When I read the letter to the editor on Friday, June 26, I thought it was tongue in cheek. When I realized that the writer was serious, what he wrote needed to be addressed.

• Wrong: President Trump does not believe in small government.

• Truth: No president has ever done as much as President Trump to champion small government as evidenced by his elimination of tens of thousands of unnecessary regulations that bloat our government and restrict economic growth. Before COVD-19, the U.S. had the strongest economy based on letting our free market function uninhibited.

• Wrong: President Trump is against religious freedom.

• Truth: President Trump issued an executive order declaring the importance of religious freedom in the U.S. and making it our position around the world.

• Wrong: President Trump is a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood.

• Truth: No president has ever been more of a supporter of pro-life than President Trump. He is the only president that has personally given a speech for pro-life at the pro-life march in Washington, D.C.

• Wrong: President Trump does not stand for the Constitution of the U.S.

Truth: All judges appointed by President Trump including Supreme Court judges are strict constitutionalists dedicated to preserving the Constitution.

• Wrong: President Trump does not believe in personal responsibility.

• Truth: Every policy of the Trump Administration champions personal responsibility including the highest employment rate for minorities in history, opportunity zones for the minorities in the inner cities, school choice, etc.

• Wrong: President Trump is for trade restrictions.

• Truth: President Trump is the first president to address trade inequities with our trading partners. The blatant way we were taken advantage of needed to be faced. All President Trump asks for is fair trade on a level playing field. Our new agreement with Canada and Mexico is evidence of that policy.

The reason the writer in his June 26 letter won’t vote for President Trump is he is a staunch Democrat.

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Concerned & Proactive American

thanks Darold , it is nice to read some truth for once here in P&D subscribers against President Trump Land.


Sharing in total agreement with the above two letters. It is refreshing to see something true and written in an intelligent, non name-calling, respectful way.


I'm afraid I must reply to several points that Mr. Adamson has made. One thing I would like to start out with is that POTUS (I don't want to say his name), several different news organizations have kept track of his falsehoods that he said. The latest number is over 19,000.

Did POTUS promote small government. Sorry, he did not. He has packed his administration with former lobbyists, family members, and corporate executives. He and his family are personally profiting from the presidency. He is catering to billionaires and corporations at the expense of the American people. Look at the tax cuts he gave to the 1%. Look at the latest loans and all of those that profited by getting grants they did not need. He is using taxpayer dollars to subsidize his and his families life style. His sons, daughters, and inlaws have take shopping trips, business trips, and hunting trips. Each trip costs the US taxpayer. This group has taken more trips than any other president and costs us more than any other president.

POSTUS is for religion, as long it is just Christian. There are 12 other major religions other than Christian in the US. Because of this and comments/tweets he makes, POTUS encourages attacks against minorities.

POTUS says he is prolife. That is all great and good, but there are many issues that go along with this and he says nothing. Prolife is from birth to death. The GOP has had several chances to change the law (when Republicans held the Presidency, House, and the Senate) and they did nothing. Other than the speech , nothing.

POTUS has violated the Constitution and your reply he appointed judges has nothing to do with him not standing for the constitution. One good example is this week when he says all schools will open, in building, or lose federal funding. That is a violation of State Rights who control the education in their state. He does not control it.

I could go on, but my fingers are tired

Please do some research and don't just listen to Fox News or POTUS Tweets.


Mr. Adamson, I applaud you for standing up to the "posting crowd" on the P&D site. You have made great points and written well without the name calling and bashing that usually happens on this site. Though I wasn't a fan of President Trump (yes I WILL say his name) before he was our president I, as do many others, support him. We may not be the loud crowd, but we will see what happens in November.

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