Some religious types request of me an “authentically Christian badge” — belief about abortion, making LGBTQ modern day lepers, hating Hillary, believing fake news of the Fox News weed patch.

Jesus is different — God so loved, gave His Son, whoever believes shall have eternal life. Faith alone. All brownie points and Christian badges — rejected. In faith, the gift of Jesus’s triumph over sin, death and Satan and power to love God and people. Jesus, no hate.

Mr. Trump says he hasn’t confessed sin; he avoids all responsibility. He plays the third grade game of passing blame. It’s not my fault, it’s Hillary’s fault. WHO, the media, Biden, Obama, Dems, whistleblowers, deep state, et. al. Adults fall for it thousands of times.

The Ten Commandments indict him. First — no other gods; his god-playing saying the virus is a hoax; his protest of loving enemies at the National Prayer Breakfast. Second and Eighth — lying. The White House knew about the virus since November — five months and he did nothing. Fifth — no kill. How many have died because of his negligence? Seventh — stealing — life from victims and money from Congress. Did I forget adultery? 1 John 1:8-10 calls him a liar.

MAGA — we’re #1 — the most virus cases in the world. He’s to protect us from virus and didn’t. Sens. Thune and Rounds were to protect us from Trump and didn’t. In alcoholism, enabling. The Constitution, criminal.

No virus leadership. Pass off to the governors. Condemn virus warriors — they don’t need that many supplies. November-March denial of virus. Only money, the economy. So many deaths — “It didn’t have to be this way.”

We need truthful, compassionate, honest, visionary, selfless, servant, loving, uplifting, uniting leadership. Leadership!

Easter — God keeping God’s promises. Trump didn’t keep his economy promise. By looking to God, we have hope, victory and eternal life. New life — we can uplift like God lifts up as we choose leadership.

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"We need truthful, compassionate, honest, visionary, selfless, servant, loving, uplifting, uniting leadership. Leadership!" That right there is the exact OPPOSITE of the sad excuse that we have right now.


Both responses are emphatically judgmental. All the talk of compassion, honesty, Christianity is lost when posts become judgmental. Kindness and prayer are what we need right now, in my humble opinion. I will not judge another person. That action belongs to God alone. But I do judge words that are blatantly injudicial. God bless us all...ALL.

Larry Skow

I noticed Preacher Dan didn't start his anti trump letter off with a Notice to all where he donated his stimulus check to--or returned it to Mr. Trump. He claims he is looking for leadership. I wonder if he has noticed that the Mega Church of Lakewood which has a $90 million annual budget has donated absolutely nothing to any coronavirus relief fund. Only thing it appears to have done is blood drive. Preacher Dan why not take them on? Take on a cause that can change issues. One also wonders on all this anti LBGT talk. What happens Preacher Dan if one of your kids or grandkids would come out of the closet. How would you react? I would bet all the existing LBGT now all didn't grow up in a "heathen home". Also Preacher Dan a question. I take it you must be a democrat. Now democrats say they are for the working man. Funny as that is exactly how the communist party touts its self. So is that Irony or coincidence or by planning? Always wondered about that. Republicans color Red. Commie party Colors Red. Seems gang colors are Red or Blue. Odd or by planning?


Remember, Hitler proclaimed that his movement was a Christian one. His followers agreed that it was.

Our current leaders are espousing the exact same things that Hitlers did. Unfortunately, the followers don’t see it, no more than Hitlers did.


Kate70, You may need prayer but atheists like myself do not. So please, when you say "we" need more prayer or religion you should speak for yourself only. I am not atheist because I know nothing about religion, it's because I know too much about it. If you need to lean on a crutch to do the right thing, it isn't religion that you lack!


Oh! And DONALD TRUMP and the REPUBLICANS and YOU, all of TRUMPS Radical Rabid Followers AREN'T JUDGMENTAL! That's All .. All YOU are. Everything Trump does is ONLY FOR TRUMP! Trump does NOT believe in the CONSTITUTION! Anyone working for TRUMP is TO BE LOYAL FIRST TO TRUMP, and, to the Constitution..IF That's What TRUMP believes. Republicans Investigated BILL CLINTON FOR 8 YEARS! Donald Trump is DESTROYING Christianity. Why would anyone want to FOLLOW CHRIST...Trump Doesn't.

YOU Don't. You are with BARABBAS! Today's Republicans are the Pharisees that Murdered Christ. TRUMP today...would drive the First Nail in Christ's hands!

TRUMP Judges, in his demented way, everyone EVERYDAY! Also, what about the LIE of Obama NOT being a Natural Born American Citizen! That was a LIE, and, if that Wasn't FAKE NEWS, what Is! I guess, with Trump, if he says it, even if is a Lie or Just Wrong, it is not FAKE News! Kate70, Get Outta Here!

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