The BBC recently reported the case of a 10-year-old rape victim denied an abortion. As shocking as this story is, sexual abuse of young girls is epidemic. According to the YWCA, “[o]ne in four girls … will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old” and “most people who sexually abuse children are … friends, partners, family members, and community members.”

I first became aware of this crime as a first-year high school teacher when one of my students came to me for help because her father was in the habit of raping her. The case was reported to the appropriate authorities and appropriate actions taken. Fortunately, this young woman was not impregnated but what if she were? Would you assume she was equipped to be a mother? How would she support her child? Would you call her a criminal or a victim if she sought a medical intervention?

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Unfortunately there are many obstacles to “restoring reproductive rights.”

Several folks on this forum are falsely declaring that “overturning Roe v. Wade just returned it to the states.” But that’s really not accurate (though of course they WISH it were).

Because, of course, it’s much more threatening to Republican hopes of returning to power now that we know Republicans will work to make abortion uniformly illegal accross the Nation.

Lindsey Graham blew Republicans cover during his "Fox & Friends" interview Monday when he told us that abortion was "not a states' rights issue."

What the Supreme Court really did when they overturned Roe v. Wade is that they sent the issue back to the states and their NATIONAL representatives.

Which means their Representatives and Senators can legislate national restrictions on abortion once they get the necessary political power.

So Lindsey is doing us a favor by reminding us that this Supreme Court is on its march to enforce minority views concerning gun law, climate law, access to contraception and the right of the Christian religion to discriminate against any Americans they find unworthy.

First Justice Thomas, and now Lindsey Graham, are warning us what is coming as the Republican Supreme Court threatens to put all these issues on the chopping block.

Old Hugh


🔲 Poll: Americans say politicians aren't ‘informed enough’ to set abortion policy 🔲

As Republicans in state capitals and Washington race to enact new restrictions on abortion following the fall of Roe v. Wade, a new poll shows that Americans have a message for lawmakers: Slow down and learn.

Seven in 10 Americans don’t think politicians “are informed enough” about abortion to “create fair policies” — a position held by majorities of both Democrats and Republicans, according to the survey of more than 20,000 adults by The 19th, a news organization focused on gender and politics, and SurveyMonkey. A majority of Americans also said they think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 35 percent said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.


SoDakD, tell me, please, where in the Supreme Courts ruling of overturning Roe v. Wade does it say, abortions are not allowed in the United States? Is that statement in there ruling? Since you are saying it is, show us all that the Supreme Court said no one can ever, ever, legally get another abortion from this day forward. It doesn't, it gave the power to determine this back to the states and said the Constitution (a document I know you democrats would love to see get destroyed) does not protect that right to an abortion, the states determine it, nothing more. So stop lying about this, stop making the Supreme Court the bad guys, start your fight on the state level, that is what you don't want, you want it on the federal level so you have just one battle and not 50, that's your biggest gripe with all this. Anyways, like I have said before, schools are not safe places for our children any more like they used to be. As teachers are told and threatened by woke school boards what to say and how to say it, as teachers are earning their degrees through liberal controlled colleges that tell them how to be woke and how to drive the democratic narrative, this has all destroyed our schools and made them places our children cannot feel safe any longer. Families have lost control of their kids as schools often claim that the kids are "theirs", they have taught kids that big government is in control and this is who they need to answer to and to not trust their parents (see the last 20 months of CRT being forced down their throats, see the last 20 months of telling little girls it's ok to have a grown man in your bathroom, see the last 20 months when our 5 year old children are being told they are transgender and how they can start their "journey" without their parents consent, see the last 20 months where our own government website has information for girls on how to get an abortion and how to do it without their parents knowledge). Odd that Mark and the rest of you democrats talk about safe schools, you have done nothing but destroyed those safe places for our children. You told them for over a year they couldn't go to school, be with their friends, be around their classmates, that they had to get an untested shot or they couldn't go to school, had to wear a muzzle on their face for 8 hours a day or they couldn't go to school. This is what your democratic party has done, not the republicans, not Trump, these are all democratic policies, your party has destroyed trust in the schools, trust in the teachers, trust in the school boards (see the last 20 months where Biden and his DOJ and FBI attacked parents and arrested some at school board meetings for standing up for their children), this is all democrats doing this, and this is why our schools have become political pawns to you democrats. Your policies, your rules, your fault.

Mr. T

Voice, I’m going to assume that your misunderstanding of what SoDak is saying is an honest mistake, and not just a polemic device.

At one point SoDakD actually told you that he agreed that Roe v. Wade was bad law and that the issue should go back to the states.

His main point to you has been that although Republicans have said it should go back to the states, Lindsey Graham has made it quite clear it won’t stay there. And that Republicans will strive to use the legislative process to make antiabortion legislation the war of the land if they get the political power to do so.

SoDak’s point is that nothing the Supreme Court has said precludes this. And in fact the Supreme Court is telling America that this should be decided by the legislative process and not the judicial process.

And the legislative process appears headed for national legislation.

Does this make sense to you?

His other point to you is that he thinks this is good politics for the Democrats because the Lindsey Graham announcement will drive women to the polls.

In my opinion, it seems obvious that both the anti-abortion folks and their pro-abortion counterparts want to see their point of view made national law.


We all know President Biden is a gaffe machine. And then some aid “cleans things up.”

But who's gonna clean up Trump’s amazing interview with Sean Hannity:

Trump: “If you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying it’s declassified, even by thinking about it.”

The most amazing thing is that no one is surprised by this: 1️⃣Anti Trumpsters because they aren’t surprised anymore by ANYTHING Trump says. And 2️⃣Trumpsters because they BELIEVE ANYTHING Trump says. 😏🙄


⏺“SoDakD, tell me, please, where in the Supreme Courts ruling of overturning Roe v. Wade does it say, abortions are not allowed in the United States?”⏺

Nowhere, Voice. I don’t think you're reading my posts. (See Mr. T’s post. He seems to be reading them.)


"when our 5 year old children are being told they are transgender"

What schools are telling all 5-year-olds that they are transgender? You keep saying this one, but it's got to be a huge exaggeration. I'm sure there are schools that are allowing 5 year olds to just be the gender they were born with...


It’s not only Lindsey Graham who’s telling us that Republicans will seek federal legislation to enshrine their forced birth agenda.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy just released the legislative priorities Republicans will pursue if they win the majority in this year's midterms.

It’s now official Republican campaign policy.

Republicans pledge to advance federal legislation to restrict abortion.


So here are the comments of a democratic leader regarding the heartbeat of a human baby in it's mothers womb and the tax payer supported organization under direct control of only the democratic party - "Planned Parenthood has quietly changed its website to match comments Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made Thursday about fetal heartbeats. Abrams said Thursday that "there is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks," adding, "It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body. Planned Parenthood changed its website without any acknowledgment of modifications to say that under the five- to six-week mark of pregnancy, "a part of the embryo starts to show cardiac activity. It sounds like a heartbeat on an ultrasound, but it's not a fully-formed heart — it's the earliest stage of the heart developing." The same webpage previously said that "a very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop," per an archive of the page from July." - So there you have it, once democrat Stacey Abrams says this, it is true and the whole baby killing organization changes. So is it a doctor saying this, is it a nurse saying this, or is it a politician saying this? Just like covid, you democrats listen to the politicians more than you listen to those that actually know. Yet more evidence that the democratic party cares about politics and their own agendas than they do anything or anyone else, even using politics to drive their need to kill unborn babies.


Voice, it’s worth observing that it was NOT Democrats’ politics that drove women to make their choice for reproductive rights known recently in Republican Kansas.

It will be interesting to see if this phenomenon will be replicated in the midterms, won’t it?


No need to read your posts SoDakD we all know what you and the other democrats will say, it's Trumps fault, it's Putin's fault, it's the republicans fault, it the previous administrations fault, it's the white man's fault, on and on. I am just taking my way of hearing the other side from your great leader Nancy Pelosi, let's see what she said this subject, and this is a direct quote from Nancy herself, go look it up - ""I don't even listen to most of the speeches on the other side because they're not fraught with meaning or fact. So I don't have my computer get bothered with that." So why should I read or listen to anything you have to say, your own party does the exact same thing, and Pelosi is an elected, paid representative and this is what she does? So outside of repeating the lies, outside of repeating what Joe blathers about, stumbles around and lies about, outside of blaming everyone for everything the democrats are doing wrong, what else do you have to say? You have said it before that the Supreme Court is attacking women and taking their rights away, it is a lie, you are wrong, it isn't what they did, yet you keep repeating it. All you democrats have been doing it for years, you believe that when you tell a lie long enough everyone, including yourselves, will start to believe it, as an example is the Russia lies you told about Trump for 5 years, but once the truth came out, it all disappeared. And just like all of you running around saying how good the economy is and how great we all have it, it's all lies, it's like when you all tried to convince American's that the $3 trillion dollar spending bill you passed last year actually was $0 cost to anyone, it's like covid and telling 350 million people if you get the shot you can't get covid, all lies, it's like telling all of us that the inflation reduction act was going to save our economy and almost everyone is saying the opposite but you all keep saying it, it is all lies, and all these lies are told repeatedly by the democratic party, just like your abortion argument, you keep repeating it and it is all lies.

Mr. T

So apparently you don’t read my post either?

Old Hugh

From the NY TIMES:

🔲 Videos Show Trump Allies Handling Georgia Voting Equipment 🔲

“Newly released videos show allies of former President Donald J. Trump and contractors who were working on his behalf handling sensitive voting equipment in a rural Georgia county weeks after the 2020 election.

Georgia is not the only state where such activity occurred.

In Michigan, a special prosecutor is investigating efforts by Trump allies, including the Republican candidate for attorney general, Matthew DePerno, to gain access to voting machines.

And in Colorado, the secretary of state’s office estimated that taxpayers faced a bill of at least $1 million to replace voting equipment in Mesa County after a pro-Trump elections supervisor was indicted on charges that she tampered with the county’s voting equipment after the 2020 election.”


⏺“SoDakD, tell me, please, where in the Supreme Courts ruling of overturning Roe v. Wade does it say, abortions are not allowed in the United States?”⏺

Nowhere, Voice. I don’t think you're reading my posts. (See Mr. T’s post. He seems to be reading them.)

Old Hugh


🔲The third rail Republicans can’t stop touching🔲

Social Security and Medicare are wildly popular. So why do GOP Senate candidates keep talking about privatizing them?

Don Bolduc, New Hampshire’s GOP Senate nominee, advocated privatizing Medicare during a campaign town hall in early August.

Larry Skow

All of this is simply because SCOTUS made bad decision in 1973. I find it odd Old Hugh still has not a single thought of his own to put forth but finds some quotes to put forth. And how many like Clown Rus still live with Trump occupying space in their mind rent free. Reproductive rights are still intact for everyone. You have to choices. Get pregnant or don't. It simply that easy people. No one has taken that right from anyone. But I as taxpayer should not have to pay for one's choice. Our government needs to get out of Charity line of work.


And don’t you Forced-Birth Trumpsters WISH women voters were stupid enough to believe that “Reproductive rights are still intact for everyone”?

Fat chance, Larry.

Old Hugh


🔲About six-in-ten Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases🔲

“Today, a 61% majority of U.S. adults say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 37% think abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. These views are relatively unchanged in the past few years.”

Old Hugh

From FiveThirtyEight:

🔲The Polls Still Do Not Show A GOP Bounce Back🔲

“Ever since we launched our election model in late June, it has moved entirely in one direction: toward Democrats. Pretty much every week, they’ve either gained ground in our forecast or held steady.

This week has been more in the “held steady” category. In the Deluxe version of our model, Democrats’ chances of keeping the Senate are 71 percent, while their chances of holding the House are 31 percent. Neither number has meaningfully changed from a week ago.”


Larry, Trump only lives rent free in my mind part time.

The rest of the time he pays rent (and hefty legal fees) to live in the minds of the folks at the US Department of Justice.

And hopefully, The Donald will eventually find rent-free lodging somewhere in the U.S. CORRECTIONAL SYSTEM.


(Thanks, Mr. Scow, of all the Trumpsters on this forum you're the best “straight man.” I think Gimmie would agree.)


Man, look at the democrats on here, so much anger towards people trying to save the lives of unborn babies, what guilt you must have when you lie down at night thinking you had a good day that hundreds more babies were aborted in this "civil" nation. Anyways, here is what our great leader of our once great and free nation is doing now, all of us fighting for the protection of the unborn must keep our eyes on this, it is becoming the new normal for our current president and the other democrats, they have weaponized the FBI and DOJ against anyone that opposes them, if they can't sensor you, they will arrest you, they will threaten you, just ask parents speaking out at school board meetings, just ask political opponents, just ask people fighting for the second amendment and now just ask people fighting to save babies from getting sucked out of their mothers bodies (or birthing persons body as the democrats now call women and mothers) - "New details are emerging in the Department of Justice targeting of a pro-life activist and Catholic father of seven who was arrested at his home in Pennsylvania on Friday. Some 25 armed FBI agents in 15 vehicles raided the residence of Mark Houck, who leads a nonprofit group that provides sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics in Philadelphia, over an incident last year involving his then-12-year-old son at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, the family says. Houck protected his son from an aggressive Planned Parenthood escort harassing the 12-year-old, Pennsylvania pro-life activist Ashley Garecht told The Daily Wire, noting that the case was dismissed by a federal court in Philadelphia when the escort tried to press charges. “They had big, huge rifles pointed at Mark and pointed at me and kind of pointed throughout the house,” Mrs. Houck said, adding, “The kids were all just screaming. It was all just very scary and traumatic.”" - 25 agents in 15 vehicles on this one single person. Not a murdered, not a terrorists (those people would not be arrested anyways) not a drug dealer, not a gang member, a father that goes against what Biden and the democrats want, 25 agents and 15 vehicles, wow. Like Trump said, they aren't coming for him, they are coming for all of us. All of us that believe in freedom, all of us that have individual thoughts and opinions. Biden and the democrats are using Hitler like attacks on their opponents more and more each day, and the democrats don't say a word about it and don't care either. This is the new democrats America, you either agree with them or their wrath will be reigned down on you. It started with lockdowns and threats during covid and it has continued to this day and will beyond, so if you are a republican, if you are an independent, be aware, you are being watched, you all think this is just overreaction, then why do we keep hearing about it more and more all the time, and it's all happening against people that go against the democrats and Biden, no one else. Wake up people, the left and the democrats are coming for your freedoms, for your free thinking, unless you fall in line with them like those on this forum and the other democrats, you either do and say what they tell you or prepare to pay the price, this is no joke, even those on this forum will make it into one. This is the new democrats America.

Old Hugh


🔲Six-in-ten Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases🔲

“Today, a 61% majority of U.S. adults say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 37% think abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. These views are relatively unchanged in the past few years.”

Gimmy A. Breake

🛑 Voice’s tone becomes more frantic.

He seems to sense it’s time to panic.

A good chance looms the Senate’s lost

It could just be his forced-births’ cost.

Trump's new Court gave him the prize

Does the backlash come as some surprise? 🛑

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