Our farm hit the century mark last November. Our farm has supported the Yankton community: Baggs and Tamiesea, Mark’s Machinery, Koletzky Implement, C&B Operations, Truck-Trailer, Varilek’s Repair, Gerstner Oil, Long’s Propane, Teachout, Lepp and Franklin, Stockmen’s, Veterinary Medical Clinic, Frick Buying Station, Calvary Baptist Church, Vangen Lutheran Church, Gregg Motor, Robinson-Ehret, Northtown, Lewis & Clark, Graham Tire, South Gate 66, American State Bank, CorTrust, First Dakota National, Credit Union, Stubenogels, Mission Hill Locker, Steiner’s Locker, Yaggies, Yankton Ag, Mission Hill Elevator, Opsahl-Kostel, Wintz & Ray, Luken Memorial, Bomgaars, Ace Hardware, Alco, TG&Y, Save-U-More, Sunshine, Jack & Jill, Hy-Vee, Happy Jacks, Little King, Muggsy’s, Black Steer, the Elks, the Moose, VFW, Izaak Walton, Robbie’s, Boomer’s, the Walnut. That got me thinking and reflecting on the millions of dollars we have placed in the coffers.

I look now on a temporary zoning administrator, a zoning board and a county commission — all of whom oppose our livelihood on a productive and profitable level and wonder … is it time?

We travel 45 to 90 miles one way to purchase repairs for our livelihood and see banks, green machinery lots, red machinery lots, automobile dealerships and grocery stores in these communities and wonder if they may benefit from our commerce for their roads, schools, homes and community. I wonder if they would appreciate our economic impact on their communities. Maybe it’s time to consider. After all, we are just one farm.

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Get off your high horse. What about small business owners that do the same thing you just described. Or the working family that also spends their dollars locally. Or how about our manufacturing, medial, and other entities that also are great contributors to the local economy. You continue with this bogus lie that the YCC or the Zoning board is out to 'get you'. There is no 'target' on any industry or person by any of those people. People are really getting sick and tired of farmers being 'constant complainers' … without legitimate complaints. One other point, a few years ago when an increase in property taxes was proposed, silently the farm establishment was furious over the property tax increase. EVERYONE is sympathetic to the 'farm' situation … what can one do about it? Giving blank authorization to 'do what you want' is not an option for anyone, including farmers.

Frank Kloucek

Ray and Pam:

I salute you on being excellent farmers. For many years a group of midwest legislators along with many farmers and ranchers fought for fair prices for livestock producers. Also legislation was introduced on the state and national level to pass poultry and swine contract growers bill of rights. Not once do I remember your participation in those efforts. The leaders of your group have attacked individuals on this blog. Families Feeding Families is now known as a group that goes to Yankton County commission meetings for vendetta purposes. I hope your group will reimburse the county for any damage the cement parking lot received from the tractors. I am requesting that Families Feeding Families give 100 percent of your proceeds to the Ag in the Classroom Project minus any damage reimbursement to the county tax payer for potential damage to Yankton County courthouse parking lot. Your group’s title is misleading to many. It appears your name is trying to somehow infer a relationship to a fine group called "Feeding South Dakota”. Is your group associated in any way with the “Feeding South Dakota “organization? Some members of your group appear to have axes to grind. They criticize anyone who advocates for homeowner and property rights, for better public health controls on cafos, and common sense zoning regulations. Many citizens disagree with your narrow “me first views”. Your tactics and those of some members of your group are giving all of agriculture a black eye. Consumers and taxpayers are watching. Why would they want to buy food produced by someone that bullies others and howls when they do not get their way? Please treat others as you wish to be treated, please.
Frank Kloucek



Pam and Ray are not involved in Families Feeding Families. It’s rather sad you are so threatened by a group of are citizens that just want to educate the public. The tractors drive to the planning and zoning meeting was not a families feeding families event but a group of farmers who want to protect their livelihood. You sir, are part of the problem. Have you had any conversations with the people who attended the meeting? You and others just continue to stir the pot without showing any scientific facts. Just scare tactics started by groups with their own hidden agendas. What’s your agenda? That’s the real question.


Families Feeding Families is only trying to advocate for local farmers. The group has only hosted one dinner, invited in one speaker, and organized one tractor march to bring much need attention to the Yankton County Commission. (There was no damage) This kind of attack is meant to confusing the public and impoverish the political debate.

If that seems spiteful to you maybe you should remember the last two years.
Two years of over a dozen frivolous lawsuits, death threats, vandalism, publishing names/address on the internet, and bringing in out of state money/resources. Because that was people on a vendetta. Did you speak up then? Or do you only speak up when it's convenient to you?

There is an abuser's mind set settling in among some here in Yankton County. They want to isolate Yankton County from the realities in near by counties, states, and region. They are using the standard abuser's tactics of derogating, criticizing, lying, and blaming anyone who dares to speak in opposition. Maybe that is why the tractor march has sparked so much criticism. Abusers hate when their victims speak out.

We already have had clear abuses' by some members of the Yankton County Commission. Both in the Planning and Zoning office and on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Frank Kloucek your words are enabling those abusers.

Frank Kloucek

DJohn blogger: My record of helping thousands of people while serving 22 years in the legislature and continuing to helping others the last for 5 years stands on its merits. You and the leaders of the group Families Feeding families need to start with a public apology to the current county commissioners for your behavior including one from the person who made heil hitler comments and motions to the county commission This is on is on you. Clean up your act. If anyone who went to the banker sponsored Trent Loos fundraising event they certainly have the right to be asking for their money back from Families Feeding Families. Frank Kloucek


The only thing the anti environmental, anti health supposedly farmers have done is keep voting for the politicians who are anti family farmers and pro pro corporations.
The loss in the number of family farms doesn’t even penetrate their minds(?). Just as long as they get to have the confinement facilities that they are working for a huge corporation, without healthcare, retirement or anything else.


By Neom laws, that Tractor destroyed parking lot, roads and the like are a riot. They should be made to pay for all the repairs.

Frank Kloucek

Certainly your group leaders of Families Feeding Families are not using Common sense. Parking huge tractors in the county courthouse parking lot, blocking traffic in that area and then the entire group stands up and leaves after the PHi Tau hearing was deferred. It sure looks like you have an axe to grind. I have seen this type of behavior by pro swine cafo supporters before. I am so disappointed that the pro swine cafo group is trying to draw cattle producers in to help the hog folks defend their defenseless position. Again I challenge the Families Feeding Families Group to donate 100 percent of their proceeds from the Trent Loos fundraiser and other fundraising efforts to the South Dakota AG in the Classroom project.

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