Yankton County has projected increase in the 2020 budget by $1,108,094 due to the TAX INCREASED by the previous administration. That is a 10.3% increase in tax revenue from 2019.

The budget process is underway. Will this money be focused/directed to important Yankton County needs or will it be distributed frivolously to departments and nothing gained. Now is the time for citizens to get involved in the process and scrutinize (watch like a hawk) on how they plan on spending this money.

Please contact your Yankton County commissioner on what you think.

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The increase in revenue is not due to a tax increase but due to a growth in income due to increased spending by taxpayers. (More taxable activity= more tax income.) And not a tax increase. The enthusiasm that some people show in spreading misinformation is confusing the public and impoverishing political debate. It's a trend that is regrettable, but no longer surprising.


How do you figure? The county gets it's tax revenue from property taxes and wheel taxes. Some revenue comes from administrative fees (such as CUPs and building permits and records), from fines, and from the jail. increased spending by taxpayers only increases revenue if you have a sales tax, and the county has no sales taxes. I guess if everyone in the county got a building permit and built an addition to their houses, that would be taxable activity, but I don't think that happened. And that would be increased property taxes so... Are you thinking of city tax collections? That is definitely based on taxpayer spending.


The Yankton County Budget is primarily derived from property taxes. It is very simple, property valuation have gone up and thus the property taxes (any owner of property will tell you that they are paying more in property taxes). The miss information to try to tie this into 'sales tax' which it is not. Even if it were in some way tied to sales tax - it would mean at 4% (County Tax Rate) that there would have had to been a $27.5 million increase in sales in Yankton County to create this $1.1 million extra money - which is obviously not true - no sales increase or modest at that. Hope that clarifies the situation.


After further investigation Yankton County Sales Tax Rate is zero: The combined sales tax rate for Yankton County, SD is 4.5%. This is the total of state and county sales tax rates. The South Dakota state sales tax rate is currently 4.5%. The Yankton County sales tax rate is 0%. Source: https://www.avalara.com/taxrates/en/state-rates/south-dakota/counties/yankton-county/?fbclid=IwAR3B0ny-z0Iuj86E5o_fjb2sS3-RPDPFZLkFQPOhlgx2IVjYk4mZBY5StD0


I think everyone should be taxed at 100% and then the government decides what you really "need" so it's fair for everyone. Go Bernie!


Iman: keep your socialist hands out of my pocket! I think that if you are ok with being taxed at 100% then you should be. Hard to believe that you think the government ( Federal / Congress ) can make a decision.


DL - It was sarcasm. Socialism has never worked and never will. I laugh at these libby/dim/socialist/communist every day but they do worry me for what they are trying to do and for future generations.

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