After we received a memo, I know why Obama does not want Trump to win. While in office, Obama gave himself taxpayers’ pay for vacations for the next 26 years. He is going to stick the taxpayers for $2.1 billion or more for free vacations for his family plus staff and even a dog sitter until the year 2036.

Trump wants to make Obama repay the government for all vacations that weren’t official.

Michelle’s mother who took care of the granddaughters for all eight years was getting paid, and now she is getting a pension of $13,000 a month for the rest of her life.

Trump was planning on taking all this away from him.

I can see how Obama could buy an NFL team and an $11 million house in Hawaii.

This is a steal from taxpayers.


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Your statements are factually incorrect. Trump has been the worst violater in history of padding his own nest. Why are we talking about Obama anyway. More belly aching from Fox news?


Please share instances, with sources cited, of a Trump "being the worst violater in history of padding of his own nest." Fox news not mentioned/nor is it on anyone's radar as being good anymore . And lastly, this woman can speak about anyone she wishes. That's all for now. Keep up the intelligent responses Cobra.



Your moniker is a fitting handle for a snake in the grass. Continue to hiss and moan.

USA Strong

Absolutely false. I don’t know why people don’t check facts before posting. Go to Snopes to find both of these allegations are completely false.


Snopes is no longer reliable, in my opinion. In most cases it now only states that some of the post is correct and some is not. It rarely cites where it obtained information or how they came to their conclusion. I am sad as I used to rely on them to fact check thoroughly. Now they seem to only do that with things like 'biggest fish ever caught in history or man with 8 legs in Indiana', etc. This one (fact check on Obama vacation info) at least did enough research to say that the article itself discloses itself as "satirical". No need to act like these allegations were anymore "completely false" than anything published in Mad Magazine or the Onion. Pointing out satire would have been kinder.


Can I start with the guest list at Trump's Washington hotel for the last miserable 4 years and end with his attempts to funnel money from the unsuspecting folks contributing to his legal defense that are ending up in his campaign slush fund and PAC?


I believe I asked for sources cited. Is this any more true than the satirical stuff the original article was about?? How do you know these things? You don't. You read them somewhere. If it was a reliable source, cite it. Thanks.


Everything in that "memo" is not true. We all have a responsibility to not repeat lies.


We do indeed have that responsibility but sometimes the truth is hard to find or people differ on varying sources being truth or not. (obviously satire is not true... but one first has to know it is satire.) Witness FB and Twitter and Google now censoring, at their discretion, what is and isn't true.


People, get a grip on yourselves. Lois almost certainly got those comments from a Facebook post. Do you really believe social media posts convey the truth about anything? If you do, heaven help your.

But the source of the comments made by Lois comes from "The Resistance: The Last Line of Defense". It this a news source, true, false or otherwise? NO. Its a satire publication.

Here is that publication's disclaimer:

"The Resistance may include information from sources that may or may not be reliable and facts that don’t necessarily exist. All articles should be considered satirical and any and all quotes attributed to actual people complete and total baloney. Pictures that represent actual people should be considered altered and not in any way real. The Last Line of Defense is often republished and shared on fake or extreme right wing media sources"

As the disclaimer states, the republish fake or extreme right media sources. They are out to get you to fall for the satire they present. Apparently several of you have. This wasn't hard to look up. As for Lois, I don't know if the believes this true or nor, OR if she is just out to, uh, stimulate those who fall for it.


The only way satirical publications are "out to get you" is if you do not read the satirical reference at top or bottom of the page. I remember the first time I read an Onion article on Hillary Clinton..... I was very embarassed to find out it was satire when I attempted to rip to shreds as untrue. Of course it was. I just didn't know about the Onion at the time and I was silly enough not to read the postscript. It was pointed out to me a minimum of 20 times......and not kindly.


YourThoughts:- is this your audition for propaganda czar for the left?


YourThoughts cited the source, something the right knows nothing about. Conspiracy theories? The right thrives on false information, it`s how they get voters into their nest. As for a president billing tax payers over 2 billion dollars for vacations, no president would get away with it. I cannot believe that anyone would actually believe that nonsense.


to Dump Trump: if you would read all the comments thoroughly, you would see that the source cited was for the original post.... which, by the way, I had aready cited in my response about Snopes as well. I don't mind that since people like you, Dump, apparently need things repeated and so do most of us at times. The source I was asking for is for the comment about Trump's Guest List which he insinuates was paid for with tax/Fed/our money. I would like the source of that information. It may well be true. I would just like to read it myself and check the source. I did not bring up any conspiracy theories so I have no idea what you are speaking about there.


[thumbdown] DLJ: I'm still A Barry Goldwater Republican. I think you misread me.


dump trump: I was asking COBRA to cite his sources,unless just opinion. If so, should state that. (just MY opinion[rolleyes])


This foolishness is like arguing over the placement of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Has anyone noticed that hundreds of thousands of Americans are sick and dying?

Has anyone noticed that our hospitals are overrun and our healthcare workers are overwhelmed?

Has anyone noticed that our golfing president is missing in action as we’re on our way to more deaths than Americans suffered in WWII?

I'm waiting for that righteous, heartfelt letter to the Press & Dakotan demanding that this year everyone must say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”!


You or anyone else is welcome to write about these things anytime they SoDakD and I am glad you took the time to do so. All topics may be covered and discussed in this forum but they are generally divided into certain areas. The current one was a political discussion. I am sure if you had written your comments in a letter to the editor they would have been welcomed and heralded as good points to keep in mind, pray about, and discuss. But this discussion was about politics. It would make just as much sense to me if I were to respond to your comments by saying something about the CAFO's or something entirely different that might be just as correct and discussed as yours could have been. Just thinking people are staying on topic. Thank you for your thoughts... I think most people would agree with most of what you had to say. I certainly do. I just wanted to clear up some things you may not have considered about the rest of the discussion. Blessings.

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