in addition, the continued spreading of this disease increases the likelihood the Virus will mutate into an even worse variant the Delta which is causing such havoc.

This is why we’re irritated with you guys. Get it?

Really. Do you finally understand?


So far from the truth it's funny. Show us where any of these gene altering operating systems are worthy of being considered vaccines! You won't because you cant. Checkmate.

Friedrich Farmer

VoiceforAll, if all the migrants on our southern border were suddenly abducted by aliens we would STILL have a pandemic.

If Biden had handled the Afghanistan withdrawal better we would STILL have a pandemic.

If there weren’t a single hypocrite among our politicians on both sides of the isle we would STILL have a pandemic.

We’ve already lost more people to this pandemic than we lost from the Spanish flu 100 years ago (over 680,000 or 1 in every 500 Americans). And now our hospitals are overflowing with unvaccinated people. Those numbers are going up, not down.

So yes, VoiceforAll, you ARE getting outraged over things that are truly minor, compared to the numbers of this unchecked pandemic.

In fact, the coronavirus pandemic was at the top of the list for enough people that our last President was voted out of office.

I can see that the almost universal Republican pandemic denial and obstruction fires up you guys in the base ahead of the primaries.

But from a purely political point of view, it might not be such a good idea for the general election.

Larry Skow

Fredrick: Polls show democrats are better then 50% unvaxxed. That was last week i believe it was. Caliofornia has huge number un vaxxed democrats. Part of problem could be we have not had truth/transparency from those in charge for long time now. This vaccine simply isn't cutting it. Never has vaccenated been afraid of unvaxxed. Also Biden now with holding a KNOWN anti viral cocktail that works. I am sure democrats are sick as well as GOP. Biden has made situation worse on southren Border. He bungled the Afghan withdraw. DIDN'T HE BRAG about his skills. Don't forget he left $85 BILLION in arms in enemy's hands The one car parade is not well organized. Last. If truth destroys the story. The story needs to be destroyed. Every thing WAS under control. Don't forget Gen. Milley pulled a COUP. Went around all above him. Tried to put military in control. That is a COUP. The hole is getting deeper for the clowns.

Larry Skow

truth fairy. You are wrong on your vaxx story. fredrick the farmer. all you democrats do is shove the blame on to others. Even when you own the cesspool you stand neck deep an point fingers. You have a blathering mush for brain ice cream cone licking pedophile in oval office. His son Hunter just as bad an drug dealer as well being protected by daddy. Can't shove that off on any one but sweep it under the rug. 38 years of democrat beat down in South Dakota. One guy comes along changes the message an gets close to the office. So whose fault is the beat down. Whose fault the 22/24 beat down going to be. Because i personally know lot of democrats that are saying enough i switching votes. But USA may not make it to 22. We will see what the pervert in oval office does next.


Where is the LIKE button?

I need to hit it repeatedly.


Oh, dear Larry. You write:

“…truth fairy. You are wrong on your vaxx story.”

That was your side of our dialogue.

All of it.

The pandemic is the most important crisis of our era. And you can’t bother to explain yourself. You really are a “vacuous dud.”

But I love your stream-of-consciousness rants. You’re a true Trumpster rap artist. I've never seen anything like it.

“You got flow.” So please don’t stop working your magic.


Friedrich, you are going to have a pandemic no matter what you do as long as you have this president in charge, can't you see that, what is being done is not stopping it? The more that get vaccinated the higher the cases get, you have millions more vaccinated right now than you did this time last year and the numbers are higher, maybe the vaccines aren't working, wouldn't we have less cases if it were? Surely all the democrats have been vaccinated at this point and they are all wearing their masks all the time, so that just leaves the republicans and since they are the ones catching covid they will have the anti-bodies to naturally defend against covid in the future, you can just keep getting your shots and those that have natural immunity won't have to. Did you know there are plasma centers paying people extra money if they have had covid in the past? The doctors want their anti-bodies to give to their patients. This is just like monoclonal antibody that your administration has put a clamp on distributing to many states that have republican governors, this treatment helps keep people alive yet Joe has put the lives of American citizens at risk and is playing politics with their lives to try and punish republican governors. Joe cut the shipments to these states so these states governors are going and getting their own doses to protect their people, Biden is cutting shipments, he would rather see people die so he can prove a point, this is ridiculous, this is insane, and if you don't believe me, go and read about what Florida and Ron Desantis is doing, of course you won't believe it because it is not on MSNBC or CNN, but it is true and it is happening. This is why people are not getting the shot, thank goodness more and more people are starting to realize this and don't care about what you or they have to say about anything anymore, it is high time this stops, and we are the ones stopping it.

Gimmy A. Breake

Abe, Voice and Larry, at their screens many nights

consulting quack doctors and conspiracy sites

to bring us alternative facts the next day.

Contradictory truths never get in the way.

Ivermectin. Hydroxychloroquine. Sun lamps and bleaches

Nothing’s too silly. Next they’ll try leeches.

Somehow they don’t care; it never confounds them;

the unvaccinated die by the thousands around them.

No! The vaccine is poison! They scream in a panic.

We must straighten the deck chairs on our sinking Titanic‼️


Gimmy A Breake finally got one thing right, we are on a sinking titanic with Joe Biden as the captain of the ship, well done Gimmy.

Jolly Roger

That’s pretty lame, dude.

Gimme gets straight to the heart of your silliness with far fewer words than you spray at us.

Larry Skow

Truth Fairy you are so wrong on most things you speak about. You have called me anti-vaxx--which I am not. But it is my right to ask questions. Vaccine as you know has VERY LOOSE definition. Which is any thing that boosts your immunity. There has always been issues with every vaccine. Polio/Measles first vaccine came with terrible consequences when first used on people. This vaccine has had no long term safety testing. Bear in mind this virus is in same family as common cold. No vaccine has ever been developed for that simple illness. This virus is also mutating way too fast. That is far from normal. How many mutants out now in short time? 4-5. Issue here also is certain group of people when confronted with facts/questions start name calling/pointing fingers. Yet in response they just name call an insult. If one wishes to keep dropping to that level. Rest assured I can make one crawl away an wish they never had went down that path. Also why hide behind all these monikers? Are you so ashamed of your words/actions you wish to hide out in your secret world? I have never understood that. We are free in USA to voice our opinion's in free world with no threat of repercussions. That is what this format is about. For now anyway. Truth Fairy I am far from anti vaxxer but there are lot of issues/lack of truth transparency from those in the chain of command. Way to many lies Dr. Fauchi himself has hacked up an he is caught in too many. Our mush minded president an cackling V.P give one no confidence either. But I am far from being anti vaxxer. But being wrong is what you do best.


Jolly, I understand you may have some difficulty reading something longer than a poorly written poem, but with the mess this administration has created I have a lot to say because there is so much wrong. I am sure it is easy to just ignore it like Joe and the rest of the democrats, but all this is actually happening and he and everyone that supports him are destroying this country, it is so reassuring to see and hear that more and more people in this country are starting to realize how bad things are and how much worse Joe and the democrats are trying to make it. I really wish someone here could give me anything that Joe and Kamala have done to make things better, anything, are we safer, are we stronger, are we more united, do we have less debt, are our borders more secure, is the middle class doing better, are minorities situations better, is the world view of us better, is our military stronger, are our taxes going down or at least staying the same, is the pandemic better, are we energy independent of foreign countries, are our allies and the world better off, are our school systems better, are our farmers in better positions to be successful? Please, anyone, list them so we can all understand how much things are getting better for everyone, because I am still waiting to see things improve, getting really tired of waking up every morning and seeing things are getting worse, maybe I am missing something.

E pluribus

It’s clear from the anecdotal evidence and the alternative facts put forth on this feed that we are unlikely to reach herd immunity anytime soon.

This despite truly amazing vaccines having been developed as a result of “warp speed“ during the Trump administration.

Why are people who would ordinarily support Trump against the vaccines which he himself has taken?

Meanwhile 12 South Dakota died of Covid Friday.

Larry Skow

gimme a break. I don't know where you can point to that I said any of what you write about. In reality when one looks at Yankton county vac numbers. take the rate vaccinated an apply them to number of people writing in then you are barely at 50% vaccinated. Only John who wrote the letter claims to be vaccinated. all who think I am anti vaxx are wrong. I am anti mandate yes but not anti vax. i stand on fact Biden is with holding a known anti virus cocktail that helps the sick. NEVER BEFORE has this been done. The goverment is buying all that company makes an storing it! It should be used to help the sick--not with hold it. Now as of today because of mandates. Hospitals are going short staff. State Patrol in states are going short staff because folks are standing for what they believe in. That just happens to be they don't want the jab. THAT IS THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO! Likely many reasons they don't wish to get it. We are going tribal we should be working these issues out. You been warned Gimme a Break. you keep with insults--you will pay the price for being stupid. Last warning. Then it be gloves off. your choice

Gimmy A. Breake

You replied to my gibe, (How often that’ll work.)

Can’t help yourself, Larry? (You predictable J*rk)

So now give your silly sophistry a break

and try threats instead, what a difference that’ll make.

No difference since you joined us. It’s your favorite tack.

So it’s not a new threat, you're just stating a fact.

No escaping it, old buddy, you say what we knew

that you’ll keep on keepin’ on with the things that you do.

Wiser folks avoid you - you’re a vacuous dud.

But I’m still here. Let’s roll in the mud.


Oooo! Mr. Tough Guy is threatening poor little old me!

(That might’ve worked in your day, Larry. Our generation just sees it as male grievance panic.)

▪️So you want to draw a distinction between garden-variety anti-VAXXERs and people like you who are ONLY anti-VAX when it comes to the Covid vaccine.

Big whoop… A distinction without a difference.

You and Abe and Voice throw around your alternative facts, but the only facts that matter to me are that UNvaccinated people are dying at a rate of better than 10 to 1 compared to people like me who are not too frightened to take the shot.

Numbers mean something to me. Quack doctors’ opinions and flaky websites don’t.

If misinformation makes you feel better about your selfish cowardice, then then it’s clear that you and your compatriots will prevent us from reaching herd immunity until enough of you get sick and die or develop natural immunity.

In the meantime I hope our scientists can develop vaccines to combat all the variants that your anti-science stupidity is inflicting on the rest of us.

Old Hugh

Truth Fairy says - in her inimitable way - the same thing I’ve been thinking.

In the Democrat counties across the US - since the beginning of July - there have been approximately 9 covid-19 deaths per 100,000 population.

In the reddest Republican counties, there have been 47 deaths per 100,000 population.

(South Dakota ranks 12th among the 50 states for Covid deaths per capita.)

Why are we arguing over common sense medicine? Don't these numbers say it all?


Now that Larry is threatening to go nuclear on Truth Fairy and Gimme, I’m remembering his accusing our Governor of “sleeping her way to the top” and calling our current vice prez a common wh*re.

So we know what he’s capable of - even when he isn’t goaded.

Now that they’ve rattled his cage, I’m guessing Truth Fairy and Gimme are just amused and not particularly “quaking in their boots.”

Mostly they’ve shown that poor old Larry can dish it out, but he can’t take it without freaking.

I hope he doesn’t recycle his old “cheese with Whine” line again (whatever that means). Maybe we’ll have to hear about his old “One Car Parade” one more time.

I’m waiting to see if he might get little more creative when he spews his venom.

Jolly Roger

Larry is already the biggest troll on this feed.

With his outrageous conspiracies, paranoid ravings and personal insults impugning the sexual morality of public figures, how do you suppose we’ll know when he “takes the gloves off”?


I highly encourage all of you, pro vaxx or anti vaxx alike, to read Jacques Attali's A Brief History of the Future (2006). It should put to rest any whisper of conspiracy theory and empower people to make better choices as we go forward. I personally enjoy reading it in the original French writ, but it is conveniently transcribed into English for you. Bon jour, numbskulls!

E pluribus

This numbskull finally understands your paranoid, dystopian world view, Abe. I’ve been puzzled about this for quite some time.

But your man, Jacques Attali's “A Brief History of the Future” explains it all.

Monsieur Jacques predicts the fall of the US Empire to take place around 2035.

Oh, and thanks for writing your comments in English, Abe. Like most of us South Dakota rubes, my French is a bit rusty.

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