In 2022, Pat picked 100 bushels of peas per acre. Pat picked 6% more peas per acre in 2023, and 5% more than 2023 in 2024. How many bushels of peas per acre did Pat pick each year?

Answer: If 2022 equals 1 times 100, or 100 bushels per acre, then 2023 equals 1.06 times 100, or 106 bushels per acre, and 2024 equals 1.05 times 106, or 111.3 bushels per acre.

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Larry Skow

And to think this at the top echelon have themselves a college education with degree hanging on the wall to show how smart they are. But that what the state gets for years of Brain drain leave the state. You are left with the dregs.


Numbers never lie, but liers use numbers.

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