A letter recently asked when all the “horse crap” would stop about Donald Trump. (Press & Dakotan, Sept. 16) In truth, it won’t stop until he’s out of office because the majority of Americans didn’t vote for him and find his behavior and governance shockingly bad. Thank God we can still speak our mind. Don’t like it? Then look what the GOP did to Barack Obama every step of the way. How can you complain?

Is Donald racist? A racist is someone who supports a racist policy through actions, inactions or ideas. A behavioral racist is one who makes individuals responsible for the perceived behavior of racial groups and makes racial groups responsible for the actions of individuals. Donald does all this, from housing discrimination lawsuits; to full-page ads against the Central Park 5; to calling Mexican and Latin Americans rapists, murderers and gang bangers; to banning immigration of people of Islamic faith; to calling African countries sh*t holes; to Obama birtherism and to racist tweets. A majority of Americans want the president to be a better human being.  

The Donald has alienated traditional allies when he should have courted them to present a united front with clear objectives for a new trade policy. Trade tariffs so far have cost this country 300,000 jobs. Our budget deficit has climbed past a $1 trillion. Donald has no regard for violating the emoluments clause: He clearly has not put his business aside and, per the Mueller Report, has committed impeachable behavior. He denies climate change and any need for gun reform. He locks children up at the border and has done little for health care. He tweets out sensitive national security information and fires anyone who talks good sense. What it is we are supposed to admire about him?

The U.S. has the most diverse population in the world. We can agree our world is rapidly changing and we face dynamic problems that require us to put differences aside to move thoughtfully forward. Mr. Trump doesn’t have the vision or the ability to take us there and isn’t suited for this office. We’ll stop complaining when he’s gone.


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You make many points which will become more obvious as History looks back on this era. Unfortunately, I disagree with you on one point. It won’t all be over once he’s gone. It will still be left to us, the American people, to determine what to do after we ask ourselves the question the Founders didn’t. How do we protect our Democracy when a gifted, media-savvy con man with no concern for American law or tradition, who values nothing but his own interests, takes control of our Presidency?


After watching the Sunday talk shows, it looks like the road to “When it Stops” is going to be very bumpy. Buckle your seat belts.


Trump 2020![thumbup]


Hi, Iman, I wonder if you might make a better case than this 👍, now that your man is in the fight of his life? Do you guess these bumper sticker slogans are gonna do it this time around. Whaddaya think? 🤡

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