The behavior of our top South Dakota office holders is intolerable. They are all afraid to do anything that would stop anyone from purchasing a firearm because they think regulating firearms would cause them to lose funding for their next election.

On May 27, just three days after 19 children and two adults were killed with an AR-15 by a shooter in Uvalde, Texas, Gov. Kristi Noem spoke at the NRA convention in Houston. She called efforts to restrict the sale of guns “garbage.” But in fact, 21 innocent lives were wasted because the 18-year-old killer had been allowed to legally purchase his assault weapon in Texas.

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If the democrats had their way we would just throw the constitution away and start from scratch with them determining what anyone could do or say or go, just ask them, many of them are starting to say it out loud in public now, they don't even try to hide it anymore. Thank goodness we have a strong republican party in South Dakota that keeps us free from democratic reign, doesn't take too much research to look at democratically run cities and states to notice how much crime and debt has increased lately, guessing that is what you want Norma? Crime waves, soft on criminals, high taxes, uncontrolled debt, in place of less crime, criminals being punished as they deserve, low taxes, balanced budgets, freedom, these dirty, awful things republicans champion. Seems like an easy decision, go with what the democrats want and have an entire nation fall apart as it is right now, or go with republicans, sure you may get a president that sent out "mean" tweets and hurt peoples feelings, poor babies, but our country was strong, wealthy, independent, respected, and not feeble. Now we are put in positions of begging other countries for more oil and baby formula, being taxed to death, record high inflation, record high spending, on and on and on. Not sure how that's such a tough choice for anyone, is it? Well unless you are a party first at all cost' and 'country and it's citizens last' democrat, then it makes sense I guess.


🤔 Hmmm…

”…a party first at all cost' and 'country and it's citizens last”

Sounds vaguely familiar…

”…a party’s DEAR LEADER first at all cost' and 'country and its citizens last'


Great letter and so true! [thumbup]


Kristi Noem is so blindsided by her love for Trump, she has completely lost touch with reality. I wouldn`t trust her to run a kindergarten class.

Dear Leader

From the Republican National Committee (RNC)


RESOLVED, That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support

President Trump's America-first agenda;

RESOLVED. That the 2020 Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention;


With this platform, I, hereby reaffirm the principles that unite us in a common purpose.

◾️Inflation and gas prices ◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️The coronavirus pandemic◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Health care◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️


The Election was Stolen‼️


The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Violent crime◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Foreign policy◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Gun policy◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Race and ethnic inequality◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Economic inequality◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Climate change◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️


Ok, again, we get it, it's Trump, it's Jan. 6th and more Trump and more Putin and more whatever and whomever is to blame. Are all you good democrats fine with paying $5 for gas? You good with record high inflation? You good with record high crime? I get it, you don't want to talk about that, but you know what, that's what American's are talking about, not Trump, not Jan. 6th, they are trying to figure out how to pay for everything and anything they have to buy. You are so out of touch with reality, if it wasn't so harmful it would be comical. I know you are just parroting what Biden says, Lord knows he knows what he is talking about nowadays, economy is good, economy is strong, southern bord....oops, don't talk about that, crime waves sweepi....oops, don't talk about that. Hate and division in this country at an all time high,,,,,,,oops, don't talk about that, after all Biden said he would unite America, didn't he, yet another lie. Keep on keeping on democrats, not sure why you think it's working, polls and voters are telling a different story, but again, this is the party that tried to make American's believe that $3 trillion dollars = $0, so if you believe that I guess you will believe anything.


Young folks like Voice didn’t experience the deadly body count of the Vietnam era and its bitter unrest - or the Treasonous Nixon Presidency - or 13.5% inflation during the Reagan era.

So I understand why what’s happening now freaks many youngsters into paroxysms of apocalyptic predictions of impending doom as they see for the first time what appears to them as unprecedented catastrophes.

Try to relax, Voice. Your repeated freak outs can’t be good for your heart.

And you have so many political disappointments ahead of you if you live an average lifespan.


Along with you, Voice, I seriously doubt that the January 6 Commission’s hearings we are about to see will change anyone’s minds in today’s politics.

But I’m hopeful that it has already resulted in safeguards against another attack on future elections.

We’ve had regular transfers of power since our founding - though the same can’t be said for free and fair elections.

As a cynical optimist, I believe the regular transfer of power is even more important than free and fair elections. And it’s certainly more important than every single item on your list.

And I care more about that than who wins the next election.

Finally, the investigation is preparing the evidence for History. Future generations will know what happened.


I am expecting the Republican Benghazi-style counter-investigations to give us much entertainment in the coming months. And I anticipate they’ll be as fruitless as those were.


Absolutely ludicrous of you to promote the notion that "standing up to the gun lobby" will change anything. We will never legislate evil from the human condition. Furthermore, why are the dems not upset about killing babies?


Why is America the only place where the “evil of the human condition” results in more gun deaths than anywhere else in the developed world?


Because the others choose swords, knives, clubs, etc.

You are a fool to believe that banning guns will reduce violent crimes.


Future generations will know the democratic version of what happened, it's their made for television mini-series, not the republicans, remember, they kicked off any republican months ago that disputed what they were saying so they could drive the narrative. Anyways, it's a clown show put on television, it's the democrats top priority, not fixing the mass murder problems in this country, not fixing the economy, not fixing illegal immigration. Them putting on this mini-series only shows American's where the democrats top priorities are, and them doing this only emboldens those fighting to keep this country afloat and only shows those that continue to struggle day in and day out where the democrats priorities really are, it's about an attempt at a gotcha and it's all about politics, nothing more. This clown show has nothing to do with fixing any of our current issues, not a single thing, but democrats have determined that all this is worth the taxpayers time and money to do, as single mom's and dad's, low income people, those on a fixed income and the middle class continue to struggle just to get by every single day, all the while democrats put on a tv show.


Future generations will know what the Congressional Record says, including all the Republican counter-investigations that are already underway. Plus any that metastasize after the Republicans take over the House.

And future generations will know what the records of the Judicial System tell them.

Get a grip, Voice. No one watches old TV to learn about Watergate or Vietnam. To dispassionate future generations, the official record will be quite enough.

Today's History will not be written by either MSNBC or FoxNews.


And Voice, this bears repeating:

I’m not “downplaying” the state of things in America.

Yes, I’ve seen worse in my time.

And yet my squabbling family is still here. Just as our larger squabbling American Family will still likely be here after our current crises passes. Eventually.

But the biggest threat to everything we hold dear THIS TIME is the breakdown of our Democratic Institutions. This is the message of the January 6th Commission.

You reject this. This is the “downplaying” you and the Republican Party are doing.

And ultimately, this threatens the resolution of every single issue that now burdens the American People.

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