There is a movement underfoot to disband Mission Hill North Township. Why? The reasons given are vague and frankly disputable.

Residents of the township need to realize what will happen if the township is disbanded. No longer will you be able to request road maintenance from the township, you will have to request maintenance through the county. In other words, your influence will be greatly diluted.

Likewise, township monies would be surrendered to the county as opposed to staying in the Township account. The Legislative Audit dated May 16, 2019, showed a total End-of-Year cash balance of $137,632.48 for Mission Hill North Township. If the township disbands, the county would be in control of these and future assets. They would be able to use OUR money how and where they saw fit, and we would have no recourse.

One of the reasons given to disband is the fact nobody wants to serve on the Township Board. I have lived in Mission Hill Township for 22 years and not once have I been asked to serve despite serving on other local and state boards.

My recommendation is for the township to continue as is, infuse new blood into the Township Board and establish a plan to increase resident involvement in the Township.

The vote against or for disbandment will occur Tuesday, Oct. 29, from 6-8 p.m. at Vangen Lutheran Church, Mission Hill.

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Concerned & Proactive American

Patrick Hauer, Who is allowed to Vote on October 29th ?

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