I love history, and I love Yankton! So naturally I spend a rainy day at the Mead building where I purchased a very interesting book called the “Dakota Hospital for the Insane,” written by Susan Miles.

Several of my family members have and still work at HSC and having worked at HSC for seven years myself, as I’m reading I’m thinking I love this book …

... until I get to page 33 where the author touches on the administrator of HSC Cory Nelson who served from 2001 to 2011 (the year the book was written). On this page, the author is outlining Cory’s accomplishments while working as administrator, stating: “Nelson helped unionize the employees stating that ‘if the employees are not happy with their work environment then the patients cannot receive quality care.’”

While this quote is very true, everyone who worked at HSC during the campaign to unionize knows that Cory Nelson was severely offended by the employees’ plea to unionize and worked diligently to keep the employees powerless against his leadership.

Unionizing HSC was an accomplishment; however, it was not Nelson’s. It is the employees at HSC who stood up and demanded better treatment for employees that were already giving great care to their patients.

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Concerned & Proactive American

Thank you for sharing this ~ Heather F. I worked with Susan Miles. I knew her well. I worked for 25 years at HSC & during the reign of Cory Nelson. Susan Miles is deceased now. I do not know why she would have stated this in her book because it simply is not true. Cory Nelson was dead set against the forming of the Union at HSC and that is FACT. The Hospital has never been the same ~ Administrators have exited right and left quickly. When is SD government gonna Open their Eyes to the needs of the Staff and the Patients there ? It has become a revolving door of conflict & wasted money.

Frank Kloucek

Great Letter Heather. You are 100 percent correct!

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