I was born in 1950. I grew up with our leaders, doctors and scientists developing and administering multiple vaccines. They covered many maladies: measles, chicken pox and all those childhood infections. They also conquered whooping cough, tetanus and polio, which took lives and affected the quality of life. I saw people who had to live in an iron lung. I lost friends from pertussis and tetanus.

Our current medical system has taken all their new and current science, years of practical application, and we have the COVID vaccine.

Yankton got onto the news headlines because someone posted fliers to avoid “the poke.” It was promoted that the vaccine will give you cancer, diabetes, sterility and heart attack. These are all lies. Any problems have been immediately announced and investigated by experts, officials and anyone with a cell phone. No problems have been hidden or white-washed.

The USA lost over half a million people. The problems with vaccine reactions have not yet reached 1,000 and deaths a fraction of that. We have millions vaccinated and no nationwide reports of heart attack, cancerous tumors or a spike in diabetes. Again, this thoughtless speculation is a lie. The shot is not going to give you a long-term, later in life, exposure to this wide-ranging health threat. The vaccine is a measured, limited exposure of your system to a benign sample of the virus. Your immune system then develops its own protection against COVID. It does not carry any potential for diabetes, heart attack or sterility.

Any medical treatment is never 100% perfect. This vaccine is 99.9% more acceptable to no treatment at all. Brazil and India are glaring examples of treatment failure. The fools who promote “avoid the poke” are somehow trying to blame several unconnected physical problems on the vaccine. It is funny they haven’t included tooth decay and male pattern baldness. Those spreading the flyers are misinformed and promoting bogus, dangerous, unproven threats. This is a real-life example of Chicken Little. The sky is not falling.

If you refuse to take the shot, that is certainly your personal choice and should be respected. Do not do it for an unfounded speculation with no basis in fact. Protect yourself for the right reasons in the right way.  

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Well done.

Grateful Dead




BRAVO!! I hope people will listen and take heed. An additional caution: If you do decide not to be vaccinated remember that you can carry the disease with no symptoms and potentially infect those who cannot be vaccinated for health or age related issues. Many of those people could die. As the author said, the vaccine is not 100% effective any more than a flu shot or any other shot is. But it is a considerable deterrent to the disease.

It is your right to refuse but I ask you not to decline vaccination on behalf of several children I know who could not fight off Covid and would die if infected unintentionally by an unvaccinated person. Thank you for reconsiderating a no to the shot.


99.96% survival rate.

Curable with safe, proven meds.

Essentially replaced seasonal flu.

2020 death count lower than previous years.

Vaccines not fully tested.

Vaccines not FDA approved.

Far more deaths/serious issues than all other vaccines over 25 years.

And you stood in line for this?


"The millions of deaths from the vaccine will be blamed on new Covid19 variants, which will be blamed on the unvaccinated. This will lead to another round of increasingly forced vaccination, and more deaths. The agenda is depopulation and they are playing their cards well."

Perhaps we should all 1) learn by the Georgia Guidestones and 2) begin taking them at face value.

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