This year, the U.S. is facing a far greater danger to our democracy than it did in World War II or at any other time, including the Civil War. Our involvement in World War II mostly took place in the European and Pacific theatres. The continental USA and its institutions were never effectively attacked. Likewise, during the Civil War, the South was never on the verge of defeating the North, and even if they had successfully seceded they wouldn’t have had the resources or will to do anything more than protect their rights to have slaves.

But today, everything our country has ever stood for is under attack, and it’s coming from within. The evidence is blatant, voluminous and available to anyone interested in facts. The re-election of Trump and his lackeys will do what World War II and the Civil War couldn’t: destroy our democracy.

However, this is what most South Dakotan voters apparently want. Surely they’re not naïve enough to anticipate any other result.

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I agree. I'm sure that you are aware that John Thune is the Majority Whip in the Senate. That should give you an idea of how deep in the pit we are.


I agree wholeheartedly, Terry. Unfortunately, the members of the Cult of Dump are way too dim to see this. Their Dear Leader could commit whatever crime he wants and they are totally cool with it.


Liberals have already destroyed our democracy. Trump is trying to pull us back on track. Trump 2020. Term limits would have never allowed this to happen.


Iman is a bishop in the Cult of Dump.


A trial with no witnesses has ruined our democracy and upped the ante for a dictatorship. That is ALL on the Republican cowards!


If, by your comments, you mean that people are trying to destroy the Fascist government we have become, you are correct. People are wanting to return to the checks and balances that the three branches of our government used to have.

I, for one, hope that it will occur this year.


Please, please, my American friends. Democracy is so messy. It’s so much better to have an all-knowing leader like me and your president Trump in charge of everything. Your Republican Party has finally recognized that your constitution allows your president to do whatever he wants. After I help him get re-elected, he can get rid of those silly term limits just like I have. лучше красный, чем мертвый


i agree with the article, however, i think we have bigger fish to fry in our own backyard!. the introduction of House Bill 1215 and the other bills concerning

suragacy will do nothing for this state but make us an even bigger joke than we already are.


The Chosen One completes the prophecy. The heretic liberals who tried to take him down have been vanquished. “... the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” [Matthew 8:12]


Gift, if Trump is the chosen one, he has managed to do what so many have died trying to prevent. We are now the biggest terrorist nation in the world. We no longer have three branches of government to serve as checks and balances.

We now have only the fanatic Fascist right.


Justthinking: So, you consider yourself a terrorist. Who do ally with; Iran, ISIS, al-Qaeda?

Friedrich Farmer

Just like all matters in this era of the Party of Trump, the simplest way to understand what is really happening is to imagine what Republicans would be saying if this sordid tale were told with the name “Barack Obama” substituted for “Donald Trump.”

This would be a preview of what historians will say.

For now, FOX will write the news, but when the last partisan is gone, and the passions are but a memory, FOX will not write the History of these shameful times.

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