Elizabeth and I wear our homemade face masks when shopping at grocery, hardware and other stores in Yankton because, from our work experience, facial masks help minimize spread of infectious “stuff” from our sneezes, coughs and exhalations.

Yes, masks are not perfect, but their use by operating room personnel — nurses, physicians, and staff — speak to their overall usefulness in maintaining a sterile environment.

So, it surprises us that no employees of the stores we have frequented so far are wearing masks …

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I've wondered about this too

Larry Skow

Lars: South Dakota has been slow to adapt rules. Else where it is mandated. Masks in public may be the new normal. Also on the N95 rating. It simply means the mask will filter 95% of all particles 3 micron an larger. Virus/bacteria are much smaller but is better then nothing. N95 also means it is not oil resistant an cannot be used in HAZMAT situations. USA has around 330,000,000 people so work the numbers if everyone used 2 masks a day. Or if they tested everyone--Once! Huge numbers. Tests take average of 4 days I believe it is. Just think of the sheer huge task to test everyone once. Virtually useless protocol especially if one isn't in complete isolation. Then bacteria/molds/fungi/viruses simply blow in the wind.

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