This letter is hoping to set some people straight about marijuana use.

First, has any thought been given to getting or holding a job? Most employers require a drug test for employment. A good share of them also have random drug tests. Could you pass a drug test with marijuana in your system? No, you are out of luck and then what?

Second, do you want to be driving down the road and have a person high on drugs coming at you or worse, a semi?

Third, it is still against federal law and state law can’t undo federal law. They could enforce but don’t, but they could.

Fourth and most important, if you don’t want to think about what marijuana does to your body and the almighty dollar, think about future generations. It’s a clinically proven fact that marijuana leads to bigger and worse things — cocaine, heroin, etc. —and also alters genes in your body that get passed on to the next generation. It leads to deformed bodies, severe mental and physical problems, etc.

Think about it and support our governor in efforts to stop legalizing marijuana. One more thing most people don’t know: marijuana dealers can’t put their money in FDIC banks. It’s against the law.

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Given your reasons for rejecting marijuana, Fran, how do you feel about legal alcohol?


Alcohol kills people. Do you ever see anything about marijuana killing people.


Actually, yes.


think you need to do some actual research on marijuana use. Like oh my !!


Please do actual research! Then post an updated article

Chicken Little

And that’s not the worst of it, Fran.

Marijuana removes parts of your DNA and replaces it with an RNA genetic coding that will disable the ability of spirituality and cause people to HAVE to cooperate with the New World Order!

I saw it on the Internet‼️


Laugh if you want, humans, but a website called “IFLScience” on your primitive internet saw the truth long ago and posted an article with this revealing headline:

“Marijuana Contains ‘Alien DNA’ from Outside of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms.”

Fortunately only a few folks like Fran and the best scientists at NASA know the Truth. The rest of you will find out after it’s too late.

That’s why we fly around your planet waiting for your genetically-altered species to welcome us with open arms. So light up folks!

This is what happens in every part of the universe when a superior technology confronts a lagging one. You sons and daughters of the Siouxland pioneers should be quite familiar with this reality.

And you thought those Communists in the Democratic Party were your biggest threat.

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